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Mācās: Vācu

Runā: Angļu , Franču , Rumāņu , Spāņu

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Dalībnieks no: October 17, 2019

BA: Political Science, University of Burgundy, Dijon/France, University of Bucharest, Romania. MA: Société, Communication et Médias, University of Bucharest.

Language Trainer

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Hello, there! I'm Corina, I am a French-Romanian bilingual and I love creating and delivering interactive language sessions, with engaging activities and applied exercises that boost the student's confidence and language skills. I really enjoy working with people and creating the most suitable framework for learners to progress! If you're looking for a trainer who pays attentions to details about your learning needs and style, your difficulties and your preferences in terms of content, discussions themes, ways of tackling grammar or pronunciation, you have come to the right place! Working together in finding the right approach for you is what I enjoy most!
Beginners become fluent on basic subjects in about 3 months, depending on the frequency and additional work. The theory is implicit most of the time, you discover yourself the rules and meanings as I guide you through many dynamic activities, like talking about funny pictures, guessing words or content, identifying certain language aspects while watching videos or simply speaking of your passions and the important things in your life!
I have been often described as a patient, good vibe and passionate trainer.  Looking forward to meeting you and letting you test if it's true :)

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I am attracted to languages ever since I know myself, as I was educated in the French and Romanian culture since an early age. Being bilingual, I studied the French Political System and History at the University of Burgundy, in Dijon, and at the Francophone Department of the Political Science Faculty in Bucharest, with a fully French syllabus. Living in France was an insightful experience about the society and habits, which inspired me in building the immersive approach I use in teaching. As a trainer, I will create a personalized method that will help you understand the specificity and feel natural while speaking French.

Je suis attirée par les langues depuis que je me connais, car je suis éduquée dans la culture française et roumaine depuis mon plus jeune âge. Étant bilingue, j'ai étudié le système politique français et l'histoire à l'Université de Bourgogne, à Dijon, et au département francophone de la Faculté de Sciences Politiques de Bucarest, avec un programme entièrement en français. Vivre en France a été une expérience révélatoire sur la société et les habitudes, qui m'a inspirée dans la construction de l'approche immersive que j'utilise pour les cours. En tant que formateur, je créerai une méthode personnalisée qui vous aidera à comprendre la spécificité et à vous sentir naturel lorsque vous parlez français.