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State University. Master's degree, tutor in Russian

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My name is Irina. I'm Russian. Currently, I'm living in Portugal, where it's not always sunny.
I'd be happy to help you learn my native language. With me, you will learn to speak, write, and read in Russian - without stress, in a relaxed and trusting atmosphere. Your success is my job.

In 2003, I completed my studies at Tver State University with a master's degree in Teaching Russian Language. Since 2009, I've been working as a tutor, helping people who speak English to learn the Russian language.

As a certified teacher, I have the linguistic knowledge needed to explain the unique features of the Russian language, such as its system of cases, verbs of motion, differences between animate and inanimate objects, variations in verb tenses, and more. I ensure better understanding by providing relevant comparisons to English.

I offer:
Conversational Russian; Russian for beginners; Intensive Russian; General Russian.

*Conversational Russian. Well, being a native Russian speaker, we can chat about anything :D
I guarantee you: expanding your vocabulary and improving your grammar; learning idiomatic phrases related to different topics; picking up slang (if relevant to the topic).

*Russian for beginners. Beginners are my favorite kind of learners: they're new to the language and don't know about cases yet. I welcome all newcomers and enjoy working with those who are starting from scratch; we'll get along just fine.

*Intensive Russian. Do you have limited time, but you need to learn a language "yesterday"? No problem! We will study 5 times a week, 2-3 hours a day, and by the next day, you'll need to learn a ton of material. Sounds tempting? Come on in! :)

*General Russian. I'll guide you through all the possible structures of the Russian language. It's a lengthy journey if you're starting from scratch, but it will be a calm, steady, and productive process.

First, we'll figure out your needs and level. From there on, we'll move at your pace, according to your preferences, and aligned with your interests.

However, the most challenging part for anyone learning any language is to start speaking and understanding real-life conversation. With me, you'll have a safe space to speak, make mistakes, and improve – a place where you can grow confidently.

If you really want to learn a foreign language, open new horizons for your personal growth and increase your life opportunities, you can do it!
Irina Makarova is intended to be your faithful companion on this challenging, but truly rewarding journey.
Fall in love with language learning.
Discover a new language. Hear it, read it, sing it, dance it, feel it, speak it…. just live it!

Levels I teach :
  • All levels
I teach :
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
Types of lessons :
  • Conversational for everyday purposes
  • Conversational for traveling
  • Specific vocabulary
  • Grammar focus
  • Vocabulary focus
  • Pronunciation focus
  • Academic writing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening skills
  • Other

Course books :

Teaching materials :
  • PDF files
  • Audio files
  • Image files
  • Video files
  • Test templates and examples
  • Text Documents
  • Homework assignments

Certificates : State Diploma

Online tools I use for lessons :
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Other

My lesson plan : My teaching approach will depend on your level and needs. It could be just a few lessons, if for instance, you're a student needing extra explanations after school; or a full course, if you want to elevate your language proficiency.

However, most likely, the lesson will encompass phonetics, grammar, and live conversation. Not everyone is confident to start speaking a new language publicly right away; here, with me, you'll always have a safe space to talk, make mistakes, and improve.