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Learning a new language, for example Swedish language, is a whole new adventure! It is always fun to learn something new. You get to explore a new language, understand the culture, and discover the history of the language with Swedish tutors. In today's fast-paced world, people are mostly bilingual. Are you bored of being monolingual? You can always learn a new language!

Why not impress your crush by speaking in his or her language? Why not amplify your business in other countries by learning to speak in the native language. Understand that song, book, website, or meme by getting to understand the strange language. Impress someone by speaking their tongue on your next trip oversea.

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Swedish Language Tutors by Skype

Picture of Ingura Lipšāne

price from €6 to €18
€3 for trial lesson

Ingura Lipšāne

Teaches: Latvian , Russian , Swedish

Speaks: English , French , Latvian , Russian , Swedish

Main attention - to the practical use and communication. However, the real improvement is only possible by grammatically correct speech and writing. These two approaches must be in balance. Galvenais uzsvars - uz valodas praktisko pielietojamību un dialogu. Tomēr patiesa izaugsme iespējama tikai ar gramatiski pareizu runas un rakstības pārvaldīšanu. Tādēļ svarīgas ir abas pieejas, tām jābūt līdzsvarā.

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Picture of Pauliina Pekonen

price from €8 to €31
€8 for trial lesson

Pauliina Pekonen

Teaches: Swedish

Speaks: English , Finnish , German , Swedish

I'm a Master of Arts and graduated from The University of Oulu in 2014. I studied linguistics and I've also conducted the pedagogical studies for teachers (60 ECTS). I started working as a teacher immediately after my graduation and I have been teaching now for almost four years. I started teaching online in January 2017 and so far I have taught more than 1300 online lessons with a great feedback!

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Perks of Learning a New Language

  • Opening oneself to a new culture makes you more appreciative of others' opinions and actions. It enhances your networking skills.
  • According to a study conducted by Pennsylvania State University, people who taught in different languages with no difficulty were better at multi-tasking.
  • As to the University of Chicago, decision making is a hassle-free task for uniquely multilingual people.
  • In accordance with the Eaton Institute in the Manpower Language Development Survey, 89% of the clients stated that multilingual staffs add value to the workforce. And 88% of them indicated that staffing team members have language skills that are important to an organisation. Multilingual ability is a competitive advantage in today's world.

Why Learn the Swedish Language?

In case you learn to speak the Swedish language, you can as well have access to 9 million native speakers across Sweden and Finland. If you are a native English speaker, learning the Swedish language is a no-brain challenge.

However, learning the Swedish language is relatively easier when compared to other languages. Speaking Swedish also makes it easier for you to quickly understand and learn other Germanic languages such as:

Benefits of Learning Swedish Language

  • Accomplish your business purpose.
  • Get rid of a phrasebook for good! Enjoy quality life in Sweden.
  • Let the country open up to you the next time you travel to Sweden.
  • Become multilingual – learn Swedish for enhanced brain training.
  • Learn the unfiltered culture of Sweden.

Top 6 Tips to Quickly Learn the Swedish Language

  • Start listening to Swedish music.
  • Watch Swedish movies that interest you the most.
  • Try listening to Swedish podcasts and radios.
  • Often, try reading Swedish websites.
  • Who doesn't like binge-watching? Download popular Swedish TV series or browse through YouTube videos.
  • Do you love traveling? Consider taking a vacation to the beautiful city Sweden.
  • Learn to speak the Swedish language through online courses.

Learning Swedish at Lonet.Academy – Skype Tutors

What's the best possible way to learn a new language? The key to learning any new language is by having a fun experience. Learn Swedish effectively online with native speaking tutors at lonet.academy. Swedish is one of the most beautiful languages. There is no better way to explore the rich Sweden culture than to learn and speak the language.

Lonet.academy welcomes you! Make your dream come true. Learn to speak fluent Swedish language in no time. Lonet.academy offers practical teaching methods that will help you ace the grades. Contact the teachers at Lonet.academy to learn Swedish grammar and literature quickly through Skype. Have fun while learning the Swedish language with expert native-speaking Swedish tutors who strive to achieve perfection. Follow the individual lessons with Swedish language tutors via Skype.

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You can attend a test class now with the best and biggest Swedish language tutors on Skype, and you will be completely surprised by the agreement.

It is so easy to book your first Swedish lesson on-line. Look how it works and create your profile on Lonet.Academy today! In case you have doubts or questions about how to choose the best language tutor for you and how to learn a new language more effectively, You can register to a free consultation with Lonet.Academy creator .