How To Learn Latvian Fast? With The Best Latvian Tutors Online.

Learn Latvian - A Language of Linguistic Significance!

The Latvian language is a beautiful lingua franca that is a surviving Eastern Baltic language and the official language of Latvia. Learn Latvian with the best native Latvian tutors by Skype. Latvian is a unique language that occupies its own important place in history as it closely adheres to many original features of the Indo-European language.  Another interesting fact aside from the 1.5 million native Latvian speakers and another 100,000 based abroad, there are more non-native speakers of the language credited to immigrants which include Russians, Belarusians, and Poles – among many others.

Many individuals desire to learn the intricacies of this archaic language.  Some people opt for Latvian in second language learning.  Others learn for the travel or business to Latvia.  A great number of linguists are also interested to know the latviešu valoda for its structure and sound as a Baltic language.  As one of the official languages of the European Union, the desire to learn Latvian has progressively increased over the years.

Taking Latvian courses with Latvian tutors are a serious learning matter as the language has some unique complex grammatical structures.  Knowing Lithuanian, the other surviving language in the Baltic region may help; as does proficiency in Slavic or German languages.  More often than not, individuals who take Latvian for beginners do not possess this proficiency making how to learn Latvian fast an uphill climb.

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Latvian Language Tutors Online

Picture of Rēzija Blūmentāle

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price from €5
I teach :
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Rēzija Blūmentāle

Teaches: English , Latvian

Speaks: English , Latvian , Spanish

Native language: English , Latvian

I am a teacher in an Academy of English. I teach kids and teenagers from age 8 to 15 , as well as I give private classes to adults. Currently I am finishing my degree at the University of Barcelona where I study Modern Languages and Literature specializing in English and Spanish languages and at the age of 20 I obtained an IB diploma studying in Denmark.

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Picture of Sintija Ozolina

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price from €9
I teach :
  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Sintija Ozolina

Teaches: English , Latvian , Spanish

Speaks: English , Italian , Latvian , Russian , Spanish

Native language: Latvian

I have studied English Philology and translation, I have 10+ years of experience in teaching, 7 of those constant experience teaching online via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and MS Teams. I have participated in various teaching projects under the ERASMUS + programme and I keep learning and improving professionally myself.

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Picture of Ingura Lipšāne

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price from €15
I teach :
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Ingura Lipšāne

Teaches: Latvian , Russian , Swedish

Speaks: English , French , Latvian , Russian , Swedish

Native language: Latvian

Main attention - to the practical use and communication. However, the real improvement is only possible by grammatically correct speech and writing. These two approaches must be in balance. Galvenais uzsvars - uz valodas praktisko pielietojamību un dialogu. Tomēr patiesa izaugsme iespējama tikai ar gramatiski pareizu runas un rakstības pārvaldīšanu. Tādēļ svarīgas ir abas pieejas, tām jābūt līdzsvarā.

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Picture of Maiga Kokina

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price from €7

Maiga Kokina

Teaches: Latvian

Speaks: English , Latvian , Russian

Native language:

Mācu valodu Valsts valodas prasmes eksāmenam ( A,B, C līmeņus), sarunvalodu, gramatiku, gatavoju Naturalizācijas eksāmenam krieviski runājošos pieaugušos un 3.-9.klases skolēnus, Pēdējos gados strādāju ar NVA kursantiem. Sekmīgi eksāmenu nokārtojušo kursantu procents ir augsts. Valodas pasniegšanas pieredze 25 gadi. Savi izstrādātie materiāli. Valodas apgūšanas pamatā izmantoju komunikāciju un praktisku valodas pielietojumu. Iepazīstinu ar Latvijas vēsturi, kultūru, ģeogrāfiju.

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Picture of Vija Mežīte

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price from €12
I teach :
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Vija Mežīte

Teaches: English , German , Latvian

Speaks: English , German , Latvian , Russian

Native language:

During almost 30 years I have got an extensive experience by working with kids as well as with teenagers and adults. One must say I prefer teenagers and adults. I have BA in philology, MA in pedagogy and a lot of courses attended in Latvia and abroad. Speaking, expressing the point of view and teaching grammar are my strongest points but as mentioned above I do everything necessary for the student.

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Picture of Ieva Pukite

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price from €7
I teach :
  • Teenagers
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Ieva Pukite

Teaches: Latvian

Speaks: English , Latvian

Native language: Latvian

Experience teaching Latvian: * Latvian Group lessons for Russian speakers in Riga; * Private Latvian tutorials for Kids; * Fundamental Latvian course for English speakers; * Latvian Beginners language and culture guide for settling in Latvia. * Fundamental course in Latvian Grammar.

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How To Learn Latvian Language Fast And Where To Start | Latvian Tutors By Skype

Before you embark on an intensive Latvian language course with a native Latvian tutor by Skype, here are some useful tips on what you could do yourself:

Since the Latvian language uses the Latin alphabet, it is easy to remember.  Its distinction is that it includes diacritic marks to form its 33 letters. Familiarization of the letters and diacritic marks will help greatly in enunciating from Latvian texts correctly.

  • Know the Words

Learning the basic words used in everyday dealings is a good start in building your Latvian language vocabulary.  Mastery of these fundamentals will address the problem of how to learn Latvian fast since a good vocabulary is a good foundation for effective communication in any language learning. 

Here are some examples of basic everyday words in English and their Latvian counterparts:

Hello or good afternoon -  Sveiki or Labdien (which literally means laba diena - good day)

Yes – Jā (ā - long sound "a")

No – Nē (ē - long sound "e")

Please - Lūdzu

Thanks / Thank You – Paldies / Paldies Jums (literally means "thanks to you")

Ok / Fine – Labi (literally means "well")

Sorry - Atvainojiet

My name is – Mani sauc (literally means "they call me")

The native Latvian language tutors online will guide you through the challenging voyage of learning the first phrases and words. Here is why you should consider learning a language with a professional tutor.

Learn Latvian Language. The Distinctive Latvian Pronunciation

While grammar can be an issue in speaking fluent Latvian, the concern should be more on pronouncing the words correctly as the language is anchored on vowel and consonant length.  You have to be conscious of correct rhythm, intonation, and inflection in order not to be misunderstood. The professional native Latvian tutors will be your best assistance in learning the Latvian pronunciation in the most efficient way.

As the language is quite distinct, listening to media by native Latvians is a good way to have auditory mastery so that enunciation becomes easier. The Latvian culture is rich in songs and poetry and you will find a wealth of online resources for native Latvian media you can enjoy. Also in this respect, Latvian tutors will help you to find the best video and audio sources for you.

By the way, did you know that learning a language makes one happy? Learn Latvian and find the new colours of life.

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Learn Common Phrases In Latvian and How to Say Them Properly

To better your ability to speak Latvian, start practising the words and phrases on your own.  There are numerous interactive resources online to help you enrich your stock knowledge.  They usually come with text, audio and multiple-choice add-ons which you can enlist for self-study.

The good news is that the accent (the sress) in Latvian language words is always on the first syllable (on the first vowel). And the words are read (pronounced) same way as they are spelled (written).

Everyday phrases such as those below is a good place to start.

See you later - Uzredzēšanos / u z r e dz e e e sh a n o s / (ē - long /e/ sound )

Thanks / Thanks a lot! - Paldies / Liels paldies (literally means "big thanks"!

Thank you for your help - Paldies par palīdzību

I don't understand - Es nesaprotu

Got it - Es sapratu

I don't know - Es nezinu

Practice Latvian Language by Conversing with Latvian Tutors By Skype

As mentioned previously, the growing popularity of learning Latvian as a second language as resulted in a disproportionate number of non-native to native speakers.  If you have access to a native Latvian tutor in your locality, a private class is the most ideal way to practice and learn proper Latvian.

A growing popular method is to enlist an online tutor of Latvian language.  However, evaluating the competency and expertise of a remote instructor poses a problem especially in a special language such as Latvian where pronunciation is key.

As the number of Latvian native speakers is not that many, how can you be reassured that you are learning properly?  If you can have certified native Latvian lessons one-on-one in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule, that would be the perfect solution.

At Lonet.Academy we have native Latvian tutors by Skype who are well-versed and experienced in teaching.  Our instructors are qualified to handle an intensive Latvian course or Latvian for the beginners. You can increase your proficiency in the Latvian language at your own pace and timing, without having to worry about the competency of your teacher.

Latvia is a country of immense music and sound culture with Latvian cultural language works docked in the UNESCO "Memory of the World." 

Learning this historical part of linguistics is also a wonderful addition for people wishing to expand their cultural horizons and learn beautiful works of art in word form. So, whether you are planning to travel to Latvia or are learning latviešu valoda as a second language or enriching your personal stock knowledge, your specific language-learning need can be met here at Lonet.Academy.

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Take Latvian Language Classes With Latvian Tutors Online

Learn the beautiful and melodic Latvian language with a professional native tutor online by Skype.

There are many reasons why learning Latvian language with a native tutor is much more effective, exciting and easier than just a self study. Here are some of them:the experienced professional language tutors know where to start and how to move;

Latvian language tutors are capable of creating a structured syllabus and setting the realistic goals and milestones of the learning process. It will help you to avoid feeling of overwhelming and frustration. The best way to practice conversational skills in Latvian is to take private one-on-one classes with native tutors from Latvia. Because the professional language teachers know how to correct mistakes while keeping you feel comfortable, respected and secure.

Practice with the individual Latvian tutors online by Skype

Learn in your comfort zone and you will see how fast you will notice the progress. In fact, this is the best way to train on your conversational skills in an authentic way and to brake the barriers of speaking!It is much more efficient to learn the melody, sounds and pronunciation of Latvian language with the on-line Latvian language tutors.

Latvian language is very melodic and beautiful. You will fall in love with the sounds and intonation of Latvian language native speakers. Latvian native language teachers will make you to dive into rich and ancient cultural life of Latvia; Thus learning Latvian language with a Latvian native tutor you will not only acquire the language skills and knowledge. But also get the feeling of Latvian culture, history, Latvian literature, folklore, music, art and other national heritage of Latvian people.

Don’t hesitate. Take your trial lesson of Latvian language right now and start the amazing journey of learning Latvian language.

View some profiles of our Latvian language tutors online:

Latvian language tutor - Ingura Lipšāne;

Ieva Pukite - Latvian tutor by Skype;

Zane Lusina - language tutor online;

Latvian tutor online - Agnese Barakauska.

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Learn Latvian Language Online - Save Your Time And Money

Doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or you already speak some Latvian. Learn Latvian language or brush it up with native Latvian language tutors by Skype. Taking the individual Latvian language lessons by Skype with a private Latvian tutor on-line. In fact, will save your time and money.

Are you planning to move to Latvia?

Start learning Latvian already now, in advance. It will definitely help you to avoid feeling of frustration when you will arrive in Latvia. For example, if you will already know some Latvian and will be able to communicate with local people in their native language you will get trust, respect and help from Latvians for sure.

Also, Latvian people are very proud of their culture and heritage, including the unique and beautiful Latvian language.

Dedicate your time to learning Latvian and travel to Baltic States to explore one of the most interesting region in Europe.

Does your child start going to a school in Latvia?

Help him to grasp Latvian language fast and easy by taking a course of Latvian language with a native private tutor on-line. The professional and experienced Latvian language tutors know the school programme and they will be able to help your child to focus on specific material and vocabulary, so that to meet the school requirements.

Save your time!

Use the technology and save your time by taking Latvian language classes on-line. You don’t need to go to the standard classroom courses any more. Take private lessons of Latvian language by Skype from any place – might it be your office, home, cafeteria or any other place. Time is valuable and spending it to the way, traffic jams, parking search and way back is not necessary any more. Use the technology which is available and affordable for everyone today.

Save your money!

It is not a surprise that individual on-line classes of Latvian language are less expensive than the standard classroom lessons. There are several reasons how the language teachers on-line can offer better pricing than their classroom competitors.

Individual Latvian Language Courses by Skype

Do you need to speak Latvian for your work? Or are you moving to Latvia? Whatever the reason for you to learn Latvian language - take individual classes with Latvian tutors online. The language tutors on Lonet.Academy are professional and experienced Latvian language native tutors. They will help you to learn Latvian fast and easily. They focus on your individual needs and create a tailor-made syllabus. According to the respective industry and terminology that you might require for your job, business or other specific purpose.

The classes are done by Skype or in a webinar online classroom, which makes it very comfortable for both. For the tutor and for the the learner. Take one-on-one private classes of Latvian language from any place in the world.

Lonet.Academy is designed to connect the language tutors and the language learners from all over the world.

Learn Latvian language for business, work and studies. With a private online Latvian language tutor and you will see the result so fast!

By learning languages online You save Your money

First of all, Latvian language tutors by Skype do not have expenses of classroom premises rent. They use free technology and can provide the lessons on-line from their own premises or any other place available for them.

Secondly, the tutors that give Latvian language lessons on-line do not have expenses for transport, parking and other travelling related costs connected with their teaching practice.

Furthermore, they are more flexible with their cancellation policies due to the above mentioned points which makes them more competitive and learner-friendly in comparison with standard classroom teachers and tutors.

Also, the tutors by Skype do not have to spend on paper, books, copies and other paper-involved materials and tools. They rather use on-line resources and tailor made electronically transferable material, such as PDF files, presentations, video material, audio records, etc ...

Book your lessons with private Latvian tutors by Skype on Lonet.Academy.

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