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Italy is one of the world’s center of history, culture, civilization and cuisine.  This is one of the main reasons why so many want to learn Italian fast and include Italian or lingua Italiana in second-language learning. Aside from being the official language of Italy and San Marino, Italian is also the third most spoken language in Switzerland. Once you know fluent Italiano, you can easily connect with the heart and soul of Italy and its fabulous history which has enriched many cultures as well.

The most effective way to learn Italian and to start speaking Italian is to take one-on-one lessons by Skype with the professional Italian tutors. At Lonet.Academy it is so:

  • Easy to book individual Italian classes online,
  • flexible to plan and adjust the schedule,
  • comfortable to learn from your place,
  • safe to pay for the lessons online. By Card or by PayPal.

Don’t leave it till tomorrow. Take your trial lessons with the best Italian tutors by Skype today! Choose the best compatible tutor for You and book a tailor made individual course of Italian language. Learn Italian fast and easily with a native professional tutor from any place in the world.

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Italian Language Tutors by Skype

Picture of Dario De Santis

price from €3 to €33
€3 for trial lesson

Dario De Santis

Teaches: English , Italian

Speaks: English , Greek , Italian , Turkish

I have been teaching Italian and English for many years both online and in universities, schools and organizations in several countries. My students range from any level and age group, however I am specialized in tutoring college students and adults, particularly professionals. With regard to my teaching qualifications, I hold a CELTA certificate for teaching English and a CEDILS certificate (University of Venice) for teaching Italian to foreigners.

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Picture of tiziano rosano

price from €3 to €28
€3 for trial lesson

tiziano rosano

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , Italian , Spanish

I taught 2 years in an Institute but my real experience is gotten at one-on-one lessons with my students. I can teach to any age and level and I have experience with English, Russian, Spanish and other foreign students. I've never stopped studying my own language yet and I like to attend new courses to improve my methods. Moreover I've recently written an A1 e-learning italian course. My next achievement is teaching in an instutute abroad.

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Picture of Valentina Valoroso

price from €3 to €35
€13 for trial lesson

Valentina Valoroso

Teaches: English , English (US) , Italian

Speaks: English (US) , French , German , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish

I taught in language schools as well as in companies and I started teaching 7 years ago. I have an in-depth knowledge of the languages I teach thanks to my studies in Translation and the years I spent living and working abroad. Recently, I've been involved in a teaching project in Germany, where I acted as private tutor for a 14-year-old and I successfully managed to help her to change to a better school in just 4 months.

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Picture of Emanuele Mazzola

price from €3 to €16
€3 for trial lesson

Emanuele Mazzola

Teaches: English , Italian

Speaks: Czech , English , Italian

I have been teaching for decades in Italy, both to groups and to individuals. My passion for languages dates back to when I was 10! Now I teach remotely English in Italian and Italian in English. My specialization is music, as I also have 2 degrees in classical music, but my real strength is the perfect knowloedge of the Italian grammar and the ability to deliver part of it step by step, helping you achieving your goals.

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Picture of Dhananjay Talwar

price from €3 to €63
€3 for trial lesson

Dhananjay Talwar

Teaches: English , French , German , Italian , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Speaks: Catalan; Valencian, Chinese (Simplified) , English , Esperanto, French , German , Greek , Hindi, Hungarian, Italian , Latin, Panjabi; Punjabi, Portuguese (Brazil) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Russian , Slovak , Spanish

I have over 4 years’ experience as a tutor. I have taught English as a Foreign Language, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Latin to various levels as well as English (Language/Literature) and Maths to 13+ level and below. My teaching experience has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a range of different people from all ages and backgrounds, as I have taught students from 5 years old to over 60 years old and of all different levels!

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Picture of Valeria Gargiulo

price from €3 to €21
€3 for trial lesson

Valeria Gargiulo

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , German , Italian

Graduated in Interpretation and Translation in Italian, English and German 1 year teaching experience. Fluent speaker in English and German Translator from English and German into Italian.

View Profile

Picture of Silvia Longhin

price from €3 to €23
€3 for trial lesson

Silvia Longhin

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , Italian , Spanish

Ciao! I am an Italian online Tutor from Venice! I love travelling around the world and I have been teaching my mother tongue to children and adults while I was abroad. My method is easy and based on a communicative approach: with me you get to practice, get results that gratify and reinforce your confidence! You will be able to start speaking from the very first session!

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Picture of Giulia Conci

price from €12 to €27
€12 for trial lesson

Giulia Conci

Teaches: Italian , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Speaks: Arabic, English , German , Italian , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

- I worked in Brazil as Italian teacher - I am working online since 2013 - DELE certification, Zertifikat Deutsch, CELPE-BRAS, IELTS - Liceo Linguistico Rosmini (Italy) - Estudios Semiticos en la Universidad de Granada (UGR)

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Picture of Vania Pontedecimo

price from €8 to €18
€8 for trial lesson

Vania Pontedecimo

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , German , Italian

Italian teacher to private people Foreign languages and literatures University, Florence 7+ From beginners to advanced

View Profile

Picture of Jennifer Grasso

price from €8 to €33
€8 for trial lesson

Jennifer Grasso

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English (US) , Italian , Spanish

--->Italian teacher in pubblic middle school + italian teacher for foreign students (Europe, Asia, America) ---> From beginners to expert --->GRADUATED in Comparative literature (italian, english ansd spanish languages and literatures) with 110/110 WITH HONORS --->INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES: I used to live in Spain and U.S.

View Profile

Picture of Alessandro Ressa

price from €5 to €25
€5 for trial lesson

Alessandro Ressa

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , French , Indonesian , Italian

Ciao! I'm an online tutor from South of Italy. While abroad I have taught Italian to young adults and adults of all ages. I worked also as translator and editor. My teaching is based on verbal communication; from the 1st lesson you'll be able to learn sentences, start speaking Italian and gain confidence. As a reference, in 12h one of my best students learned greetings, common questions, basic sentences with to be/to have, agreeing on day/time of next lesson, numbers from 1 to 100, and more

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Picture of Francesca Rossin

price from €10 to €38
€10 for trial lesson

Francesca Rossin

Teaches: English , Italian

Speaks: English , German , Italian , Spanish

Have you ever struggled to grasp a concept in your language learning path? What if your teacher could totally understand your struggle? Whether it's understanding the meaning of a word or an idiom and how it is used in the every day language or a grammar point that is not quite clear, or that difficult sentence to pronounce, if your teacher is a language learner or speaks your language everything is so much easier!

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Picture of Giulia Messedaglia

price from €8 to €43
€8 for trial lesson

Giulia Messedaglia

Teaches: English , English (US) , Italian

Speaks: English , English (US) , Italian

I'm a freelance translator and TEFL/TESOL certified English teacher. I studied Archeology at university. All ages. From Beginners to Advanced.

View Profile

Picture of Andrea De Rossi

price from €10 to €18
€8 for trial lesson

Andrea De Rossi

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English (US) , Italian

I have been teaching Italian for the last 10 years, both to children and adults. I'm also a writer for various Italian magazines.

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How To Learn Italian Fast From Any Place In The World

There are many reasons to learn foreign languages, but learning Italian is special as it is also considered the language of music.  With its origins in the Romance language, the birthplace of opera in the Renaissance era has spawned timeless classics and musical practices that are in practice to this very day.  Whether you want to learn a second language, plan to travel to Italy or are into multilingualism, the concern is always how to learn Italian fast. You can use the following tips to help you learn Italian easy:

1.  Learn Italian Fast. Start With The Sounds of Beautiful Italiano

In learning Italian for the beginners, the first thing you must remember is that the sounds matter.  The Italian phonetic system is a bit tricky but once you know the nuances of how to enunciate the words, you will find the consistency and predictability throughout the language.

You must master the open sounds and pronunciation of the vowels A, E, I, O and U.  Then you move on the syllables, words and phrases.  Why does this matter? In the Italian language, inflection and how you articulate may affect the meaning of a seemingly similarly spelled word.  When you focus on the Italian sounds and how to make them, it will make further learning and vocabulary building less confusing and more fruitful.

There are some consonant sounds in Italian that a foreign learner might find difficult to pronounce in Italian.

2. Beef Up Your Italiano Vocabulary

Your daily Italian word bank must be built-up.  This is not a very difficult task. Here are two important tips that will help you create a substantial collection of Italian vocabulary and terms,

  • Work with the cognates

Did you know that 58% of English words are derived from the Romance and Latin languages of which many Italian terms are also based on?  This means that English and Italian have numerous cognates (similar sounding words) like formal-formale, fantastic-fantastico and so on.  Learn the rules on Italian cognates and you can transform a host of English terms easily into Italian.

  • 'Keep a Word and Phrase Diary

Now, we do not want to fall into that embarrassing pit of assuming that by putting a suffix and inflection on a word automatically makes it Italian.  After knowing the rules on Italian cognates, it is highly recommended to keep a word list as well. Visual reinforcement will help you remember the rules and which words these apply to.

An Italian word and phrase diary will also help you a lot when it comes to the similarly spelled Italian words that might be misunderstood if you pronounce the wrong.  Writing down pronunciation hints will save you from saying the wrong word like in the case of "pèsca" (fish)and "pésca"(fishing).

One of the most sufficient way of how to learn a language fast is to take a language tutor.

4. Mind the Italian Media And Learn Italian Fast

Improve your understanding, listening and speaking skills in Italian by switching to Italian-language media.  You can start by watching children’s videos and songs preferably with subtitles so you follow and mimic the sounds.  It is important that you choose media that has clearly pronounced Italian word delivery.  That way you can imitate the intonation, pitch and speech of the speaker to improve Italian language skills. 

Many would like to point out that there is a certain cadence and melody to the Italian language that you can emulate as well. It might seem that you will be doing a lot of tongue-twisting and might prove to be a challenge initially, but this exercise will make your tongue familiar with the sounds and do wonders to learning the language.

5.  Practice Italian Language With Native Italian Tutors By Skype

Since Italian is not a language which has a vocabulary that deviates too far from the English language, you may opt to inject Italian words in daily conversations just to practice saying the terms in Italian.  You can join a language group, or better yet, start one on your own! Another practice option is to sing along to Italian music.  As we all know, this is also called the language of music as Renaissance music was born in Italy which birthed the many terms used in the music industry.  Singing also helps loosen the tongue and helps you increase vocabulary as well as aids in sentence construction.

The best option would be to speak constantly to a native speaker or employ Italian teachers.  If you have native Italians in your locale, it would be a great idea to converse with them in heir native tongue! However, this is not possible with everyone. The best option for many would be to find language tutors by Skype or online and conduct a language exchange. This recourse must be done with care in order to find a reliable and reasonable platform that teaches how to learn Italian fast.

At Lonet.Academy, we’ve got you covered if you want to improve Italian language skills.  Through our verified and trusted platform, you will be able to find native speakers who can conduct one-on-one lessons, be it Italian for beginners, advanced speaking courses or simply conversational practice.  You can learn Italian easy, at your own pace and schedule availability by setting appointments with native Italian tutors by Skype. How to learn Italian fast is not a problem - Lonet.Academy is your best solution in Italiano language practice and mastery.

Learn Italian With Italian Tutors at Lonet.Academy

If you would like to see how it works - please watch the Italian Lesson By Skype for a beginner, recorded by Lonet.Academy

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