Terms and Conditions

Key Terms

LONET website – lonet.academy (https://lonet.academy)

Application – any lonet.academy related mobile device application

Services – all the connection and online venue services, available through https://lonet.academy site as a platform for connecting Teachers and Learners, where members may find each other and choose each other with the purpose of language learning. Members can also place/upload/publish information and content, relevant to language learning and teaching.

Content – all information, text, images, video and other material accessible and available through LONET website, Application and Services, including all the related content of LONET promotional campaigns and social media channels.

Registered Member / Member – a person or a legal entity, that registers on LONET website.

Learner – a person, that registers on LONET website as a Learner.

Teacher – a person or a legal entity, that registers on LONET website as a Teacher.

Member’s Account and Profile – the account and profile you create when you register on LONET website as a Teacher or as a Learner.

Profile Page – the page, created for your individual access under the data and credentials, provided by you during the registration.

Login Credentials – all the data you provide and create for getting the access to your Member’s Account, including your created login and password.

You – a Visitor or Member accessing the LONET website or Application. You is also  a Member for which the Services are used and the User, who accesses the LONET website or Application on behalf of such Member (ans such User represents that he or she has the authority to do so on the Member’s account).  


General Terms

LONET is a Site or Application available as an online venue, where Learners can find Teachers, acting also as a platform for connecting Teachers with the Learners, further in the text the “LONET website”. Users of LONET website, both Learners and Teachers can collaborate with each other and take advantage of services accessible at LONET website, including applications for mobile devices, tablets and other smart devices (altogether called Application). By using LONET website, Application or Services you agree with these Terms and Conditions and you indicate your acceptance of them, on your own behalf and, if you are a representative, on behalf of the person you represent.

If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you don’t have a right to use the LONET website, to get information from LONET website, access the content of LONET website or otherwise proceed with using LONET website, Application or Services, whether or not being a registered Member.  

We reserve the right to change, modify and update these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason and without prior notice. In case of modification, changes or updates, the “last updated” date will appear at the top of these Terms and Conditions.  Accessing the LONET website, you are indicating that you agree with the last updated version of these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t agree with the modified, changed or updated Terms and Conditions, it is your responsibility to immediately stop using LONET website, Application or Services.


Terms of Access and Use

In case you use LONET website, Application and Services as a Learner, you may access and use it solely for your private non-commercial purposes.

In case you are a Teacher, LONET website grants to you, under these Terms and Conditions, a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access and use LONET website, Application and Services solely for the delivery of your personal services to your clients (i.e. Learners). If you register on LONET website as a Teacher and use Application and Services you must be 18 or older and by using LONET website, Application and Services as a Teacher you confirm and guarantee that you are 18 or older. Any access or use of LONET website, Application and Services as a Teacher by anyone under 18 is strictly prohibited. 

Some of LONET website services are accessible for registered Members only. To become a Member you must register on LONET website by following the process of the registration, based on the type of your use of LONET website (whether Learner or Teacher) and providing the required login credentials accordingly. By registering on LONET website you create your Member’s Account and Profile.

Your Member’s Account on LONET website and your Profile page will be created for your use of LONET website, Application and Services based on the information you provide during the process of registration. You may not have more than 2 (two) Accounts, one as a Learner and one as a Teacher). You may not share your Login Credentials with any third party/person nor transfer any information about your Account to any third party.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you confirm that you are fully responsible for protecting your Login Credentials from unauthorized used by the third persons/parties. You are responsible for all the activities done under your Member’s Account and under those Login Credentials. LONET is not responsible for losses or any direct or indirect damage caused in case of your failure to safeguard your login credentials, login and password.

Creating the Member’s Account you are responsible for the information you provide during the registration process and you agree to submit accurate, current, real and complete information, as well as to update such information and keep it accurate, current and complete.

LONET website, Application and Services may be used only by individuals, who are 18 years and older. Individuals under the age of18 years can use LONET services only under the supervision of a parent, which in this case is responsible for any and all activities of the Learner. 

LONET reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Member’s Account and you access to the LONET website, Application and Services if you create more than one Account, if any information provided during the registration process appears to be inaccurate, fraudulent or incomplete as well as if you otherwise fail to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions.

LONET reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Member’s Account without prior notice if you fail to comply with Uses conduct of these Terms and Conditions.


Privacy Policy

You agree to the Privacy Policy published on LONET website  (https://lonet.academy/privacy-policy )

Users’ Conduct

You agree to use the LONET website, Application and Services in a lawful manner. Any use of LONET website, Application and Services that LONET, in its sole discretion, finds inappropriate and/or offensive may result in suspension and/or termination of a Member’s Account with or without notice from LONET side. 

You understand and you agree that:

-          you will not violate any law or regulation;

-          You will not transmit, distribute, post or submit any information concerning any other person or entity, personal information or credit, debit cards, account numbers or photos of other persons without their authorization and permission;

-          You will not use any payment method in your member’s account, which does not belong to you and you do not have authorization to use;

-          You will not manipulate the price of any services offered on LONET website;

-          You will not post false, inaccurate, misleading, racially or ethnically objectionable or offensive comments or content;

-          You will not post unsolicited advertising or promote any third parties products or services.

-    You will not take/provide payments for classes outside the LONET platform from/to the teacher or student who you found by help of LONET website and took/provided the trial class on LONET.   

What should I do if a teacher accepts/ offers/ suggests or asks  me to pay outside of Lonet.Academy or accepts/suggests /asks for payment directly?

Please report teachers that do this by sending an email to lonet@lonet.cademy


This is a serious violation of the LONET Terms and Conditions. Additionally, this behavior is potentially dangerous for students for the following reasons:


Risky: If you pay the teacher directly outside of LONET system, you may be at risk that the teacher does not deliver class as scheduled. LONET ensures that your funds are delivered only after your class has been provided.

Inconvenient: If you pay outside of LONET system, you won't be able to use the LONET scheduling system and keep track of your lessons.

No Recourse for Student: There is no way for the student to leave public feedback about a lesson that was taken outside of LONET system either positive or negative.

As a LONET user, you should report the teacher to LONET on lonet@lonet.academy.


Teachers that suggest/accept/offer or ask for payment outside of LONET are removed from LONET.

Payment Policy

The LONET website, Application and Services are intended to be used to facilitate teachers and students connecting, contract and booking online language lessons directly with each other, namely to request, agree, deliver and pay for such services.

LONET is only a platform, therefore cannot and does not control the content contained in any teacher or student profiles and is not responsible for the methods, materials, online delivery tools and other all aspects of the lessons, provided by a Teacher. Consequently, any payments will be made or accepted at the members’ own risk. LONET is not responsible for any and all claims or liability related to any and all the lessons.

LONET strives to ensure clear understanding of your financial responsibility with respect to service we provide.

The payment services are intended solely for persons who are 18 or older. By using LONET payment services you represent and guarantee that you are 18 or older.

All information provided to register a member’s account with LONET, including the credit card information or PayPal account information is subject to the Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions.

LONET does not store or use in any way any payment information or your personal data concerning payments. By submitting your credit card information, you grant LONET the right to process your information with the third party payment service, which may be changed from time to time. You agree that LONET will not be responsible for any failures of the third party to adequately protect such information.

Available payment methods are:  Visa / Mastercard (credit or debit), direct payment/transfer to SWEDBANK online bank or Paypal.

In case of payment method by PayPal, the additional commission is put on top in amount of 7%. This additional payment commission is non-refundable in any case.  

All payments should be made through the LONET website services. By providing LONET with your credit/debit card or bank account information, you authorize LONET to charge such credit card or bank account for the amounts stated on the payment page. Following a successful transaction, your funds will be used by LONET for payment to the relevant Teachers, based on these Terms and Conditions section Terms for Teachers.

In separate cases, upon request, the payments may be done based on LONET invoice and completed by the bank transfer in accordance with the invoice.

No refunds for requested and confirmed lessons will be provided. No refunds for trial lessons booked will be provided. In case a tutor failed to confirm a trial lesson the Student is encouraged to book a trial lesson with any other Teacher available. No refunds for LONET commission will be provided in any case.  Authorized payments for requested and confirmed lessons are final and no refunds will be given. Your funds are under the protection of LONET platform. Teachers get payments for the confirmed and accomplished lessons only. In case a lesson didn’t take place, LONET provides you with the possibility to use the paid amount for booking the other lesson with any of the Teachers, registered on LONET website.   

In case the Learner doesn’t show up on the lesson, the Teacher gets full compensation for the lesson and the Learner is charged 100% (including the price of the lesson and LONET commision). No show lessons are not refundable.

In case the Learner does not use funds provided to LONET website platform and/or does not use the lessons/hours acquired for such funds during the period of more than 85 (eighty five) calendar days starting from the date of provision of such funds to the LONET website platform, funds and lessons/hours of such Learner will not be refunded upon request.

You may delete your member’s account at any time, but there are no refunds in the case of cancellation / deletion of the account.

In case LONET shall suspend or terminate your account based on the Enforcement Terms of the present Terms and Conditions, you understand and agree that you shall not claim any refunds and you shall receive no refunds and no possibility or exchange shall be provided for any unused lessons/hours or any other parts of services, any content or data associated with your account.

LONET website is not a bank or any type of financial institution, we do not provide any financial services or advice. Any payments made via LONET website platform are made exclusively for the purpose of access and use  LONET website, Application and Services. Such payments may not be made and used for any fraudulent, criminal or illegal activity as defined by the law.

Lessons Cancelation Policy

Learners can cancel a confirmed lesson on the following terms:

-          If a lesson is cancelled earlier than 12 hours before the lesson nominated time, LONET commission (from 3/three to 5/five EUR)  will be charged and withdrawn from the cancelling party;  

-          If a lesson is cancelled by learner later than 12 hours before the lesson nominated time, full price for the lesson will be charged, including LONET commission and the teacher gets full compensation for the nominated lesson.


Terms for Teachers

Users of LONET website, Application and Services, registered as Teachers are not employed by LONET and LONET does not serve as an employer for any Member of the LONET website, unless separately agreed and arranged on the basis of written employment contract. Teachers are acting as independent contractors and not as LONET employee, agent, representative or franchisee.

Users of LONET website, Application and Services, registered as Teachers have no authority to conclude contracts or make promises in the name and on behalf of LONET.

Teachers set the net price for their services independently and indicate the length (in minutes) of a lesson for this price on their Teacher's profile page.  LONET automatically will add its commission (from 4/four to 8/eight EUR per lesson), thus the final selling prices for the lessons to be paid by the Learners and published on the Teacher profiles will include LONET commission.  

When a Learner requests a lesson, the Teacher will receive a “Lesson Request” by e-mail and through onsite messaging on the Profile page.

Teachers will accept or decline the lesson as soon as possible, but not later than in 24 hours after the request has been sent. By accepting the Lesson Request, Teachers agree to provide the lesson accordingly in the day and time indicated in the Lesson Request. If you do not respond to the Request in 24 hours, it will expire automatically.  

LONET provides Teachers with a “wallet” on their profile page to hold the funds for provided lessons. The balance shown in the Teacher’s “wallet” is the net balance, after LONET commission has been deducted.

By the 5th date on monthly basis Teachers will check the total balance of the all lessons provided and non-disputed for the previous calendar month and will “Request Payout” of the confirmed balance amount.

The minimum amount for the payout is EUR 50 (fifty euro). The payouts of lower amounts are not acceptable and will not be processed by the system.

The withdrawals for non-disputed lessons/hours are made on monthly basis (once a month only), according to the payout requests, every 25th date of a month for the previous calendar month balance.  The withdrawals must be requested not later than 6 months after the lesson has been conducted. The payouts for the lessons requested later than 6 months (180 calendar days) will be rejected. SIA LONET is not a bank entity and doesn't provide services of keeping deposits for its Members Teachers.

In case of payment to teachers the following commission is applied:

- if payout is done by PayPal, no commission applicable;

- if payout is done by bank transfer to the bank in EU territory, then every party pays their side bank commission;

- if payout is done to the bank outside of Europe, then all banking commissions involved are on the receiver's account. Full amount of bank commissions involved (from both sides) are totally covered by the teacher. Same conditions applied for refunds.

Teachers understand and agree that they are solely responsible for fulfilment of their Taxes obligations in their county of residence, for determining the Taxes and for the remitting the Taxes to the relevant authorities in full amount.  

Teachers can cancel a confirmed lesson. If a lesson is cancelled by a Teacher, LONET commission (4/four EUR)  will be charged from the Teacher, reflected in their transaction history and withdrawn on a monthly basis accordingly.


Limitation of Liability

LONET is not responsible for the lessons’ quality, content and information of the lessons, as they are provided by the independent teachers, as they are. LONET is not responsible for any damages including without limitation any of all risks connected with any on-line, on-site or off-line interactions between the LONET website, Application and Services users and Members, whether they are Teachers or Learners.

LONET cannot confirm and is not responsible for checking if each LONET website, Application and Services user is who they claim to be.

As LONET is not responsible for or involved in any contact between Users, Learners, Teachers and Members of LONET website, Application and Services, in case you have a dispute with one or more Users, Learners, Teachers or Members, you hereby understand, accept and confirm that LONET (including LONET’s officers, agents, directors, partners, investors and employees) is released from any and all claims and demands of any kind, arising from the disputes or anyhow related to such disputes.

LONET strives to select with good faith efforts each Teacher on LONET website, nevertheless LONET is not able to provide any assurance regarding the trustworthiness of the Teachers and the information they provide via LONET website, Application and Services.

LONET is not responsible for the Content of the LONET website, Application and Services Users, Members, Teachers and Learners, as all of them have a personal right to access their profile page and create the Content. We are not responsible for mistakes, errors (including typographical) and any kind of inaccuracies in the Content.

LONET is not liable for any tax withholding, including but not limited to employer’s liability, social security or insurance, as LONET does not serve as an employer of the LONET website, Application and Services Users, Members, Teachers and Learners.

All prices for services provided are shown in EUR currency. The Members’ wallets, both Learners and Teachers consist of EUR (Euro) currency only. LONET is not responsible for currency fluctuations in case such occur when billing a credit or debit card tied to another currency than EUR (Euro).


Contact Information and Communication

Hereby you agree that LONET will communicate with You by the e-mail, which You have provided during the registration on LONET website, you are responsible to receive the electronic letters from LONET accordingly and you confirm that these electronic letters satisfy any legal requirement.

LONET contact information for the questions you might have while using LONET website, Application and Services:

E-mail: lonet@lonet.academy

Tel in Latvia: +371 27344 201 (available all days from 10:00 till 22:00 Latvia time)

 WhatsApp: +371 27 344 201

All notices and letters to LONET, having a legal effect must be sent in written form and delivered to the following address:


Address:  Rīga, Vidzemes aleja 3 - 63, LV-1024

Such notices to LONET are effective from the moment of receipt.

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