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Do you want to learn Spanish quickly, easily and with the best native Spanish tutors online? Below you can find the most appropriate Spanish Tutor for you and take online Spanish classes without leaving you comfort zone. Here you can choose amongst:

  • Spanish language classes with professional Spanish teaching degrees and certificates. 
  • Spanish Tutors online with the experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language to learners from all over the world;
  • Latin American native speakers. Spanish tutors online from Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and other Latin and South American countries;
  • Spanish native tutors. Professional teachers of Spanish from different areas of Spain.

Learning Spanish language is an exciting process, but mastering it opens a lot of doors. It is better to learn Spanish with a professional guidance. The reward you get is that you will be able to speak and understand one of the most beautiful and spread languages in the world!

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Spanish Language Tutors Online

Picture of Sintija Ozolina

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price from €9
I teach :
  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Sintija Ozolina

Teaches: English , Latvian , Spanish

Speaks: English , Italian , Latvian , Russian , Spanish

Native language: Latvian

I have studied English Philology and translation, I have 10+ years of experience in teaching, 7 of those constant experience teaching online via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and MS Teams. I have participated in various teaching projects under the ERASMUS + programme and I keep learning and improving professionally myself.

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Picture of Christina Baltach

Lessons completed

Unique students

Only 2 places left

price from €11
I teach :
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Christina Baltach

Teaches: English , Spanish

Speaks: English , Latvian , Russian , Spanish

Native language: Latvian , Russian

I am an inspiring language coach and I help people to improve their English language skills and learn Spanish from scratch. I am passionate about learning, languages, personal development and everything that is connected with improvement of quality of life through learning. I have been teaching languages for more than 5 years now to my wonderful students with diverse interests from Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Belarus, UK and Denmark. Welcome to my classes!

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Picture of Giulia Bartolini

Lessons completed

Unique students


price from €4
I teach :
  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Giulia Bartolini

Teaches: Italian , Spanish

Speaks: Catalan; Valencian, English , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish

Native language: Italian

Hello! I am Giulia, I am 28 years old and I have been working in the field of education and teaching for some time. Do you want to know something about me? 🤓 I did my studies in “Languages, Literatures, Translation and Interpretation” at the University of Bologna. To grow up professionally, I went to Spain to study a Master's degree in "Teacher training" at the University of Barcelona. I really enjoy teaching languages 🥰

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Picture of Elizaveta K.

Lessons completed

Unique students


price from €5
I teach :
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Elizaveta K.

Teaches: English , Spanish

Speaks: Catalan; Valencian, English , German , Russian , Spanish

Native language: Russian

I have been a qualified language tutor for more than eight years, teaching English and Spanish to children, teens and adults of different ages and levels. I have a bachelor’s degree in English studies from the university of Tarragona. Also, I have been qualified with a master’s degree in Linguistics. Since July 2022, I'm a CELTA certified tutor. As I’m a sociolinguist by training, in my classes, you'll become aware of some varieties of English and Spanish.

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Picture of Katharina Koppensteiner

Lessons completed

Unique students


price from €9
I teach :
  • Adults

Katharina Koppensteiner

Teaches: English , German , Spanish

Speaks: English , German , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Native language: German

For 4 months I was teaching English to kids and adults in Ecuador. Also I have been practicing a lot of language exchange with foreigners in my country, teaching them German and receiving classes in any other language from them.

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How Can I Learn Spanish Online?

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with 460 million native speakers. Spain itself welcomes 84 million visitors in an average year – that’s almost twice the population of the country! And with good news around the world in relation to the roll out of corona virus vaccines, it looks like 2021 may indeed be the year that we get to enjoy the wonders of travel once more.

If you’re looking at heading to Spain for a holiday this year or next year, now is the time to start getting to grips with the language. Simply learning some basics will set you in good stead and is welcomed by people in all the tourist hot spots. If you like to venture off the beaten track to explore the culture, you might want to go into greater depth with your learning. But one thing is for sure – whether you know a little or a lot, you’ll feel far more prepared and far more comfortable if you can communicate, understand directions and read the menu while abroad.

Can I learn Spanish online for free?

The internet has a wealth of online resources to help you learn online basic Spanish, but to learn the language completely for free would take an awful long time and a lot of dedication. Learning any language is a case of trial and error. It’s perfectly natural to say the wrong word, mispronounce something or make grammatical mistakes. It’s part of how we learn. But you will only improve if you know when and how you have gone wrong. Trying to teach yourself completely from scratch is like being taught by an unqualified teacher. So, the best way to learn Spanish is to take Spanish classes online and use the free resources available to complement and enhance your learning.

How do online Spanish classes work?

Online Spanish classes work just like face-to-face classes. You can find Spanish lessons online for different levels of ability from beginner to advanced, and many online Spanish tutors will offer a variety of course according to your needs. You will be taught a range of words, phrases, grammar rules at each session and you’ll also have the opportunity to speak Spanish and listen to your tutor and other students. Spanish conversation classes online are a great way to improve your speaking and listening skills. Hearing the mistakes others make will hone your ear and help you improve your own speaking ability. And you’ll make friends with a similar interest. This sense of community is a great source of encouragement, particularly with the aspects of language learning which you find most difficult, and many students chat online in Spanish amongst themselves in between lessons which is sociable and a useful way to help you learn Spanish more quickly.

Are there online Spanish classes for children and adolescents?

There are many tutors who specialize in teaching Spanish online to young people. This can be done as an extracurricular activity or to help them with GCSE and A Level Spanish. Of course, when looking for a teacher for young people, you’ll want to make sure the are fully vetted and have a track record of delivering results. Check out our list of online Spanish tutors to for access to a host of reputable online Spanish courses to suit all levels.

Spanish classes on Skype

It’s well documented that 1-2-1 learning gives you the greatest access to your tutor’s teaching skills. 1-2-1 is the fastest way to learn Spanish online as your tutor will be totally focused on your learning. You can find online Spanish tutors who offer 1-2-1 teaching by searching the internet. If you choose this method, it’s recommended that you also find sites where you can interact with other learners to speak Spanish and to connect with like-minded people who will support you when the going gets tough.  You should also use other free online learning resources to help you embed your learning.

Preparation for Spanish exams DELE/SIELE

Learning a language and preparing for an exam are two different skills. If you’re preparing for the DELE certificate or the SIELE (International Spanish Language Evaluation Service) exam, online Spanish lessons are a great way to polish your skills. Online Spanish tutors will help you improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening through lessons and can also help you understand how the exams work to give you confidence and peace of mind. You’ll get access to practice papers too so you’ll know just what to expect when it comes to the real thing.

There is no doubt that learning a new language is great for your confidence and for keeping your mind active. But it also opens up new opportunities. There are the obvious ones such as adding a new skill to your CV and working in Spanish speaking countries, but even if you only want to go on holiday to Spain and have no intention of living or working there, you can still gain added benefits from speaking the language. You’ll feel more confident to venture away from the major tourist areas and see the ‘real Spain’ and when it comes to travelling around the country, you’ll be able to read signs, understand announcements and converse with people who don’t speak English. Spanish language and culture are full of joy and passion. Being able to speak the language makes any trip to Spain more rewarding.

Learn Spanish online with the best Spanish Tutors

Our choice of experienced Spanish language tutors from all over the world provides you with the possibility to find the best Spanish language tutor for you. You can select and choose according to:

  • your time zone,
  • personal motivation,
  • other preferences you might have (practising Spanish language for some specific events in your life),
  • language preference (for example, if you are a French speaker and you would like to find a Spanish tutor who speaks and understands French)
  • price expectation,
  • individual schedule and pace of learning,
  • specific needs (Spanish language for work in a specific industry),
  • and others (Spanish language for studies), ...

Spanish language is the world’s second most spoken native language and the fourth most spoken language in the world. So, no surprise that Spanish is one of the most desirable foreign languages  to learn by many. How to learn Spanish fast and easily? - With your personal Spanish language tutor at Lonet.Academy by Skype from any place in the world.

Here are 4 Basic Steps To Learn Spanish Language Fast

Often known also as Castellano or Castillian, this is the native tongue of almost 500 million people in Spain and South America.  Spanish is also a global language.  In fact, it is one of the six languages of the United Nations. Whether you are planning to travel to a Spanish speaking region or you want to follow Spanish telenovelas. Whether you love Spanish songs or simply want to acquire a beautiful second language, the question is how to learn Spanish fast? Here are some tips that will help you accelerate your learning curve to being as close to a native Español as possible.

Learn Spanish language fast and easily. Steps recommended by Lonet.Academy Spanish tutors online. Online Spanish classes.
How to learn Spanish fast? - Take individual online Spanish classes with the best Spanish tutors at Lonet.Academy

1. Develop Your Spanish Vocabulary Bank | Spanish tutors online

Did you know that just over 1,000 Spanish words are used most frequently to account for roughly 88% of spoken Spanish? Thus said, it is imperative to build your vocabulary in Spanish and know the basic words needed for day-to-day conversation.  As Spanish has absorbed a great deal of vocabulary from other languages, you will most likely find words that are very similar to familiar terminologies used across the various lingua franca. Spanish has imported the vocabulary from the defunct Latin to Arabic and a host of European tongues and the Romance language.

A nice and practical suggestion is to absorb Spanish in your daily life, identifying objects with their Spanish equivalent. You will find cognates in English such as "actor", "balance", "carbon" and words like "explosion", "radio" and "religion". These kind of words are really very similar to their English counterparts.

But note that when these words are spoken, they will sound different in the Spanish language. Which brings us to our next important tip on how to learn Spanish fast:

2. Master Pronunciation of Spanish Words with Spanish tutors online

In learning Spanish as a foreign language, this is a very important point we must remember. There is a marked difference between the pronunciation of Spanish words in comparison to English. Although they might appear the same when spelled.

For instance, there are no long or short vowel sounds, only ah, eh, ee, oh, oo for the vowels A, E, I, O, U. Despite this, it is not a rule that vowels are abruptly read. Actual enunciation may entail it to be short or drawn out in a conversation.  You can learn word for word pronunciation on many online Spanish flashcard apps.

Also, one must take into account that the pronunciation differs from one region to another, depending on the regional accent. Thus, it is really worth to distinguish which accent of Spanish you would like to learn in order to choose the right audio materials. The professional and individual Spanish online will help you to choose the proper audio learning materials. The tutor will explain to you the differences between the pronunciation in distinct areas of Spanish speaking world.

3. Self-study and Learn the Sentences BUT DO NOT Fixate on the Grammar

Without underestimating the importance of grammar in Spanish, try to learn the most common Spanish sentences used in daily living.  Although Spanish grammar is not similar to the English language grammar, there is no pressure for a learner to be perfect in grammar. Nevertheless, the basics are important, of course. Such as:

Try to learn as many of these as you can in order to familiarise yourself more to the nuances of the language. At the same time don't be afraid to make mistakes. Grammar must not be an obstacle to start the communication.

4. Expose Yourself to Spanish Media | Spanish language on TV and social networks

For this step, you need not look further than the internet. Spanish is the third most used language on the internet. So, there is no shortage of shows, music videos, children’s shows, news and other forms of entertainment that you can follow. 

This will train your ear to catch the language spoken at a normal or even faster pace plus aid you to coin phrases and sentences.  It is also a simpler way to be acquainted with colloquial terms and slang unique to each Spanish speaking region.

Practice Enunciating Spanish Phrases and Sentences with Spanish tutors online

In an authentic conversation remember that Spanish speaking people speak really fast. Thus a word in Spanish may sound differently when in a phrase or sentence and may be audibly distinct in fast Spanish conversation.  Watching Spanish media subtitled in Spanish will enable you to catch that. Furthermore while reading and hearing the sounds simultaneously its easier for you to identify familiar vocabulary and hear how it is pronounced in a rapid speech.

Learn Spanish faster: Converse with Native Spanish Speakers as Often as You Can!

The goal of every language learner is speaking as naturally as the native speaker.  This can be achieved through practice.  If having Spanish native tutors is not accessible to you, there are platforms to learn Spanish online which you can enlist to help you master the language. 

However, it is very important to find a reliable and certified site in order not to waste valuable time, money and effort.  It is crucial that a learner knows where to find Spanish tutors that will effectively improve speaking and listening ability.

Learn Spanish fast in order to work with the Spanish speaking markets.

The best Spanish tutors on Lonet.Academy will help you with the specific individual needs, such as:

  • Lessons of business correspondence in Spanish;
  • Language online course of Business Spanish;
  • Classes of business and commerce terminology in Spanish;
  • writing business proposals and offers in Spanish language;
  • professional profile or company’s presentation;
  • CV, motivations letters for Spanish job market, etc;
  • Spanish for business trips and travelling.

In this individualised platform, your learning experience is customised via one-on-one language instruction with Spanish tutors via Skype.  You can move at your own pace and control the schedule as well as the learning process. There are instructors for every level of learning, so whether you are a beginner or someone wanting to level up on your language, Lonet.Academy is your best choice on how to learn Spanish fast.


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Buy a gift card for private language classes online at Lonet.Academy. A gift of a knowledge is the best present you can give to your friends, family and colleagues!