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Do you want to learn Spanish language fast, easily and with the best native professional tutor online? Below you can find the most appropriate Spanish Tutor for you and learn Spanish fast without leaving you comfort zone. Here you can choose amongst:

  • Spanish language tutors with professional Spanish teaching degrees and certificates. Spanish Tutors by Skype with the experience in teaching Spanish language as a foreign language to learners from all over the world;
  • Latin American native speakers – Spanish tutors online from Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and other Latin American and South American countries;
  • Spanish native tutors – professional teachers of Spanish from different areas of Spain.
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Spanish Language Tutors by Skype

Picture of Beatriz Carrillo

price from €10 to €33
€10 for trial lesson

Beatriz Carrillo

Teaches: English , Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

I have more than 15 years of experience giving private lessons. I have taught Spanish as a first language to Spanish students who were living in England so they could improve their mother tongue and I have taught Spanish as a second language to students from different international countries such as Scotland, England or South Africa. Tengo más de 15 años de experiencia dando clases privadas. He enseñado español e inglés como segunda lengua.

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Picture of Adrian Schafer

price from €8 to €23
€8 for trial lesson

Adrian Schafer

Teaches: English , English (US) , Spanish

Speaks: English (US) , Spanish

I am a fully certified English teacher. I have 7 years of teaching English experience. I teach university in middle and high-level students. I teach professionals as well in middle range level. My Strongest point is: To help you speak fluently in different English countries. I have taught lawyers, students and film Producers.

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Picture of Eirini Marou

price from €23 to €38
€23 for trial lesson

Eirini Marou

Teaches: Chinese , French , Spanish

Speaks: Chinese , English , French , Greek , Spanish

I am a certified examiner for the DELE diplomas of the Cervantes Institute in the Spanish language. I have been teaching for 15 years in Greek Foreign Language Institutes and institutions, such as the Athens School of Immigrants and the Doctors without Borders. I have also accomplished the Superior Course of Spanish Language and Culture in the University of Salamanca, in Spain and the Intensive Course of Chinese Language and Culture in Beijing Language and Culture University, in China.

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Picture of Dhananjay Talwar

price from €3 to €63
€3 for trial lesson

Dhananjay Talwar

Teaches: English , French , German , Italian , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Speaks: Catalan; Valencian, Chinese (Simplified) , English , Esperanto, French , German , Greek , Hindi, Hungarian, Italian , Latin, Panjabi; Punjabi, Portuguese (Brazil) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Russian , Slovak , Spanish

I have over 4 years’ experience as a tutor. I have taught English as a Foreign Language, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Latin to various levels as well as English (Language/Literature) and Maths to 13+ level and below. My teaching experience has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a range of different people from all ages and backgrounds, as I have taught students from 5 years old to over 60 years old and of all different levels!

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Picture of Virginia Frontado

price from €5 to €15
€5 for trial lesson

Virginia Frontado

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

I hold a bachelor degree in modern languages teaching, and a master’s degree in linguistics and language teaching. I have been teaching English and Spanish for about 13 years to people of all ages (from preschoolers to adults) and levels (from beginners to advanced), and work very well with all of them. My major achievement as a teacher is the success of my students in the accomplisment their goals. My strongest fields are grammar, reading and speaking.

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Picture of Ariadna Blanco Murias

price from €6 to €33
€6 for trial lesson

Ariadna Blanco Murias

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Portuguese , Spanish

I studied education and then I studied an Expert in teach spanish as second language: teaching and learning and a Master in Applied Languages. I have been teaching adults and kids. I have worked as a Spanish teacher in Romania, Turkey and in Spain too. In academies, private schools and intensive courses at all levels. I am also a DELE B1-B2 examiner, accredited by the cervantes institute.

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Picture of Alejandra Diez

price from €7 to €11
€7 for trial lesson

Alejandra Diez

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

I have a certificate recognized by the Cervantes Institute of Spain. I do not have a single method of work, I like to adapt to each person, what each one wants, what each one needs. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident and you have a good time. I work just with adults. I am a person with a lot of patience and enthusiast ... I try to make the students feel comfortable and have fun

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Picture of Pablo Gutierrez

price from €5 to €15
€3 for trial lesson

Pablo Gutierrez

Teaches: French , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

I am a highly motivated foreign languages teacher specialized on spanish and french teaching. I would like to help you improving your language skills. I offer you my background formation and over 12 years of great experiences working with international students of all levels and ages.

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Picture of Itzel Nájera

price from €8 to €18
€8 for trial lesson

Itzel Nájera

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish , Swedish

I am certified by International House and Instituto Cervantes as a Spanish teacher and I have over 3 years of experience teaching in both group settings and private lessons with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. I specialise in teaching adults and beginner and intermediate levels. Age group: 12+ Level: All levels

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Picture of María Bello

price from €3 to €43
€3 for trial lesson

María Bello

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

I have been teaching Spanish for so long. So I decided study Pedagogy, because i badly needed to complement it to my mother tongue for teaching it more comfortably. As a result of that, I have had the opportunity to teach people from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Finland, Syria, Iran and Russia.

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Picture of Gabriela Fernandez

price from €5 to €18
€5 for trial lesson

Gabriela Fernandez

Teaches: French , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

Spanish native speaker who have had the opportunity to work as a spanish and french teacher in France and Venezuela, in different teaching contexts: primary, secondary and high school, language institutes, and online tutoring, as well. This teaching experience combined with my enthusiasm, professionalism, commitment and a COMMUNICATIVE/ ACTION-ORIENTED APPROACH will assure a successful learning.

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Picture of Giulia Conci

price from €12 to €27
€12 for trial lesson

Giulia Conci

Teaches: Italian , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Speaks: Arabic, English , German , Italian , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

- I worked in Brazil as Italian teacher - I am working online since 2013 - DELE certification, Zertifikat Deutsch, CELPE-BRAS, IELTS - Liceo Linguistico Rosmini (Italy) - Estudios Semiticos en la Universidad de Granada (UGR)

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Picture of Cynthia Dominguez

price from €4 to €11
€4 for trial lesson

Cynthia Dominguez

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

I studied psychology and I have been teaching kids teacher for 10 years. I love languages ​​and I studied a teachers and a course to teach Spanish as a foreign language. Now Im teaching Spanish for adults and I love it.

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Picture of Fabiane Michelon

price from €6 to €18
€3 for trial lesson

Fabiane Michelon

Teaches: Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Speaks: English , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Teaching since 1994, I have experience with all ages, from 3 to 70 years old (it’s true!). Worked with individual or group classes. I completed my English Studies at the Institute I worked for, I really have to apply for a certification, I haven’t done it yet. For Spanish I applied for DELE (a certification from Cervantes Institute in the name of Education, Culture and Sports Ministry from Spain). We can work on general info or specific points you may need: like business, sports, tourism, trip

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Picture of Mariana Muñoz

price from €5 to €20
€5 for trial lesson

Mariana Muñoz

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

I have a degree in Psychology and a certification in Pedagogy. Plus, I have more than 10 years of language teaching experience for both Spanish and English, as native and second language.

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Picture of Eliseba García Padrón

price from €6 to €23
€6 for trial lesson

Eliseba García Padrón

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

I am a Spanish teacher certified by Instituto Cervantes and hold a Master´s degree in Education. I have been teaching in different fields for eight years. I have experience in teaching beginner and intermediate levels, especially adults. My major professional achievement is to see my students progress in communication in Spanish language.

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Picture of Manuel Sierra

price from €4 to €8
€4 for trial lesson

Manuel Sierra

Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , English (US) , Spanish

Systems engineer and freelance teacher. I have worked with high school students, up to seniors 70 year old. My greatest achievement is having taught an American to speak Spanish in 90 days. My specialization in teaching is: business Spanish and regional idioms. Ingeniero en sistemas y profesor freelance. He trabajando con estudiantes de preparatoria-bachillerato, hasta señores de 70 años. Mi mayor logro es haber enseñado a hablar español a un estadounidense en 90 días.

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Picture of Mariana Jimenez

price from €3 to €23
€3 for trial lesson

Mariana Jimenez

Teaches: English (US) , French , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

In English, I have thought senior high school students and have done personal tutoring. In French, I have thoght kids from ages 6 to 13 in school, in small courses at the local library and personal tutoring. I have also tutor a 60 year old adult mostly to help him improve oral skills. In Spanish, I thought French kids from ages 5 to 14 in a program to bring native Spanish speakers to French schools and help them throughout the year.

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Spanish Language Tutors by Skype

Our choice of experienced language tutors from all over the world provides you with the possibility to find the best foreign language tutor for you. According to:

  • your time zone,
  • personal motivation,
  • other preferences you might have,
  • price expectation,
  • individual schedule pace,
  • specific needs,
  • and others.

Considered the world’s second most spoken native language and the fourth most spoken language in the world, Spanish is one of the most desirable learned foreign languages by many. Learn Spanish fast with your personal Spanish language tutor at Lonet.Academy by Skype from any place in the world.

4 Basic Steps To Learn Spanish Language Fast

Often known also as Castellano or Castillian, this is the native tongue of almost 500 million people in Spain and South America.  Spanish is also a global language.  In fact, it is one of the six languages of the United Nations. Whether you are planning to travel to a Spanish speaking region, wanting to follow Spanish telenovelas and songs or simply want to acquire a beautiful second language, the question is how do you learn Spanish fast? Here are some tips that will help you accelerate your learning curve to being as close to a native Español as possible.

1. Develop Your Spanish Vocabulary Bank

Did you know that just over 1,000 Spanish words are used most frequently to account for roughly 88% of spoken Spanish? Thus said, it is imperative that you build your vocabulary in Spanish and know the basic words needed for day-to-day conversation.  As Spanish has absorbed a great deal of vocabulary from other languages, from the defunct Latin to Arabic and a host of European tongues and the Romance language, you will most likely find words that are very similar to familiar terminologies used across the various lingua franca.

A nice and practical suggestion is to absorb Spanish in your daily life, identifying objects with their Spanish equivalent. You will find cognates even in English such as actor, balance, carbon and even words like explosion, radio and religion to be spelled almost exactly as their English counterparts. But note that when these words are spoken, they will sound different in the Spanish language, which brings us to our next important tip on how to learn Spanish fast.

2. Master Pronunciation of Spanish Words

In learning Spanish as a foreign language, this is a very important point we must remember; there is a marked difference between the pronunciation of Spanish words in comparison to English. They might appear the same when spelled.

For instance, the there are no long or short vowel sounds, only ah, eh, ee, oh, oo for the vowels A, E, I, O, U. Despite this, it is not a rule that vowels are abruptly read. Actual enunciation may entail it to be short or drawn out in a conversation.  You can learn word for word pronunciation on many online Spanish flashcard apps.

Also, one must take into account that the pronunciation differs from one region to another, depending on the regional accent. Thus, it is really worth to distinguish which accent of Spanish you would like to learn in order to choose the right audio materials. The professional one-on-one tutor of Spanish will help you to choose the proper audio learning materials and will explain to you the differences between the pronunciation in distinct areas of Spanish speaking world.

3. Self- Study and Learn the Sentences BUT DO NOT Fixate on the Grammar

Without underestimating the importance of grammar in Spanish, try to learn the most common Spanish sentences used in daily living.  Although Spanish grammar is not similar to the English language grammar, there is no pressure for a learner to be perfect in grammar. Nevertheless, the basics are important, of course. Such as:

Try to learn as many of these as you can in order to familiarise yourself more to the nuances of the language, but don't be afraid to make mistakes. Grammar must not be an obstacle to start the communication.

4. Expose Yourself to Spanish Media

For this step, you need not look further than the internet. Spanish is the third most used language on the internet and there is no shortage of shows, music videos, children’s shows, news and other forms of entertainment that you can follow. 

This will train your ear to catch the language spoken at a normal or even faster pace plus aid you to coin phrases and sentences.  It is also a simpler way to be acquainted with colloquial terms and slang unique to each Spanish speaking region.

Practice Enunciating Spanish Phrases and Sentences

Always remember, a word in Spanish may be pronounced differently when in a phrase or sentence and may be audibly distinct when used in fast Spanish conversation.  Watching Spanish media subtitled in Spanish will enable you to read and hear the sounds simultaneously so you can identify familiar vocabulary and known sentence structure.

Learn Spanish faster: Converse with Native Spanish Speakers as Often as You Can!

The goal of every language learner is speaking as naturally as the native speaker.  This can be achieved through practice.  If having Spanish native tutors is not accessible to you, there are platforms to learn Spanish online which you can enlist to help you master the language. 

However, it is very important to find a reliable and certified site in order not to waste valuable time, money and effort.  It is crucial that a learner knows where to find Spanish tutors that will effectively improve speaking and listening ability.

Learn Spanish Language Fast With The Best Spanish Tutor at Lonet.Academy

To eliminate the guessing and save time, money and effort, choose the best solution by enlisting the best Spanish language tutors at Lonet.Academy.  Spanish speakers with native competence will be matched to your learning level and schedule.

As a result you will  improve your conversational language skills fast and easily.  Besides, you will learn many interesting facts and details about Spanish culture, cuisine, music, art and history. Speaking practise with native tutors is certainly the best way to empower your knowledge of the great Spanish speaking community and culture!

Learn Spanish fast in order to work with the Spanish speaking markets.

The best Spanish tutors on Lonet.Academy will help you with the specific individual needs, such as:

  • Lessons of business correspondence in Spanish;
  • Language online course of Business Spanish;
  • Classes of business and commerce terminology in Spanish;
  • writing business proposals and offers in Spanish language;
  • professional profile or company’s presentation;
  • CV, motivations letters for Spanish job market, etc;
  • Spanish for business trips and travelling.

In this individualised platform, your learning experience is customised via one-on-one language instruction with Spanish tutors via Skype.  You can move at your own pace and control the schedule as well as the learning process. There are instructors for every level of learning, so whether you are a beginner or someone wanting to level up on your language, Lonet.Academy is your best choice on how to learn Spanish fast.