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Of course it is interesting to learn the language of the 2nd happiest country on earth as declared by the UN World Happiness Report! The Danish language or Dansk is the national language of Denmark. This Nordic country has consistently been topping the list since the 2012 inception of the report. Spoken by 6 million people, the bulk of which are in Denmark, this Germanic language of the North Germanic branch  continues to evolve by adding new words.  In fact, they have specifically created the Danish Language Council or the Dansk Sprognævn to monitor the development of the language. Many people are looking the best ways to learn Danish fast and easily. Therefore the demand for professional Danish tutors, especially for Danish tutors online, is growing every year.

At Lonet.Academy you can have the confidence that you have professional Danish language teachers online. This is very important especially if you want to learn Danish fast and easily. A native Danish tutor can guide you to correctly pronounce Dansk words and give you specialised coaching on how to overcome any difficulties you may have in learning this intricate yet beautiful language.

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I believe that culture provides one of the simplest and most pleasant entries into a new language. Teaching foreign languages to young adults and adults since 2015, I use an arts-and-culture-centered language acquisition approach and provide high-quality real-life materials for effective learning and fun.

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Danish Language | Learn Danish Fast And Easily Online

Danish is one of the official working languages of the Nordic Council of which the country is a member. Aside from Faroese, Danish is also one of the two official languages of the Faroe Islands. Learning Danish as a foreign language may be a different experience than learning other tongues. It uses the Latin alphabet and acquiring proper pronunciation through correct Danish phonology may be a challenge.

When one is a Danish immigrant, they are required to learn the language by the government.  Many also want to know the language to converse locally in Denmark while on work trips or vacations.  English is widely spoken in the country, but if you want to learn Dansk, you must remember that native speakers may have a hard time understanding you if the pronunciation is wrong. Here are some tips so you can learn Danish quickly.

Some Ponits To Keep In Mind While Learning Danish

  • Pronunciation of words and phrases might be different from how its spelled.  For example: "What is your name?" in Dansk is “Hvad hedder du?”. It is only read as "Hv' hed' du?"
  • Be careful of similar-sounding Danish words!
  • Dansk is interesting because numbers are expressed in a vigesimal approach.  To illustrate this, if you want to say "60" it is said as tresintyve (read tre-sinde-tyve) translated as 3 X 20.
  • Learn the Danish vowels, its phonemes and sounds.  A, e, i, o, u, y, æ, ø, å are not what you need to know but also their phonemes! Knowing these will enable you to distinguish the similar-sounding and similarly spelt words in Dansk so you can enunciate them well.
  • Listen! To train your ear to listen to the intricacies of Dansk, you can join many online audio lessons on Danish grammar and vocabulary.  This self-study option is very useful as it exposes you to detailed guides on how to say words properly.
  • Practice your stød ("thrust").  This a prosodic feature of the Danish language which is also known as "the creaky voice" or a glottal stop.  Search up the internet for videos demonstrating this particular distinction.  Note that a native Danish speaker is more preferable so you can learn the correct way to produce the sound.
  • Collect words and phrases– cognates and difficult-to-pronounce word in Danish. Building your word bank is essential when you want to learn Danish as a second language.  Often, words are mispronounced slightly because of your foreign accent – you have to overcome these in order to be understood by a native speaker.
  • Load up on the media. Listening to Danish language podcasts and watching the intricate Dansk tv shows and movies will enhance your understanding of the language.  Preferably, watch those with both Danish and English subtitles.  This will help you with sentence structure and stringing ideas into meaningful phrases and sentences in Dansk.
  • Practice what you have learned. If you have the benefit of local Danish speaking communities in your area, do join it and ask to be addressed on in their lingua franca.  You will be surprised at how accommodating they can be.  Some universities and local schools also offer Danish learning courses however always ascertain that their instructors are professional Danish tutors.  You can also have the option to have Danish lessons online. Always know that you are enrolling in a trusted language learning website.

Enlisting a Danish tutor by Skype through Lonet.Academy is the best option for you to learn the lingua franca since you can have classes that fits your schedule, so you can control your learning pace. You do not need to go anywhere else for one-on-one Danish classes! It can be had at the comfort of your home or any location convenient to you.  All you need is your device enabled for online video calling to connect with Lonet.Academy's best Danish tutors.

Even if Dansk is reputed to be one of the most difficult of the Scandinavian languages to learn because its peaking patterns are faster and softer, your Lonet.Academy Danish language tutor will give you personalised lessons to overcome enunciation difficulties. From beginners to individuals who want to refine and improve on their Danish speaking, you can trust that professional language tutoring with us will help you learn Danish quickly and effectively.