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Teaches: Spanish

Speaks: English , Spanish

Native language: Spanish

Member Since: June 20, 2023

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Advanced studient of Educational Sciences

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I believe in the idea of ​​teaching as a process, in which it is essential to take into account the previous knowledge and interests of the students. To generate significant learning, it is necessary to seek the understanding of the given content. My teaching methodology focuses on the interests of the students. Resources such as videos, songs, stories, among others are essential for learning a language. My classes would be structured first, seeing the interests of the students and then from there we will start with the construction of knowledge.


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If you really want to learn a foreign language, open new horizons for your personal growth and increase your life opportunities, you can do it!
Eugenia Nicole Ariztegui is intended to be your faithful companion on this challenging, but truly rewarding journey.
Fall in love with language learning.
Discover a new language. Hear it, read it, sing it, dance it, feel it, speak it…. just live it!

Levels I teach :
  • A1-A2
  • B1-B2
I teach :
  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
Types of lessons :
  • Conversational for everyday purposes
  • Conversational for traveling
  • Specific vocabulary
  • Grammar focus
  • Vocabulary focus
  • Pronunciation focus
  • Academic writing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening skills

Course books :

Teaching materials :
  • PDF files
  • Audio files
  • Image files
  • Video files
  • Flashcards
  • Text Documents
  • Articles and news
  • Presentation slides (PPT)
  • Quizzes
  • Homework assignments

Certificates :

Online tools I use for lessons :
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts

My lesson plan :

We start with a theme. First we see vocabulary, then grammar and exercises about after this we listen to a song to practice listening and at the end of the lesson we talk to each other about what we learned to gradually train our speech.