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Hagar Khaled

Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , Hebrew

Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , English (US) , Hebrew

I'm Egyptian senior college student , about to get my bachelor's degree in 2 months after 4 years of studying Judaism Hebrew Language, linguistics , Semitics , translation ( in specific ) and foreign languages in general , I had a gift for speaking fluent Arabic language ( MSA ) as a child which is the reason why I chose to study Hebrew language At university ( 2 languages that belong to the same family ) , I'm so passionate about this field and I can see that I have a lot to give here .

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Picture of Samir Iranee

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Samir Iranee

Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , Arabic (Jordan) , Arabic (Lebanon) , Arabic (Qatar) , Arabic (Syria) , German , Hebrew

Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , Arabic (Jordan) , Arabic (Lebanon) , Arabic (Syria) , German , Hebrew

Arabic native (BA Business Administration – MBA in IMC International Management Consulting from University of Hull / HfW Ludwigshafen) experienced lecturer at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences offers in Frankfurt and Germanywide as well as in the MENA Middle East and North Africa / Golfregion & UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai) Arabic language courses (colloquial, media, business and Khaliji arabic / Egyptian and other Arabic) for all levels.

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