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Are you thinking of being a part of the 300 million French-speaking people, otherwise known as Francophones, all over the world?  If so, you are in for a challenge of how to learn French fast.  Learning la langue française may prove to be a different experience than that of other foreign languages.  Though mastering the French language may take some time, it is worth the time and effort.  

Learn French Language - The Language That Opens Doors

There are many great reasons to learn French as a second language. France is home to many cultural institutes and being conversant in spoken French can open up opportunities for work and business.  The 88 member states and governments that are officially French-speaking, all belonging to Francophnie Organisation, make it the fifth most widely spoken lingua franca in the world.  France in itself is a major tourist destination from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre and the many other beautiful places that the country is known for.  Imagine the ease of communication when traveling the country and other Francophone regions – you can immerse in the culture and understand the different heritages of each area.

Aside from visiting French-speaking areas, mastering the French language will open the way to learning other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian and Romanian. After English, French ranks number 2 as the most widely learned foreign language. Thus said, French is considered an international language of literature and scientific standards.  If you master le français, you might be qualified for a career in teaching French as well. And of course, la langue française is the language of love – all the more reason to start learning French.

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French Language Tutors by Skype

Picture of Eirini Marou

price from €23

Eirini Marou

Teaches: Chinese , French , Spanish

Speaks: Chinese , English , French , Greek , Spanish

I am a certified examiner for the DELE diplomas of the Cervantes Institute in the Spanish language. I have been teaching for 15 years in Greek Foreign Language Institutes and institutions, such as the Athens School of Immigrants and the Doctors without Borders. I have also accomplished the Superior Course of Spanish Language and Culture in the University of Salamanca, in Spain and the Intensive Course of Chinese Language and Culture in Beijing Language and Culture University, in China.

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Picture of Pablo Gutierrez

price from €5

Pablo Gutierrez

Teaches: French , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

I am a highly motivated foreign languages teacher specialized on spanish and french teaching. I would like to help you improving your language skills. I offer you my background formation and over 12 years of great experiences working with international students of all levels and ages.

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Picture of Yves Мouden

price from €8

Yves Мouden

Teaches: French

Speaks: English , French , German , Russian , Spanish

40 лет работы в 30 странах, специалист по маркетингу, продажам, менеджменту - 12 лет жизни в России в качестве генерального директора французской компании, свободно владею русским языком. - 3 года преподавания в Реннском университете, Франция, преподавание бизнеса (400 студентов в возрасте от 18 до 22 лет) - Когда я был молод, у меня было много учеников, я преподавал английский и французский. - 2 года опыта, частные уроки для молодых студентов - Я изучил 8 языков, говорю на 5

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Picture of Corina Rotaru

price from €19

Corina Rotaru

Teaches: English , French , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan

Speaks: English , French , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Spanish

I am a French-Romanian bilingual and a language teacher with 5 years of experience. Growing up in a Francophone community in Romania, French is my second native language and culture. I studied the French Political System and History at the University of Burgundy, in Dijon, and in the French Department of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest. I lived in France for half a year and at my return I worked closely with the Francophone business environment in Bucharest.

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Picture of Kais Sahli

price from €6

Kais Sahli

Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Tunisia) , French

Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Tunisia) , English , French , German , Italian , Spanish

My background is aerospace engineering with additional certificates in business and corporate finance. I worked in Finance and more recently in restructuring management, a job that requires creativity, soft skills as well as certain technical knowledge. Regarding my teaching experience, I used to help high school students do their homework and prepare for exam within a non-profit organisation that aims to help students in disadvantaged neighhborhood in Toulouse, South France.

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Picture of Gabriela Fernandez

price from €5

Gabriela Fernandez

Teaches: French , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

Spanish native speaker who have had the opportunity to work as a spanish and french teacher in France and Venezuela, in different teaching contexts: primary, secondary and high school, language institutes, and online tutoring, as well. This teaching experience combined with my enthusiasm, professionalism, commitment and a COMMUNICATIVE/ ACTION-ORIENTED APPROACH will assure a successful learning.

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Picture of Mariana Jimenez

price from €3

Mariana Jimenez

Teaches: English (US) , French , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , Spanish

In English, I have thought senior high school students and have done personal tutoring. In French, I have thoght kids from ages 6 to 13 in school, in small courses at the local library and personal tutoring. I have also tutor a 60 year old adult mostly to help him improve oral skills. In Spanish, I thought French kids from ages 5 to 14 in a program to bring native Spanish speakers to French schools and help them throughout the year.

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How Different is it to Learn French Compared to Other Languages?

Learning French may require a bit more serious time and effort.  With this lingua franca, the point is not just how to learn French fast but how to learn it effectively. It involves serious memorization of words that will comprise your base vocabulary, knowledge of the French grammar and pronunciation, understanding the nuances of the language and hours of practice in mastering the French language.

Learn French in Sentences

Contrary to learning other languages, studying French is more productive when you learn it as sentences.  Yes, it might entail more memory work but this will help in word association and most especially in grammar.  You can build your French word bank faster and comprehend faster.

Learning in whole sentences also forces the student to say it out loud, thereby practicing enunciation. An example would be instead of learning the French word for window (fenêtre), memorize an entire sentence –

"Regarde par la fenêtre." which means "Look out of the window".

Perfect the Pronunciation

It is a must for a French language learner to be acquainted with how the language is pronounced.  There are many guides to be found online wherein the sounds are distinguished through audio independently as letter and how they are said when factored into words.  An example is the French "j" which is pronounced softer and lighter.  The best way to know the sounds is by enlisting the aid of French audio or video resources for children for basic knowledge.  There is no substitute to listening and knowing from native speakers how the words are pronounced.

Audio-Visual Resources is a MUST!

One of the main language hacks for French is to accompany learning with constant listening.  You can find great resources for listening and viewing online. For instance, chansons, an initiative of the University of Texas has a great selection of French songs along with exercise sheets in PDF formats. 

There are a good number of audiobooks and videos available online as well so that you get used to French pronunciation, improve your grammar and understanding of the language as a whole.  For a more fun approach, you can graduate to listening to French music and watching subtitled French movies!

Learn French Fast And Practice with Native French Tutors

While many languages encourage interacting with native speakers, you will be better off learning French with a native French tutor to check word use, grammar and pronunciation.  Teaching French is no easy matter.  While socializing with a French-speaking companion will boost confidence, errors that go unchecked may take root and derail the proper learning of the language.

We take your desire to learn French seriously at Lonet.Academy.  Through the option of French lessons one-on-one, you can avail of our certified language tutors by Skype; learning at your pace and schedule.  It cannot be mentioned enough - the best way to learn French is through constant practice.  With Lonet.Academy, you can improve your French by filling your free time with learning and practice sessions with native French speakers who are adept in teaching French. Do away the guessing game in choosing the perfect method of learning French, enlist the services of out Native French tutors and know the secret of how to learn French fast.

French Tutors Online: Learn French From Any Place

Here, on Lonet.Academy You can find an appropriate French Tutors Online for any level of your present knowledge.

If you are just a beginner, it’s fine. Don’t be afraid and take your first trial lesson. You will see – it’s so easy to start learning a language. It’s so exciting and inspiring to feel that you can speak a bit of French already from the first week! 

Individual lessons of French language by Skype are so effective and fun! In case you already know a bit of French and you can speak, but you would like to improve your grammar skills in French. Please don’t hesitate to join Lonet.Academy and book a grammar lesson with any of the professional tutors listed on our platform.

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As a result, you will pass your French exam successfully!

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Learn French by Skype | Personalized One-On-One French Classes Online

Individual approach and attention is one of the most important factors when it comes to teaching a foreign language. This is why we have put in place a system that vouches for the students who are eager to learn a language fast and easy.

Lonet.Academy allows You to take language lessons in an environment where You feel comfortable and productive: You can take your French lessons online from any comfortable place for you:

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Lonet.Academy provides a platform for students to find a teacher of their choice.

It is so easy for You to find the best French Tutors Online, who you are comfortable with and who fits your expectations and learning targets:

  • go through the list of tutors and read the short descriptions;
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  • pay attention on what every teacher is specialized in and what unique teaching practice and methods every tutor has;
  • select the tutor that seems the most compatible for you;
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Go ahead right now!

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There are several payment methods available on Lonet.Academy. Choose any of the below safe payment methods:

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