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Learn German by Skype with the experienced German Tutors Online from any place in the world.

You will be guided by a private language tutor through each and every stage of your learning challenge. As a result You will see that you can learn beautiful German language faster and easier than ever before.

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German Language Tutors by Skype

Picture of Petra Noelke

price from €13 to €78
€13 for trial lesson

Petra Noelke

Teaches: English (US) , German

Speaks: Bulgarian, English (US) , French , German , Yiddish

Petra Noelke Young, M.A. Credentialed Instructor for over 25 years in the U.S. as well as Europe. Creative Teaching Methods/ Classroom Management/ Hands-On-Learning/ Total Immersion Techniques/ Assessment/ Curriculum Development and Implementation/ Pedagogical Advisor Dedicated, resourceful education professional

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Picture of Peter Binder

price from €10 to €26
€10 for trial lesson

Peter Binder

Teaches: German

Speaks: English , French , German , Spanish

I've been working as an online German and English teacher since 2017, where I teach students from dozens of different nationalities and all levels and age groups. Further, I've taught at a public middle school in Germany, several private language academies in Germany and Mexico and have several years of experience as a private tutor. I also have a background in software engineering (which is my second big passion, besides languages) and am currently active as a freelance developer.

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Picture of Samuel Klemke

price from €3 to €38
€3 for trial lesson

Samuel Klemke

Teaches: German

Speaks: English , German

I studied classical music and got several degrees in music and pedagogy. Since then I work as artist and teacher for music and language. My classes are designed individually towards the needs of my students, following systematically a path that will lead to their goals.

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Picture of Dhananjay Talwar

price from €3 to €63
€3 for trial lesson

Dhananjay Talwar

Teaches: English , French , German , Hindi, Italian , Latin, Portuguese (Brazil) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Spanish

Speaks: Catalan; Valencian, Chinese (Simplified) , English , Esperanto, French , German , Greek , Hindi, Hungarian, Italian , Latin, Panjabi; Punjabi, Portuguese (Brazil) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Russian , Slovak , Spanish

I have over 4 years’ experience as a tutor. I have taught English as a Foreign Language, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Latin to various levels as well as English (Language/Literature) and Maths to 13+ level and below. My teaching experience has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a range of different people from all ages and backgrounds, as I have taught students from 5 years old to over 60 years old and of all different levels!

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Picture of Katrin Haderer

price from €3 to €20
€3 for trial lesson

Katrin Haderer

Teaches: German

Speaks: English , German , Spanish

I have been teaching German in a language school (Lingua Planet) for 2 years. I gave classes for beginners and advanced level students (B1, B2, C1). I had groups between 1 and 4 people. Currently, I do not work there anymore but I give private German classes for beginners and students with advanced knowledge.

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Picture of Massimiliano Marzo

price from €13 to €23
€13 for trial lesson

Massimiliano Marzo

Teaches: German

Speaks: English , German

I worked for the Goethe Institut, which is Germany's most important teaching institute as it releases official certificates from A1 to C2 level. I like teaching to adults and I don't like teaching to children, because I think that my teaching methods are not adapted for it.

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Picture of Samir Iranee

price from €3 to €33
€3 for trial lesson

Samir Iranee

Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , Arabic (Jordan) , Arabic (Lebanon) , Arabic (Qatar) , Arabic (Syria) , German , Hebrew

Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , Arabic (Jordan) , Arabic (Lebanon) , Arabic (Syria) , German , Hebrew

Arabic native (BA Business Administration – MBA in IMC International Management Consulting from University of Hull / HfW Ludwigshafen) experienced lecturer at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences offers in Frankfurt and Germanywide as well as in the MENA Middle East and North Africa / Golfregion & UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai) Arabic language courses (colloquial, media, business and Khaliji arabic / Egyptian and other Arabic) for all levels.

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Picture of Veronica Dippolito

price from €3 to €13
€3 for trial lesson

Veronica Dippolito

Teaches: German

Speaks: German , Italian , Portuguese

I am certificated berlitz german teacher since 2015 ,before i always enjoyed teaching languages as side job so i gave private lessons of german or italian to individuals or small groups of adults or high school students.

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Individual German Tutors Online

According to science, a person can learn from 5 to 7 languages in average. Although learning a new language is not an easy task, it takes not only efforts but also requires personal motivation and time dedication. If you are considering which next language to learn, we suggest to go for German, because:

  • German language is one of the most renowned languages in Europe;
  • is spoken and understood in many countries around the world;
  • it is commonly used in science and academic world;
  • great number of classical literature, poetry and philosophic works have been written by German great writers.
  • Start your learning journey with Lonet Academy. We understand the fact that motivation differs, that it’s not always possible to find enough time and that the learning pace of every person is totally individual.

    That’s why LONET – Language Online Network offers a very modern and efficient way to learn German easily from any place in the world in any time that is convenient for you. German language tutors on Lonet.Academy are professional language teachers and they cater to the needs of each student individually.

    German language tutors on Lonet Academy are experienced native German teachers, providing individual German classes online on daily basis. Choose the most appropriate German tutor for you, take a trial lesson and practice your German speaking skills online, speaking with your teacher by Skype from any place in the world.

    Why to learn German language by Skype with the help of Lonet.Academy German Tutors online?

  • It is very comfortable! You can learn German language from your office, your home and while travelling.
  • You have a choice of different - native and non-native German professional language teachers.
  • It is really easy to book on Lonet Academy! Pay online by card or by PayPal.
  • Effective way to really learn a language! Through authentic intensive conversation with your private German tutor online.
  • The best way to practice German language! Intensive conversational one-on-one German classes by Skype.
  • Convenient to adjust due to flexible schedule and remote online classroom.
  • Individual approach. One-on-one German On-line Classes and courses by Skype.
  • All classes with real on-line professional tutors who you find on Lonet.Academy are designed specifically for your individual needs.

    Start Your German Language Online Classes and Lessons Today

    During the trial lessons the teacher will test your level of German language, including your reading, listening and speaking skills. Taking into consideration your motivation and goals, the tutor designs (works out) a plan, methodology and strategy of your learning process, that will help You to learn German easily at your individual pace keeping to the necessary deadlines if such are set.

    If you are just a very beginner eager to learn German language, but you are not sure where to start from, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Lonet.Academy!

    Join Lonet Academy today and take trial lessons with several German language tutors available on our platform.

    Remember that you have a choice! And it is very important to find the tutor that fit you the best! Nevertheless please note that all German language tutors on Lonet Academy are experienced language teachers and all of them will take an individual approach.

    In case you are just a beginner, of course you would start with the absolute basics. Let’ s say:

  • First, you will learn the German alphabet;
  • Next, you will learn the different sounds;
  • Then you will start to speak using short sentences and phrases;
  • You will then be able to read German and go into grammar.
  • Seems very standard, right? But, you will see that learning those basics with the native professional language teacher from scratch will:

    a) take less time than if you do it yourself,

    b) be much more authentic and therefore exciting;

    c) be more intensive, thus very effective.

    So, if you start your learning process under the professional guidance of German native tutor You will get the results much faster and easier!

    Register on Lonet Academy and book your lessons with German Tutors Online right now!

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