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Mācās: Somu

Runā: Angļu , , Krievu

Dalībnieks no: January 18, 2019

History & Archives, PetrSU

Russian Tutor, Tour Guide, Translator, Interpreter

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Kamēr citi tikai domā un sapņo, Tu jau dari! Iemīlejies valodu apguves procesā un padari to par tavu ikdienas rutīnu.

Diana Maisla attēls

Diana Maisla

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Hello, world! Yelena speaking.

Early on, at an age of four or so, I had an epiphany: people speak different languages and don't understand each other that well! That led to my life-long infatuation with linguistics and language learning.

Education History

As a graduated Historian and tour guide, I studied at Petrozavodsk State University, Solovetsky Museum-Reserve and the Kizhi State open-air museum.

Since 2016, I teach Russian as a foreign language and give tours for English-speaking tourists who come to Northern European Russia from all over the planet. Also, my biggest aspiration now is to learn Karelian language to such an extent that I become capable of teaching it, even at a basic level. It would be great to help ensure a brighter future for the language of my ancestors, creators of immortal "Kalevala".

Russian is my first language, and as my English fluency is quite sufficient, I'd love to share my knowledge. Even if I have some experience of teaching Russian to Chinese and Indian students, it would be most beneficial if you speak English at least a little. Thank you for reading this, and let us learn more together!