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All my lessons are based on the student needs and aims. The first lesson is really important since, first of all, I would test the student's language level so that we can work on their weaknesses as well as their strengths. My lessons are really funny, but at the same time useful because we do not have to forget that it is a language lesson. I normally use topical subjects in newspapers, magazines, internet and any other source which may be of the student interest. However, in lessons I also use grammar books. I would like to highlight that in my lessons I use translation since I belive it to be really important when it comes to learn/improve a language. In other words, during my studies in translation and interpreting, I learned that pronouncing utterances in the target language (the one which the student is learning) and immediately after translating them into the source language (the one which is the student native language or, alternatively, English) it is really effective. This is really an innovative method concerning language learning, so I would definitely use it during my lessons. 

I used to be a language student, so I know what could be challenging when it comes to learn/improve a language. This made me understand how to deal with those challenges. 

I got experience in teaching to a wide range of people.

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