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    English Language Tutors by Skype

    Picture of Kosta Kirov

    price from €3 to €13
    €3 for trial lesson

    Kosta Kirov

    Teaches: English , German

    Speaks: English , German , Macedonian

    I studied Translation and Interpretation at the University of Cyril and Methodious in Skopje with German and English Language. In my third year of studies I did one semester in Innsbruck, Austria which was a wonderful experience. Last year, during the summer period, I worked with kids aged from 3 to 11 years in Boltenhagen, Germany doing different kind of activities connected to non-formal education. On top of that now I work in a Language School in Skopje, North Macedonia teaching German.

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    Picture of Tetiana Polishchuk

    price from €3 to €10
    €3 for trial lesson

    Tetiana Polishchuk

    Teaches: English , Russian

    Speaks: English , Russian

    In general more than 5 years of experience. Private tutor to children between 6 and 10 years old, also for teenagers 12-15 years old. As a Russian teacher worked for 2 years, teaching basic Russian to foreigners.

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    Picture of Dario De Santis

    price from €3 to €33
    €3 for trial lesson

    Dario De Santis

    Teaches: English , Italian

    Speaks: English , Greek , Italian , Turkish

    I have been teaching Italian and English for many years both online and in universities, schools and organizations in several countries. My students range from any level and age group, however I am specialized in tutoring college students and adults, particularly professionals. With regard to my teaching qualifications, I hold a CELTA certificate for teaching English and a CEDILS certificate (University of Venice) for teaching Italian to foreigners.

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    Picture of Christina Baltach

    price from €10 to €30
    €10 for trial lesson

    Christina Baltach

    Teaches: English

    Speaks: English , Latvian , Russian

    Cambridge Certified English language teacher (ITTC in Bournemouth, UK). My initial education is Bachelor in English Philology and I am passionate about languages, linguistics, reading, and everything that is connected with language learning and teaching process. I have been teaching English by Skype for more than 3 years now. All my students (English learners) are wonderful people with diverse interests from Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Belarus and Denmark.

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    Picture of Agnese Barakauska

    price from €3 to €23
    €3 for trial lesson

    Agnese Barakauska

    Teaches: English , Latvian , Russian

    Speaks: English (US) , Latvian , Lithuanian , Russian

    I have 4 year experience working with kids and adults. Mostly I teach English to Latvian and Russian speakers, Russian to Latvian and English speakers, Latvian to English and Russian speakers. I have TEFL certificate (120 hours).

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    Picture of Mohammad Youssef

    price from €14 to €18
    €16 for trial lesson

    Mohammad Youssef

    Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , English

    Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , English , English (US) , Spanish

    I have 3 years experience working as an English teacher . I have 4 years experience working as a call center agent in Telesales/Telemarketing . I used to sell online advertising products to the American small to mid size business owners . I have also worked as a receptionist in the front office of Sofitel Hurghada hotel for 6 months. I have also worked in network marketing for 8 months. I have also worked as a bodybuilding training captain for two years.

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    Picture of Petra Noelke

    price from €13 to €78
    €13 for trial lesson

    Petra Noelke

    Teaches: English (US) , German

    Speaks: Bulgarian, English (US) , French , German , Yiddish

    Petra Noelke Young, M.A. Credentialed Instructor for over 25 years in the U.S. as well as Europe. Creative Teaching Methods/ Classroom Management/ Hands-On-Learning/ Total Immersion Techniques/ Assessment/ Curriculum Development and Implementation/ Pedagogical Advisor Dedicated, resourceful education professional

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    Picture of Beatriz Carrillo

    price from €10 to €33
    €10 for trial lesson

    Beatriz Carrillo

    Teaches: English , Spanish

    Speaks: English , Spanish

    I have more than 15 years of experience giving private lessons. I have taught Spanish as a first language to Spanish students who were living in England so they could improve their mother tongue and I have taught Spanish as a second language to students from different international countries such as Scotland, England or South Africa. Tengo más de 15 años de experiencia dando clases privadas. He enseñado español e inglés como segunda lengua.

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    Picture of Emanuele Mazzola

    price from €3 to €16
    €3 for trial lesson

    Emanuele Mazzola

    Teaches: English , Italian

    Speaks: Czech , English , Italian

    I have been teaching for decades in Italy, both to groups and to individuals. My passion for languages dates back to when I was 10! Now I teach remotely English in Italian and Italian in English. My specialization is music, as I also have 2 degrees in classical music, but my real strength is the perfect knowloedge of the Italian grammar and the ability to deliver part of it step by step, helping you achieving your goals.

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    Picture of Jo Corrigan

    price from €11 to €25
    €6 for trial lesson

    Jo Corrigan

    Teaches: English

    Speaks: English

    -Hello, My name is Jo I am a native English speaker from London. I have a 150 hour TEFL certificate, and 20 years experience teaching all ages, (children, teens and adults) levels and backgrounds ESL. My qualifications, level of proficiency, experience, and proven results of my teaching, as well as time/effort invested in tailoring the classes to specific needs ensure progress. My personality contributes immensely as well - I am friendly, understanding, considerate dynamic and fun!

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    Picture of Dhananjay Talwar

    price from €3 to €63
    €3 for trial lesson

    Dhananjay Talwar

    Teaches: English , French , German , Hindi, Italian , Latin, Portuguese (Brazil) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Spanish

    Speaks: Catalan; Valencian, Chinese (Simplified) , English , Esperanto, French , German , Greek , Hindi, Hungarian, Italian , Latin, Panjabi; Punjabi, Portuguese (Brazil) , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Russian , Slovak , Spanish

    I have over 4 years’ experience as a tutor. I have taught English as a Foreign Language, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Latin to various levels as well as English (Language/Literature) and Maths to 13+ level and below. My teaching experience has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a range of different people from all ages and backgrounds, as I have taught students from 5 years old to over 60 years old and of all different levels!

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    Picture of Corina Rotaru

    price from €8 to €24
    €3 for trial lesson

    Corina Rotaru

    Teaches: English , French , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan

    Speaks: English , French , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Spanish

    I am a French-Romanian bilingual and a language teacher with 5 years of experience. Growing up in a Francophone community in Romania, French is my second native language and culture. I studied the French Political System and History at the University of Burgundy, in Dijon, and in the French Department of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest. I lived in France for half a year and at my return I worked closely with the Francophone business environment in Bucharest.

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    Picture of Zane Lusina

    price from €8 to €20
    €8 for trial lesson

    Zane Lusina

    Teaches: English (US) , Latvian

    Speaks: English , Latvian

    I love working with intermediate students for English and beginner/intermediate for Latvian. I have a bit of experience in working with children, but I prefer adults and young adults. I find it more interesting since there is a biger variety of topics to be explored.

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    Picture of Stacy-Lee Fowler

    price from €9 to €27
    €3 for trial lesson

    Stacy-Lee Fowler

    Teaches: English (US)

    Speaks: English

    I have both a masters and a bachelor degree in TESOL and this has prepared me for teaching English as a second language to non-native speakers. Over the last 10 years I have been teaching children and adults from all over the world for general improvement in English skills as well as preparation for standardized tests.

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    Picture of Elnaz Hasanpoor

    price from €3 to €20
    €3 for trial lesson

    Elnaz Hasanpoor

    Teaches: English (US) , Persian

    Speaks: English (US) , Persian

    I've been teaching English and Persian for almost 10 years. In my opinion, every language represents a different culture and history and it has always been very exciting to me. Learning another language adds a new dimension to people's view towards the world which helps them become better thinkers. That's why I've always wanted to be a language teacher so that I can help my students to see the world from different angles and also to be able to communicate with other cultures more effectively.

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    Picture of Adrian Schafer

    price from €8 to €23
    €8 for trial lesson

    Adrian Schafer

    Teaches: English , English (US) , Spanish

    Speaks: English (US) , Spanish

    I am a fully certified English teacher. I have 7 years of teaching English experience. I teach university in middle and high-level students. I teach professionals as well in middle range level. My Strongest point is: To help you speak fluently in different English countries. I have taught lawyers, students and film Producers.

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    Picture of Mahmoud Shdeed

    price from €3 to €6
    €3 for trial lesson

    Mahmoud Shdeed

    Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , English

    Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Egypt) , English , English (US)

    I'm originally studying computer Engineering but I like teaching as a hobby, so you can expect my enthusiasm about it. I've been selected by 4YOU2 organization to teach English to their student in Brazil. I am okay teaching any age group or any level.

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    Picture of Mariana Jimenez

    price from €3 to €23
    €3 for trial lesson

    Mariana Jimenez

    Teaches: English (US) , French , Spanish

    Speaks: English , French , Spanish

    In English, I have thought senior high school students and have done personal tutoring. In French, I have thoght kids from ages 6 to 13 in school, in small courses at the local library and personal tutoring. I have also tutor a 60 year old adult mostly to help him improve oral skills. In Spanish, I thought French kids from ages 5 to 14 in a program to bring native Spanish speakers to French schools and help them throughout the year.

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    Picture of Francesca Rossin

    price from €10 to €38
    €10 for trial lesson

    Francesca Rossin

    Teaches: English , Italian

    Speaks: English , German , Italian , Spanish

    Have you ever struggled to grasp a concept in your language learning path? What if your teacher could totally understand your struggle? Whether it's understanding the meaning of a word or an idiom and how it is used in the every day language or a grammar point that is not quite clear, or that difficult sentence to pronounce, if your teacher is a language learner or speaks your language everything is so much easier!

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    Picture of Giulia Messedaglia

    price from €8 to €43
    €8 for trial lesson

    Giulia Messedaglia

    Teaches: English , English (US) , Italian

    Speaks: English , English (US) , Italian

    I'm a freelance translator and TEFL/TESOL certified English teacher. I studied Archeology at university. All ages. From Beginners to Advanced.

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    Picture of Richard Lowe

    price from €8 to €13
    €8 for trial lesson

    Richard Lowe

    Teaches: English

    Speaks: English

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree. I have TEFEL certificate having taken a 140 hour Premier TEFEL course I have a TEFEL certificate having taken a 40 hour English Online course

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    Picture of Monica Yeghshatyan

    price €3
    €3 for trial lesson

    Monica Yeghshatyan

    Teaches: Armenian, English

    Speaks: Armenian, English , English (US)

    I have graduated from State Pedagogical University, faculty of English, specialized as an English teacher 2014 Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBt Test (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) 2013 Trainings for teachers organized by Cambridge Professor (teacher trainer) 2013 Trainings for teachers organized by American University 2011/2016 TOEFL course provided by Capacity and Development for Civil Society NGO The MOOC Course – “Get Organized: How to Become a Together Teacher” by The Rela

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    Picture of Artur Leșcu

    price from €3 to €16
    €3 for trial lesson

    Artur Leșcu

    Teaches: English , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Russian

    Speaks: English , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Russian

    Since 2010 I am an university lecturer, teaching different humanitarian sciences. Since 2017 I am a Russian and English trainer for online cources. In 2018 I am going to finish my doctoral research and to become a PhD in history.

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    Picture of Richard Gaurie

    price from €13 to €21
    €13 for trial lesson

    Richard Gaurie

    Teaches: English (US) , Spanish

    Speaks: English (US) , Spanish

    My background started in the technical field and manufacturing and shifted into the Foreign Exchange Markets. As I started a family here in Argentina and being a US citizen, helping my son with his english assignments lead me into the world of english tutoring. Ages range from 9 to 52. My strong points are prepping mainly for US culture and travel.

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