Italian language is one of the most beautiful and melodic languages in the world! Isn’t it? And the good news is that Italian language is so easy to learn!

Learn Italian language with native experienced Italian tutors on-line on LONET and you will see the result from the first class. The most effective way to to learn Italian and to start speaking in Italian language is to take one-on-one lessons by Skype with the professional online Italian Tutors and Teachers on LONET.

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Italian Language Private Online Tutors

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Picture of tiziano rosano

price from €3 to €23
€3 for trial lesson

tiziano rosano

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , Italian , Spanish

I taught 2 years in an Institute but my real experience is gotten at one-on-one lessons with my students. I can teach to any age and level and I have experience with English, Russian, Spanish and other foreign students. I've never stopped studying my own language yet and I like to attend new courses to improve my methods. Moreover I've recently written an A1 e-learning italian course. My next achievement is teaching in an instutute abroad.

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Picture of Silvia Longhin

price from €3 to €20
€3 for trial lesson

Silvia Longhin

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , Italian , Spanish

Ciao! I am an Italian online Tutor from Venice! I love travelling around the world and I have been teaching my mother tongue to children and adults while I was abroad. My method is easy and based on a communicative approach: with me you get to practice, get results that gratify and reinforce your confidence! You will be able to start speaking from the very first session!

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Picture of Valeria Gargiulo

price from €3 to €21
€3 for trial lesson

Valeria Gargiulo

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , German , Italian

Graduated in Interpretation and Translation in Italian, English and German 1 year teaching experience. Fluent speaker in English and German Translator from English and German into Italian.

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Picture of Milica Malinovic

price from €8 to €23
€8 for trial lesson

Milica Malinovic

Teaches: Italian , Serbian (Latin)

Speaks: Bosnian, Croatian , English , English (US) , French , Italian , Macedonian , Serbian (Cyrillic) , Serbian (Latin) , Spanish

Graduated at the Faculty of Philology (Department: Italian Studies). In possession of international and local certificates of foreign languages. Experiences in teaching by giving private lessons, organizing workshops, conversational and instructive classes, as well as by working temporary at a local Grammar School and, especially, by working as an Au Pair. Good communication skills gained through studying (i.e. ERASMUS) and working abroad. Able to teach all ages and levels.

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Picture of Dario De Santis

price from €3 to €33
€3 for trial lesson

Dario De Santis

Teaches: English , Italian

Speaks: English , Greek , Italian , Turkish

I have been teaching Italian and English for many years both online and in universities, schools and organizations in several countries. My students range from any level and age group, however I am specialized in tutoring college students and adults, particularly professionals. With regard to my teaching qualifications, I hold a CELTA certificate for teaching English and a CEDILS certificate (University of Venice) for teaching Italian to foreigners.

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Picture of Vania Pontedecimo

price from €8 to €18
€8 for trial lesson

Vania Pontedecimo

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , German , Italian

Italian teacher to private people Foreign languages and literatures University, Florence 7+ From beginners to advanced

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Picture of Jennifer Grasso

price from €8 to €33
€8 for trial lesson

Jennifer Grasso

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English (US) , Italian , Spanish

--->Italian teacher in pubblic middle school + italian teacher for foreign students (Europe, Asia, America) ---> From beginners to expert --->GRADUATED in Comparative literature (italian, english ansd spanish languages and literatures) with 110/110 WITH HONORS --->INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES: I used to live in Spain and U.S.

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Picture of Alessandro Ressa

price from €5 to €25
€5 for trial lesson

Alessandro Ressa

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , French , Indonesian , Italian

Ciao! I'm an online tutor from South of Italy. While abroad I have taught Italian to young adults and adults of all ages. I worked also as translator and editor. My teaching is based on verbal communication; from the 1st lesson you'll be able to learn sentences, start speaking Italian and gain confidence. As a reference, in 12h one of my best students learned greetings, common questions, basic sentences with to be/to have, agreeing on day/time of next lesson, numbers from 1 to 100, and more

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Picture of Francesca Rossin

price from €10 to €38
€10 for trial lesson

Francesca Rossin

Teaches: English , Italian

Speaks: English , German , Italian , Spanish

Have you ever struggled to grasp a concept in your language learning path? What if your teacher could totally understand your struggle? Whether it's understanding the meaning of a word or an idiom and how it is used in the every day language or a grammar point that is not quite clear, or that difficult sentence to pronounce, if your teacher is a language learner or speaks your language everything is so much easier!

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Picture of Giulia Messedaglia

price from €8 to €43
€8 for trial lesson

Giulia Messedaglia

Teaches: English , English (US) , Italian

Speaks: English , English (US) , Italian

I'm a freelance translator and TEFL/TESOL certified English teacher. I studied Archeology at university. All ages. From Beginners to Advanced.

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Picture of Andrea De Rossi

price from €10 to €18
€8 for trial lesson

Andrea De Rossi

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English (US) , Italian

I have been teaching Italian for the last 10 years, both to children and adults. I'm also a writer for various Italian magazines.

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Picture of Harry Sansonetti

price from €8 to €18
€3 for trial lesson

Harry Sansonetti

Teaches: Italian

Speaks: English , Italian , Latvian

I am native Italian speaker. I started to teach Italian language to my friends, when I moved abroad, because they were interested about Italian language and culture. Then I started to teach professionally. I have matured a good experience in grammar teaching and spoken everyday language, for group and private lessons. Most of my students are adults. Levels: A1 to C2. Lessons about cultural aspects of Italian life and society (advanced students) also are offered.

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Online Classes of Italian Language With The Best Tutors by Skype

Easy to book, flexible to plan the schedule and comfortable to pay for the lessons online – this is what we offer to You today. Don’t leave for tomorrow and take your trial lesson with the best Italian language Tutor for You and continue to learn Italian online on

Learn Italian with the experienced Italian language Tutors and Teachers by Skype. Start your learning journey right now:

  • Choose Italian language to learn;
  • Find the list of the Italian tutors and teachers in the list;
  • Read the descriptions of the tutors on;
  • Check the reviews and rating from other students and learners;
  • Choose the best tutor for you and book your trial lesson;
  • Continue learning and enjoy your Italian classes and lessons with the Italian tutors in your confortable place, day and time!
  • Don’t leave for tomorrow the thing which you can do today! Improve your Italian language skills with the native Italian tutors on-line and practice Italian conversation with the best Italian native teachers from Italy.

    Italian Language Classes and Lessons

    Our talanted teachers and tutors on LONET are highly motivated and strive for providing effective tailor-made lessons and classes of Italian language to people all around the world. If you want to learn Italian or in case you need to improve your Italian language skills, to get practice and to communicate in Italian with the native speakers, LONET Tutors and Teachers are exactly for you:

  • during the trial lesson You will already start to speak and the Tutor will check your motivation and your skills in Italian language. You will have to decide if this particular Italian language Tutor meets your needs and expectations, and if they would be the best Italian online Tutor for you; If not, you can choose another Italian language Teacher to try and take online classes;
  • already after couple of classes with the Italian Tutor you have chosen, you will feel confident speaking Italian, because during the individual Italian language classes you have a lot of speaking practice and the tutor focuses their attention only on your practice, skills, demands and motivation. During the one-on-one Italian lessons by Skype you will see the progress and effectivity very fast;
  • Very soon you will notice that you are becoming much more interested and motivated in speaking Italian because our language Tutors give you the best one-on-one speaking practice in a real authentic context taking into consideration your individual needs and demands. Also, taking one-on-one language lessons with the native Italian tutors and You will not only improve your language skills, but also discover some amazing facts and details about Italy, Italian culture, geography, literature, music, cuisine, art and history. You can learn many interesting details about Italian habits, believes and superstitions. One-on-one Italian language lessons are the best way to keep you motivated during the whole learning process and to learn the language with excitement and engagement.

    From five to ten language classes with the professional online tutor are required:

  • to improve your pronunciation in Italian;
  • to improve your writing skills in Italian;
  • to get fluency in reading in Italian;
  • to boost your Italian speaking skills;
  • to train your listening skills;
  • to increase your Italian vocabulary;
  • to work on Italian grammar.
  • After the full Italian course with the best experienced Italian language professional Tutors on LONET you will start to communicate in Italian confidently, will be able to understand native speakers and will feel comfortable speaking Italian.

    Choose The Best Online Italian Tutor According To Your Specific Needs

    Find the most appropriate and the best Italian Tutor for you:

  • Italian language Teachers with professional teaching degrees and with the experience in teaching Italian language online all over the world are available on;
  • Italian native speakers are here for you to break the language barrier and help you to communicate in Italian freely;
  • Our choice of Italian language Tutors from all over the world gives you the unique possibility to find the best foreign language teacher for you according to your time zone, personal motivation, preferences, price expectation and individual needs.

    Need Italian Language For Business or Travelling?

    The best professional Italian language Tutors on LONET will help you with the speciffic individual needs, such as:

  • Business correspondence and terminology in Italian;
  • course of Business Italian;
  • business negotiations in Italian language;
  • writing business proposals for Italian partners and customers;
  • Your professional profile or company’s presentation in Italian language;
  • CV, motivations letters and job applications in Italian, etc.
  • Italian functional language for business trips and travelling in Italy.
  • Italian online lessons and classes on are totally tailored up to your individual, specific needs, motivations and goals.

    Take advantage of Italian lessons online with the best professional Tutors by Skype today!

    Join LONET and learn Italian fast and easy from any place in the world!