How It Works

How To Find The Best Language Tutor For You


1. Create an account on Lonet.Academy


  • Then press the button "create my new account".  After it please go to your email and follow the link to confirm it;

Important:  please choose your time-zone (from the list) according to your actual location

You will see the time-table/schedule of the tutors on Lonet.Academy according to the time zone, which you set in your profile.

Please note that you can always make the necessary changes in your profile settings in the "edit profile" section.

  • Fill in as much information as you wish on your profile page about Yourself.  Please indicate the languages you want to learn and the languages you speak. Your hobbies and interests. Your profession and occupation.

This information will be shown in your profile account. It helps your language tutor on Lonet.Academy to know a little bit about you when they receive the first lesson request from You.  

All language tutors on Lonet.Academy apply the individual approach and create the tailor-made language lessons (syllabus)  according to Your interests, background and motivation.


2. Choose The Best Language Tutor For You


Log into the website by pressing the button LOG IN.   To log in please use your username (the email address you registered with on Lonet.Academy) and password (that you set while creating your profile);

Find the language you want to learn, select it and view the list of language tutors.


You can see the full profile information about every tutor on Lonet.Academy  by pressing the button "View Profile".   

You can also watch the tutor's introduction video, if available.

Pay Your attention to:

  • the Tutor’s speciality (the tutors indicate in their profiles their strengths),
  • what other languages the tutor speaks (in case you would like to learn a language with a tutor who speaks our native language),
  • read about the tutor's experience and their interests,
  • check the rating (5-stars scale) and reviews, left by other learners.

Please note: all the reviews on Lonet.Academy are 100% real and authentic. You cannot leave a review or rate a tutor on Lonet.Academy if you haven't had a lesson with them. This is done on purpose - to avoid fake reviews and rating.


3. Request your trial lesson on Lonet.Academy

Every tutor on Lonet.Academy is independent in setting their own types of the lessons and prices. The prices differ in accordance with the type of the lesson and duration of the lesson. Every tutor sets their own prices for their lessons.

To see the prices of a tutor and book your trial lesson, please:

  • click on button "book a lesson" on the tutor's profile;

  • STEP 1: select the language (in case the tutor teaches more than one languages);

  • STEP 2: select the type of lesson (a trial lesson is always available as the first option). Right next to the type of the lesson (name of the lesson) there is the price indicated and the duration of the lesson in minutes;

  • STEP 3: please select the day and time available in the tutor's timetable/schedule. The green fields show the available hours. By clicking on one of the fields you can mark the day and time you would like to have the lesson.

Please remember that you do not have to think about the time difference between your location and the location of your tutor. The system automatically adjusts the schedule according to the time zone that you indicated in your profile

Thus, the time you see in the tutor's schedule is your local time.


4. Proceed with the payment 

After you have chosen the day and time which is convenient for you and clicked on that field in the calendar, the button "confirm and go to payment" appears above the schedule and also below the schedule. You can click on either of them.

  • STEP 4:  click the button "CONFIRM AND GO TO PAYMENT";

To proceed with the lesson request, please read  the terms and conditions of Lonet.Academy platform.

  • STEP 5:  click the box "I have read and agree with the terms and conditions" and proceed with the payment by card or by PayPal.

In case You have a promotional code, please insert it into the PROMO CODE box.


Please note that the amount you are paying to book your language lessons on Lonet.Academy will be shown in your virtual wallet. You can see the balance in your virtual wallet on your profile page.

The funds will not be transferred to the tutor until the lesson has been completed.

If the lesson has not been completed ( subject to the terms and conditions of Lonet.Academy ) You can use the balance on your Lonet.Academy wallet to book any other lessons on Lonet.Academy.


Note: You can book trial lessons with several tutors. Try several language tutors on Lonet.Academy and choose the one who suits you the best for further studies. Choose the best language tutor on Lonet.Academy for you!


5. Take Your trial lesson with the language tutor by Skype 


After the payment has been made (in 24 hours processing), You will receive the requested lesson's  confirmation from the tutor on your email. The tutor should confirm the requested lesson in 24 hours.

Now you can contact the tutor directly, using the onsite messaging tool.


  • ask any questions and clarify the details with your tutor;
  • share your Skype name with the tutor;
  • please reply to the tutor's questions they might have about your language skills and level before the lesson.

Please note:  You must not provide any additional personal information to your tutor if you don't wish to. You are not obliged to provide any of the information such as: your phone number, address, your surname, photo or working place, etc.  

Lonet.Academy do not hold any responsibility for any personal information that is provided directly by You to your tutor.

In case You have any concerns about the questions asked by your tutor or any information that your tutor asks you to provide them, please do not hesitate to contact and inform Lonet.Academy.

In case the tutor asks you to proceed with the payment outside of Lonet.Academy platform, please let us know about it immediately:


phone: +34 604 13 9040 


6. Please leave your feedback after the lesson

The lessons, provided by the language tutors, presented on Lonet.Academy are done on-line:  either by Skype or in the virtual classroom (webinar room). 

During Your trial lesson you will be able to see and decide:

  • if the selected Teacher meets your needs;
  • whether the lesson suited your expectations;
  • do you want to continue studies with this tutor and book next lessons with them.


In 12 hours after the lesson is supposed to be completed, You will get an email with the request to mark the status of the lesson as “completed” or “not completed”. Please press the appropriate button accordingly.  In case the lesson has not been completed, please indicate the reason (You can choose from the list).


The amount paid for the lesson is transferred from your virtual wallet into the tutor’s wallet after the lesson has been marked as "completed" (based on the terms and conditions of Lonet.Academy) or if any of the parties hasn't marked it as "not completed".


Please leave Your feedback about the tutor and the lesson!

- rate the lesson (in 5 stars scale);

- write the review about the tutor and the lesson.

Your review, opinion and rating of the lesson/tutor is very important!

This will help your teacher find more students!

This will help other language learners to make their choice when they are looking for a good language tutor!


Here, on Lonet.Academy we truly strive for doing our best in helping the world to learn foreign languages easy, effectively and in enjoyable way.  

We do our best to select the experienced language tutors and to connect the language learners with language tutors around the world


Welcome to Lonet.Academy!   We wish You to have a wonderful experience in your language learning journey.


Truly Yours,


Lonet.Academy creator

my email:

my tel (and WA): +34 604 13 9040



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