How It Works



1. Create an account

- Register on (fill in all the requested fields) and create your profile/account;

- tell us about you (languages you speak and study, your hobbies and interests, professional field, etc),

- choose your location (time-zone)

- and please mention how did you know about LONET.

This information will be shown in your profile account and it will help your chosen Teacher to apply the individual approach according to your interests, background and motivation.


2. Choose a Teacher

Find the language you want to learn, select it and view the list of teachers;

Read about teachers and watch videos, if available.

Pay attention on

- the Teacher’s speciality,

- what languages the teacher speaks,

- the price range,

- raiting (stars) and reviews.

Read reviews, left by the other students.

Press button BOOK A LESSON to view the lessons types and available time in the teacher’s calendar.


3. Schedule and request your lesson

- Select the type of lesson (a trial lesson is always available as the first option);

- check the Teacher’s availability calendar (green fiels are the free available time, the grey field is closed time),

- choose the day and time which is convenient for you and click on that field in the calendar,


- proceed with the payment.

Please note that the amount you pay will appear in your virtual wallet on your account/profile page. The money will not be transfered to the teacher until the lesson is made. You can use the amount for any other lessons you want to book on

- wait for the confirmation from the Teacher on your e-mail (the one which you provided during the registration);

- the teacher should confirm the requested lesson in 24 hours.

Note: You can book a trial lesson with several teachers, so that you can try several teachers and choose the one who suits you better for further studies.


4. Clarify the details with the teacher directly and confirm the booking

After the payment has been made (in 24 hours pocessing), You will receive the requested lessons confirmation from the Teacher.

Now you can contact the selected Teacher directly from the website, sending him/her the on-site message from your profile account.

- Ask any questions and clearify the details,

- share your skype name with the teacher.


5. First Lesson

Take your first trial lesson. During the lesson you will be able to decide:

- If the selected Teacher meets your needs;

- If the lesson suits your expectations;

- If you want to continue studies with this Teacher and buy next lessons;

After the lesson is finished the platform will automatically send you a request to mark the status of the lesson as “COMPLETED” or “NOT COMPLETED”.

The amount paid for the lesson is transferred from your virtual wallet onto the Teacher’s wallet after the lesson has been marked as COMPLETED (based onn the terms and conditions published on the website).

You are also welcome to

- evaluate the Teacher (give the stars); 

- -and write the review about the lesson (if case you would like to).

Your reviews and evaluation is very important ! It will help other potential learners to have a preliminary information and impression while making their choice of a teacher.


6. Continue Your Language Learning and Enjoy the Process!


Book your further lessons with the chosen teacher and enjoy a foreign language learning process!

In case You have any question please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We are happy to help and assist you in any questions you might have.


Thank you for joining Language Online Network TODAY!



Last modified: Monday, 22 October 2018, 9:09 AM