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April 25, 2019 0 By Christina

Budding language learners often go for Spanish or French at the start. They’re widely-spoken, and have (mostly) the same alphabet as English. Yet, such a move could make you miss a huge opportunity. One offered by the largest country on the planet – Russia. Spoken by 260 million people worldwide, Russian language often scares people off because of the unfamiliar alphabet, and relative mystery around its culture. However, there are number of reasons to learn Russian and add this beautiful language to your repertoire. Let’s explore them.

Learn Russian – A Language of Low Supply, High Demand

As the 6th largest economy in the world, Russia is a major global force. But, the amount of people speak Russian as a second (or learned) language is extremely low, opening up an opportunity to truly stand out – regardless of the job that you’re going for.

Russia is currently a member of the European Council, UN, UNESCO, the World Trade Organization, and the G20, making it a common language used in diplomatic exchanges. Furthermore, as Russia continues to boom economically, having the tools to interact with big decision-makers (who often speak little English), would be a huge asset. This is true for both Russian companies (where often Russian knowledge would be a requirement) or others. Even if the job doesn’t require you to use Russian on a daily basis, you’d look like a needle in a haystack to employers.

Engage With Russian Economy And Research

Russia is an energy superpower. Leading the world in the production of the likes of petroleum, uranium, gold and platinum, it also has an estimated 40% of the world’s reserves of natural gas. Plus, their oil reserves are second only to Saudi Arabia’s. You can top all that with the fact that Russia is one of the top ten countries for entrepreneurship.

Russian is also prolific in scientific research – namely chemistry, mathematics and geology. Recent studies show that, behind English, Russian is the second most popular language used in reports. It’s also the second most used language on the internet.

So, whether you’re a researcher or a business person, Russian language skills would open doors to thriving markets and industries.

To Learn Russian Isn’t So Difficult As It Seems

Learning a language with a different alphabet can be overwhelming. But, once you get started it isn’t so difficult. According to Warwick University, students normally master the alphabet by the third week of their degree course. Then, once you’re comfortable with the alphabet, it’s simply a question of learning the grammar rules (like any other language). Here’re some other points to put your mind at ease about the language’s difficulty:

  • Russian doesn’t have articles (‘the’ and ‘a’);
  • Like Italian, Russian is pronounced as it’s written. So pronunciation gets simple after learning the alphabet and sounds;
  • Russian doesn’t have a strict word order in sentences;
  • In general, Russian is more direct than English, using simpler sentence structures. For example, to make a question you only have to change the intonation of an affirmative sentence.

Explore a Fascinating Russian Culture

From Tolstoy to Tchaikovsky, Russian would take you to a world of amazing literature, art, music, ballet and theatre. Knowing the language would allow you to explore these traditions with the true essences that’s often lost in translation.

There was also some fascinating research on how language affects your perception of the world. As Russian has more words for different shades of blue, knowing the language allows you to better distinguish between them. So, the language can not only open up work opportunities, but also change your appreciation of art and, more generally, the world around you.

Learn Russian With Native Speakers On-Line

Nowadays there is plenty of opportunities to learn a foreign language from any place in the world with the real professional native tutors. It is an incredible advantage you must take from the technologies that are available in our century.

Most of the modern professional on-line language tutors provide engaging and interesting classes. You can choose an individual one-on-one tutorials (by Skype) or even join a group (on a webinar platform or on-line meeting room).

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