Learn Languages. It Will Make You Happy.

Learn Languages. It Will Make You Happy.

May 21, 2019 Off By Christina

The vast majority of people pursue rather similar objectives with regard to how to be happy living a full life. We want to be happy! Which actually means healthy and live longer. For many of us it wouldn’t be a shame to be rich too. Maybe you’re wondering how it’s possible to get all four of these things in one life. Even if we do not get all of it, may be still we can be happy ….

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How To Be Happy?

The answer is simple: learn a foreign language! Learning a new language is the recipe for wealth, health and happiness. Sounds amazing and unbelievable, but look:

Key To Happiness 1: Social Relations Make You Happier

We are homo sapiens – ultro-social animals and our personal interrelationships are fundamental to our sense of belonging and our overall feeling of happiness. Comparing ourselves in more than one foreign language increases our ability to make new friends. It expands the circle of potential friendships including also those whose mother tongue is different from your native language.

Every next foreign language allows You to interact with new people in Your country and when You are travelling abroad. This social interaction not only cheers You up, but also stimulates Your confidence, as it reinforces the idea that You can successfully communicate and be happy.


Key To Happiness 2: Our Well-Being Increases When We Achieve Goals

Do you know the great sense of accomplishment you feel when you delete another completed job from the list of things to do? The achievement of the objectives we have set ourselves will make us inspired even more. And learning a new language is certainly one of the ways to inspire Your life and a goal worthy of being achieved.

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To make progress on our goals and to succeed in a long run, we go through the process of step-by-step every day challenges. Fulfilment of small but sustainable challenges fulfils every day with a special significance and leads to:

  • global changes,
  • constant feeling of inspiration and
  • our personal well-being improves.

This increased joy drives us to continue working towards our goals, which makes us happy.

Key To Happiness 3: Adult Learning Increases Personal Esteem

The education and learning process should not be interrupted once you have graduated. Working to improve oneself throughout one’s life is a fundamental part of personal development. Learning makes us happy! Literally. It is so easy to learn a language today. You can learn any foreign language with a native tutor from any place in the world.

In fact, an analysis of numerous studies, carried out by researchers found that learning has a great impact in the domains of health and well-being, namely:

  • it improves mental health,
  • increases Your self-confidence,
  • improves your perception of self-worth,
  • generally increases your life satisfaction.

A study from the Institute for Employment Studies determined that 80 percent of learners between the ages of 50 and 71 reported a positive impact on at least one of these: their enjoyment of life, their self-confidence, how they felt about themselves, their satisfaction with other areas of life and their ability to cope with everyday problems.


Key To Happiness 4: Pleasure Of Learning New Words


A study in current biology has found that with positive results learning the meaning of new words when studying a foreign language has activated a part of the brain called ventral striatum, where reward processing takes place. This region, sometimes referred to as the place of brain pleasure, is also activated when you have sex, gamble or consume a piece of chocolate. In simple terms, these activities make you feel really good. . ..

To go for a volume of new words and to set a really challenging but rewarding task, consider learning Arabic – A Million Word Language!

Key To Happiness 5:  Do What You Love!

Learning a new language and learning process in general have a great impact on Your attitude and behaviour, which leads to more brave and successful decisions you make. As far as your self-esteem grows and your mental and physical health improves You start to desire a better job and you your financial expectations improve. And the law of attraction starts working!!

Step by step you improve your life in all of its aspects and you start fulfilling your dreams and desires. Finally you find yourself doing what you love!

Try now and see that it really works!

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