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The Best Podcast to Learn Spanish

Imagine mastering Spanish, the world’s second-most spoken native language, from the comfort of your home, during your daily commute, or while taking a leisurely walk. This dream is now a reality, thanks to the world of podcasts – a medium that has revolutionized language learning. What is the best podcast to learn Spanish you ask? Let’s…

By Anastasiia Yashchenko December 27, 2023 Off

How to Learn American Accent and Speak Like a Native

Language is not just about words; it’s about nuances and melody that create rich communication. American accent stands out as one that learners aspire to master. The distinction between American and British pronunciation is substantial. Comedians often joke about the differences between these two accents. British vs. American Accent If you want to learn the…

By Anastasiia Yashchenko December 20, 2023 Off

10 Different Ways Of How To Say Sorry In Spanish

Learning the Spanish language is famously easy as it doesn’t have a huge vocabulary (like Arabic, for example). But students learning this beautiful language should aim to use synonyms as often possible so as not to sound repetitive. One example is learning how to say sorry in Spanish. No matter where in the world you…

By Christina July 8, 2021 Off