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5 reasons to add language learning to your summer routine

Together with the academic holidays in the summertime, many people pause learning during the summer. Many factors contribute to that, such as the desire to break and rest, taking time away for traveling and focusing on experiences and exploration, spending more time on outdoor activities, and giving it all to quality time with family and…

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Why learn a language with a language tutor?

“I always start strong with language learning, but then life gets in the way…”, “I keep telling myself I’ll practice every day, but somehow I never manage to.” Consistency is key in language learning. Let’s speak about how to bee consistent and persistent in your objective to learn a language. The PROBLEM with not being…

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Best Languages To Learn After English

Speaking a second language nowadays is not a special skill. In most countries, people learn a foreign language at school and many bilingual families take advantage of their national heritage and speak both parents’ languages in the family. For non-English speakers, the English language is a must-have skill today and many are asking a question:…

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