How To Learn Russian Language Fast

How To Learn Russian Language Fast

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Learning new languages is always fun but it is a strenuous task. One learns a lot of new scripts, phonetics, pronunciations, and words, which is of course difficult, but if you are up to a little bit of a challenge, it is enjoyable. Learning a new language can open many gates. You get to learn about a whole new culture, their literature, poetry, and this scan even help you get the visa of some countries if you know their native language like in case of Russia. Have you ever wondered how to learn Russian online or where you can learn it from? Well, hereby we listed some points on how to learn Russian language fast and where to find the Russian tutor online.

Before we dive into the learning tips, let’s start with some facts regarding Russian language.

  1. Russian language is of Slavic origin. It is not only spoken in Russia, but also in the Eastern European countries like Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine.
  2. There are significant groups in Western Europe that speak Russian too. It is also spoken in some Central Asian countries which once used to be a part of Soviet Union.
  3. And it might come as a surprise to you that it is also spoken in Alaska as the frozen land was previously owned by the Russian Government. 
  4. It may seem weird, but in Russian, the verb “to be” is not used in the present tense. It is only used in the past and future.
  5. All the words in Russian language starting from letter “A” are the words of foreign origin.
  6. The word stress is essential in Russian language as the change of the stress might change the meaning of the word.
  7. For introducing yourself in Russian, your name is not enough (especially in formal conversation). Additionally to the name and surname, Russians use a middle name, which is the name of your farther.
  8. There are 200 000 words in Russian language, according to Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language; AKA Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionary.

Top Reasons Why You Should Learn The Russian Language

There are numerous reasons why one must learn Russian language, some of which are listed below.

1. Russian ranks at 8th as the most common language in the world. It has approximately 258 million speakers in the world. More than 100 million of those are non-native, meaning these are the people residing outside Russia.

Russian language is the 8th most spoken language in the world.

2. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations (UN), including Arabic and Chinese (which are more difficult to learn).

3. Moreover, one must know Russian if one wants to venture into space. Russian language is the Language of Space. Astronauts must know Russian as they use a Russian docking craft to get to the International Space Station (ISS). 

SS Astronauts Must Learn Russian. Russian language is a language of space.
SS Astronauts Must Learn Russian. Russian language is a language of space.

Russian: A Widely Spoken And Understood Language

  • As mentioned above, Russian is being spoken in many other countries. We all know that Europe is one of the ideal holiday destinations. Many languages are common there. Russian is one of the languages that is among those, so learning it can help you travel through Europe easily. Talking to other folks that don’t speak the same tongue as you is frustrating at the least. And when you are in a foreign country where you might need help, it can get pretty stressful. It can be beneficial for you to have this little tool in your arsenal. 
  • Language is key to understanding a culture. By opening yourself up to new cultures, you get to experience new customs, traditions, heritage, and principles. Russian culture is rich and dates back to the beginning of times. It is also a big part of modern history. If you want to dive into their studies, history, or literature, learning Russian is a great way to do that. Without learning Russian language you will never be able to understand the complicated soul of Russians. 

Russian Literature

  • Russian literature is rich – this would be a highly understatement. One of the most famous and formidable works of literature are in Russian language. Legends like Bulgakov, Turgenev, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky are Russian classical writers, their works such as “War and Peace”, “Master and Margarita”, “Crime and Punishment” are considered the master pieces of modern times. If you are literature buff, knowing Russian would open new gateways for you. You could explore the hidden treasures and expand your literary horizon.
Master And Margarita, Bulgakov. Read online in Russian.

The Cyrillic Script

  • Russian uses the Cyrillic script. It is used by many languages in the Eurasia region. It is Slavic by nature. And several other languages also are from Slavic origin. The Cyrillic alphabets are also used by numerous languages. So by learning the Russian language, you get familiar with Cyrillic script, which can later help you many other languages. So just by acquiring this one language, you open your doors to many others. For example, the Bulgarian alphabet also is Cyrillic:
Russian language script is Cyrillic. The knowledge of Cyrillic script opens doors to many other languages.
8 steps how to learn Russian with the native Russian tutors at Lonet.Academy

Russian Can Help You In Business

We all are aware of the fact that Russia is one of the leading countries in the world. It is extremely rich in oil reserves. As well as platinum, iron ore, titanium, lead, gold, and diamonds. By learning this language, you can start doing business with the Russians. Even the companies that are currently dealing with them would like to have people who are fluent in the native tongue. So, it opens personal business ventures and a new market for job opportunities. Even federal US agencies are always looking to hire people that can speak Russian. Learn Russian to stand out and thrive.

How to Learn Russian Fast | Where To Find Russian Tutor

Seven tips to learn Russian fast and where to find the best Russian tutor.

  1. Start by learning the basics of the Russian language. The Cyrillic alphabets have 33 letters. Some of these are the same as the English alphabet. Take your time while you learn these. So proceed at a pace that is suitable to you and get a firm grip over these.
  2. The next step is to familiarise yourself with the common phrases and words of the Russian language. Learning basic greetings and farewells are also effective. These are the few basic things that people use in almost every conversation, so it’ll be good to know these things at the start.
  3. Watching movies and TV shows in Russian can help a lot too. But of course one should have quite stable basic knowledge of the language to start watching movies in Russian.
  4. Therefore to speed up the first stages of learning Russian, it would be effective and really helpful to take private classes of Russian. Lessons with professional Russian tutors will speed up your learning and will really help you to feel much more confident in the process of learning Russian. Nowadays you can take individual lessons online with the native Russian tutors.
  5. Listening to a language and reading it at the same time speeds up the process of learning.
  6. Russian novels, books, songs, and other medium that you can find and consume through your eyes and ears will help you.
  7. The fastest way to learn is to start talking in the language. Get in touch with someone that knows Russian and converse with them daily.

How to Learn Russian Online | Where to Find Russian Language Tutors

Learning Russian language is a challenging task. But with the right tutelage and practice, it can become easier. Lonet.Academy provides the best tutors who can make this task easier for you.

Here are some Russian language native tutors for you to consider if you are serious about learning Russian fast and effectively:

Russian language tutor online. Learn Russian fast with the best Russian native tutors at Lonet.Academy

Tatiana Korovina – Russian language tutor at Lonet.Academy (watch Tatiana’s introduction video here). You can book a trial lesson with Tatiana for just 3 EUR and have a real authentic practice of the Russian language online.

Alexander Samoylov  – Russian language tutor online. Alexander is an experienced Russian language teacher.

Anastasia Pavpertova – is an experienced Russian language teacher.

Irina Miroshnikova – has more than 10 years’ experience in teaching foreign languages.

Elena Lopez – native Russian tutor from Moscow. Elena gives Russian language classes online at Lonet.Academy and she welcomes to her Russian lessons (watch Elena’s introduction video here)

And other Russian tutors online are available at Lonet.Academy.

The Best YouTube Channels To Learn Russian Online

  1. Learn Russian with  – start speaking Russian with fast and easy lessons.
Learn Russian wit 24/7

2. Learn Russian while you sleep! Learning Russian while sleeping is simply a matter of Mind over Mattress. Don’t sleepwalk through life! Learn a new language in your sleep with Lingo-Jump channel!

How to learn Russian online - Learn Russian while You sleep.

3. Real Russian Club – Russian vocabulary builder. How to learn new Russian words and phrases. Russian for travellers and tourists.

Real Russian Club is a YouTube chabbel to learn Russian fast and easily

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Learn languages fast and easily with native language tutors online at Lonet.Academy
Learn languages fast and easily with native language tutors online at Lonet.Academy