Why I learn English Online

July 10, 2018 Off By Christina

“The decision to learn English by Skype is one of the best choices in my life.”

Solveiga Jansone learns english onlone on Lonet.academy
Solveiga Jansone (English Student),
June 29, Latvia

It was my dream to learn English with a private teacher or attending English course. But it was very difficult to find the time.

Why? I work and live in Kekava. No secret, there are more options to find a good English teacher or effective English course in Riga. I was looking for any options in Kekava too, but unfortunately it didn’t success. Besides I have a family. And if we have a family, then we have the commitments as well – need to take the child out of the kindergarten, take him home, make dinner etc. Hopeless situation to find the time for English. And then…

And one day, I checked the advertisements, hoping that there will be someone who teaches English and is from Kekava, and I found the information about Lonet.Academy.

The first things that I noticed:

– all lessons are held online – Yes, I have a computer and installed Skype, I don’t need to go somewhere

– you can book the lessons at your suitable time, even late in the evening or at weekends – sounds great!!

So I tried. I was afraid, of course. I hadn’t spoken to someone by Skype actually. It is normal if you are afraid of things, that are unfamiliar to you. But now I can say that this is the best way how to save Your time and money. And you are face to face with your teacher. Just excellent.

Firstly, you save Your time. You need to get only home. No traffic jams, no waiting at the bus stop etc.

Secondly, you save the money, you don’t need to go somewhere: fuel or bus ticket etc. You don’t need to worry about the additional expenses. Just get home as every day and start the lesson.

I can admit that the decision to learn English by Skype is one of the best choices in my life recently. It is my new addiction. 😊

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