The Best Ways How To Learn Spanish and Spanish Words

The Best Ways How To Learn Spanish and Spanish Words

May 1, 2024 Off By Christina

Faced with so many easily available or instantly downloadable online tools, it can be hard to decide which is the best way to learn Spanish. It’s so tempting to keep trying different apps and the more you do, the more ‘exclusive offers’ you get in your inbox or on your social media feeds. The problem with constantly changing what you do to learn Spanish is that it lacks consistency in approach and you can find you spend more time scrolling through apps than you do on actually learning the language!!

So we’ve put together a list of some of the top tips on how to learn Spanish in the quickest and best way.

“I want to learn a foreign language but I don’t have time!” or “My memory is weak, I just can’t remember new words.”

Sounds familiar?
These kinds of thoughts are called LIMITING BELIEFS. They are automatic negative statements you have about yourself and you believe them without questioning. They come from personal experience, news, media, friends, colleagues, and family. You perceive them as true statements and repeat them as mantras.

What is important for you to know is: LIMITING BELIEFS ARE NOT TRUE! How to get rid of your limiting beliefs and change them to positive statements – we wrote about it on LinkedIn.

In this article let’s focus on how to get you motivated and how to learn Spanish words effectively!!

Being properly motivated is the first thing to get you to learn a language. And to do that you need a strategy. You need to know how you’re going to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and its vocabulary. There are plenty of easy ways to do that and we’ll look at those a little later.

If I take Spanish classes online, would that be the best way to learn Spanish?

Online Spanish classes put you in control of your learning. You don’t need to be in a certain place at a certain time. Your timetable can fit around other commitments such as work or family and you don’t need to brave the weather or the traffic to learn. Nowadays, through numerous language platforms, you’ll find a wealth of online Spanish tutors from Spanish-speaking countries all around the world. Whatever you’re current level of Spanish and however you learn best, you’ll find a tutor that works for you. But finding online language tutors alone is not, in itself, the best way to learn a language. Learning from a professional Spanish tutor is a good first step, but what will really help you to quickly improve your Spanish is what you do between classes to build on what you learn from your tutor.

How to find a perfect match for your language learning.

Find a perfect Spanish tutor online and learn the Spanish language quickly.

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

The answer is that it depends on so many factors; your existing knowledge of Spanish, how much time you have to devote to it, how you weave language learning into daily life, and much more. But there is no doubt that finding an online Spanish tutor is the first step on your journey. The language expert, tutor or a great language coach can help you find the best material for learning and help you work a learning strategy that will work best for you.

Spanish language tutors and trainers online.

But as the second most widely-spoken language in the world, learning Spanish opens tons of opportunity for travel and work, especially if you’re looking for a job in a multinational company or international business. So, it’s worth finding a method that suits you and committing to a learning strategy.

How do online Spanish classes work?

Online Spanish classes work in much the same way as any other form of face-to-face learning. Your tutor will guide you through a logical sequence of lessons to embed and build on your learning week by week. They’ll often give you tasks to complete between lessons and you’ll be gradually introduced to the structure of the language alongside practical words and phrases you might expect to use when visiting a Spanish-speaking country.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your Spanish daily “poco a poco” | The best way to learn Spanish words without stress

1. Learn Spanish with flashcards or apply gamification tools

Now here’s a time-honored staple of learning. Making up colorful flashcards in any way you like not only helps you grasp key Spanish concepts, but it also inspires creativity. Why not try making up a pile for food words? Or a pile for a particular verb tense? You could even make a neat display somewhere in your house. Having them close at hand means you can touch base with your Spanish learning regularly. Maybe pick one up every time you enter the house or whenever you make yourself a coffee. You’ll be surprised just how quickly your brain connects the images and words to cement your newly learnt vocabulary.

Many professional language teachers and tutors use flashcards for teaching in the class. Remember, the secret to success lies in a combination of learning practices!

IMPORTANT: when learning new Spanish words, avoid vocabulary overload!

How to use gamification tools for learning words and phrases in Spanish.

2. Listen to Spanish Music and learn Spanish words and phrases through lyrics

Music is a great resource as you often find informal phrases you’d never find in a grammar book. Top that with the variety of Spanish music (from salsa to reggaeton), and you have a fun route to understanding the language.

Even listening while you’re doing something else will help you train your ear. Why not download some Spanish music to your iPod to listen to at the gym or when you go for a run? Or you could tune into a Spanish radio station while you’re working or browsing online.

Personally, I like listening to the following singers (depending on my mood):

Alejandro Sanz;

Amaia Montero;



and some others …..

3. Spanish Language Exchange could be one of the best ways to increase Spanish vocabulary

This might be a hard sell if you’re a beginner. But it’s awesome once you know a few of the basics. Grabbing a drink or coffee with a mother-tongue Spanish speaker who’d like to improve their English is both fun and priceless practice. When learning a language, interaction is always the goal. That interaction gets tricky when you’re afraid of making mistakes. A language exchange takes away that fear, as your exchange partner not only expects it but corrects you too! It’s a sure-fire way to make friends too, so why not?

If you don’t feel like going out and finding a native Spanish speaker in your country, you can search online for Spanish tutors and language trainers. Or you can search for language-sharing sites connecting you with people around the world who want to learn your language and help you practice Spanish.

All you need is a decent internet connection and a good mood :))

4. Set your phone/computer/Facebook to Spanish

We know that might sound frustrating, but what better way to grasp a language than using it like a native? Switching your phone, computer, Facebook, Twitter or whatever social network you usually use, into Spanish could teach you all kinds of vocabulary. You’ll feel lost at first, but it’s so rewarding when you get to the grips with the terms and start doing your thing in another language. Apple’s Siri is available in Spanish too. How’s that for another step up? If you’re feeling really brave, you could even set you sat nav to Spanish!

5. Apps and #AI technology to learn Spanish

With #apps such as Duolingo, busuu, Babbel and Spanish Translator +  on the market, there are plenty of ways to learn Spanish from the comfort of your sofa. They’re booming in popularity because they blend fun visuals and interactivity with real results. Learning becomes less of a chore and more of a game. And you can pick it up wherever and whenever you want.

Another great way to get closer to your language perfection is AI technology. Consider ChatGPT as your new language tutor robot 🙂))

They may lose the conversational aspect, but it helps you make light work of new Spanish vocabulary and also grammar rules.

Remember that consistency is key. Build your language learning routine.

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