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There are innumerable reasons why there is a need to learn the English language. Aside from being the largest language by a number of speakers, English also ranks number three as the most spoken native language internationally.  Learning business English has become imperative for professionals. Since it is also the language officially recognised globally in commerce, it is also the language of the internet. So, no surprise that more and more people from over the world are looking for the ways of how to learn English fast. Many people prefer to learn English online. There are several ways: you can learn English by Skype or in a webinar online classroom. Thus, every day the demand for good and professional English tutors by Skype is growing around the globe.

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How will a good grasp of the English language help you?  On an educational level, English has become one of the main languages of school instruction. In case this not true for your locality, it will most likely be taught as a second language.  Excellent communication skills will not only propel you academically but will also open opportunities in work.

Learning good English also allows us to enjoy the vast array of entertainment media available as many countries format their shows, movies and shows to include English. Because of this, we are able to understand more types of cultures.  Travel also becomes more enjoyable and places accessible with the use of the English language.  This lingua franca of the world has become a common denominator in tourist destinations all over.  

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Paola Ortega

Teaches: English , Spanish

Speaks: English , French , German , Spanish

Native language: Spanish

I have a bachelor's degree in Modern Languages. I have been a private English and Spanish tutor for students of all ages for almost 13 years, but I specialize in teaching children. My major studies and experience have helped me to develop classes in which linguistic subjects and a natural learning process of a language come together. I use culture as a reference point to build a compact unity of knowledge that encourage students to expand as individuals who express themselves organically.

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Picture of Laya Hassani

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Laya Hassani

Teaches: English

Speaks: English , Persian

Native language: Persian

I have BA of English language and literature and I've passed a teaching training course. After gaining the certificate I started to teach and now I have about seven years experience teaching English to kids and adults. I'm also an online teacher for the Chinese companies.

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Elina Embrekte

Teaches: English

Speaks: English , Latvian , Spanish

Native language:

Hi there! My name is Elina and I’m an English teacher in Spain. I hold a CELTA certificate and I teach children, teenagers and adults. I know that everyone learns at their own speed, so no need to worry - I am here for you! We will be going at your own pace towards your aims and goals, and I will help you every step of the way. I am sure to be of great assistance in your journey of learning a new language. Hope to see you soon!

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Picture of Ramona Vlasova

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Ramona Vlasova

Teaches: English

Speaks: English , Latvian , Russian

Native language:

Riga Technical University, Engineering Economics and Management Faculty, Bachelor's program "The customs and tax administration." Professional bachelor's degree in customs and tax administration and qualification of the head of the structural unit of the customs institution. University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art, second level professional study program “Secondary education English teacher”. The same year I was working in school as an English teacher.

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Several Tips From Professional English Tutors On How To Learn English Fast And Efficiently

Given the multiple benefits of learning this globally-used language - are you ready to learn English fast?  Here are some language hacks to help you in your journey to becoming a proficient English speaker:

  • Know Your English Language Level in Comprehension and Speaking.
  • Set Measurable Learning Goals
  • Source Out Material with Increasing Difficulty
  • Build Your Vocabulary
  • Talk to Yourself in English
  • Practice with a Fluent Native Speaker - Focus More on Communication, Not Accents.

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Know Your English Language Level in Comprehension and Speaking

Once you've made up your mind to learn English as a second language, you must gauge your level of English comprehension as well as your speaking ability.  The former can be assessed by placement and diagnostic tests which can be had in schools, online or through apps.  They usually come in questionnaires or writing tasks. 

You can initially gauge your level of speaking the language and as you join language exchange initiatives or formal learning courses, your interactor can help you get a clearer picture of your English communication expertise.

Professional English Tutors Recommend To Set Measurable Learning Goals

Knowing what you want to achieve in language learning is key to its mastery.  Setting vague goals like "I want to learn how to speak perfect English" or "I want to master the English grammar" may not be as helpful as setting specific goals.  Depending on your purpose of acquiring more knowledge of the language, you can set measurable goals – no matter how small.

A good example would be " I would like to understand a full-length English movie without the help of subtitles." – Once you have been weaned off watching with the aid of the subtexts in your native language or English, then you know you have achieved a level of personal learning success.

To Learn English Fast Source Out Material with Increasing Difficulty

There are numerous materials available that will help an English language learner.  When you are trying to improve your English language skills, challenge yourself with listening, reading and watching materials with increasing difficulty.  Do not confine yourself to the children's shows and books – level up to harder topics.  Explore different fields like science, arts and politics.

Build Your English Vocabulary

The growing lexicon of accepted English words is enough initiative for anyone learning English to continue adding to your personal English word bank more variations of words you can use for conversation and writing.  English is characterized byt the openness of vocabulary, meaning it adopts words easily from other languages.  Given this information, you might find words from your own native tongue assimilated into English!

To explore more words, the use of a thesaurus, whether in book form or through an app or website, is a great way to start.  After learning the synonyms of a particular word, you must study the context and usage that will show the slight differentiation in meaning – that way, you will know when and where to appropriately use English terms with similar meanings.

Talk to Yourself in English, If Not To English Tutors

A very simple yet helpful personal exercise to build your confidence in coining English sentences and enunciating words is to talk to yourself in English.  You can adapt reflection conversations where you use a mirror in a scripted or spontaneous conversation completely in English.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you actively study English– after all,  you are only talking to yourself!  The mirror will help you see check tongue placements and the shape of your mouth as you enunciate the words.  TOEFL highly recommends this to be done.

Practice with a Fluent Native Speaker - Focus More on Communication, Not Accents

There is no substitute for speaking in helping you how to learn English fast. You can do this by language exchange programs in your locality, enrolling in ESL (English as a Second Language) courses/individual English classes or enlisting the help of native English tutors via Skype. While the last option is the most feasible for most of us who have jam-packed schedules, make sure that you have competent instructors should you decide to learn English online.

When learning English through speaking, strive for clarity of pronunciation rather than accents.  If you try too much to emulate a Southern American drawl or a Scottish lilt, you might miss the more important points necessary for correct English syntax.  The beauty of the English language is that a difference in accents is ok – coherence and understandability do not suffer.

With Lonet.Academy, the guessing game of whether you are hiring qualified English tutors or not is eliminated.  Whether you need to prepare for an English exam or need intensive English courses, you will be matched with a competent English tutor. 

Did you know that learning a language can make you happy?

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English tutors online. Learn English fast and efficiently with professional tutors by Skype.

Learn English Fast With Experienced and Certified English Tutors by Skype

You can Learn English online with the native and non-native English tutors by Skype on Lonet.Academy. Take English lessons by Skype and learn English remotely from any place in the world:

  • After the 1st trial lesson You will understand your goals, motivation and your level of English language knowledge. Decide if the language tutor meets your needs and expectations and choose the most appropriate English tutor for you. If you ask yourself 'Can I learn a language quickly?', the importance of a right tutor is huge.
  • Already after 2 lessons with the best English tutor you have chosen, you will feel more comfortable speaking English.This is so because our professional English language Tutors enable to speak a lot during the one-on-one English lessons by Skype;
  • Thanks to 3 lessons You will notice that you are becoming much more confident speaking EnglishEnglish language tutors give you the best one-on-one English speaking practice by Skype in a real authentic context;
  • English online lessons will improve your English pronunciation and you will speak English confidently;
  • As a result of online English course of 10 lessons with the best English professional tutors on Lonet.Academy you will communicate in English clearly, will be able to understand English speakers and will feel confident speaking English.

Also, remember that there is a choice of English online Tutors for you!

  • English tutors with CELTA, TEFEL, TESOL and other professional teaching degrees from all over the world.
  • UK English native speakers – professional English language tutors from the UK. (English lesson with a native speaker - video here)
  • American English native speakersOnline English tutors from the USA.
  • Experienced and Certified Online English language tutors from all over the world, including the tutors who speak your native language!

You Can Choose Native Or Non-Native Professional English Tutor For You

Take one-on-one English lessons by Skype with the native English speakers and You will improve your conversational language skills fast and easy. Hence, one-on-one English speaking practice is the best way to empower your confidence in English and improve your speaking and listening skills.

Besides, the best professional English language tutors on Lonet.Academy will help you with the specific individual needs, such as:academic writing in English; course of Business English, including:

  • business terminology in English,
  • writing business proposals in English,
  • business correspondence in English,
  • professional profile on LinkedIn in English,
  • CV and motivational letters in English,
  • English for travelling and business,
  • English for other purposes.

Finally, all the lessons on Lonet.Academy are one-on-one and are tailored according to your individual need. This is why you should learn a language with a tutor.

So, take advantage of English language classes on-line with the best professional English tutors by Skype today!

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