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If You are on this page it means you are considering amongst the best Portuguese tutors for you. Are you interested in learning the Portuguese language? Being interested to learn a new language is easy, but when it comes to searching for the best option and tutor to learn that language, one may face a few challenges. Why not to hire a native Portuguese tutor who will help you to become a great Portuguese speaker?!

Here, on Lonet.Academy platform you can find a choice of the native Portuguese language experts. And by experts, we mean experienced Portuguese tutors, who teach their native language online, by Skype. All of the language tutor online, are capable of walking you through the tested procedure of learning a language and guide you throughout the process. The teachers will let you know the way through which you can be a pro-Portuguese speaker.

Lonet.Academy does not make any promise to train you to be a native Portuguese speaker within 40 hours or seven days. Because we avoid making empty and unreal promises.

Our primary focus is to provide you the choice of the selected language tutors for you, who strive for the quality of the teaching and helping you to learn Portuguese in a way that you can use it freely.

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Portuguese Language Tutors Online

Choose The Right Portuguese Language Tutor For You

The Portuguese language is known as the language of western romance. It is the official language of many areas, such as:

  • Portugal,
  • Angola,
  • Brazil,
  • Mozambique,
  • Cape Verde, etc.

As per the reports of UNESCO, it is the second-fastest-growing European language. So this is the right time to learn this beautiful language in the smartest way.

Those old days are gone when you had to select random broken phrases in the name of language training. To learn any language, you need personalised training and care. With Lonet.Academy, you will be connected with the teachers via Skype. So get in touch with the Portuguese language tutor to learn Portuguese language origin, Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, and the uses of that language.

Furthermore, with us you can find a tutor of Portuguese language with a specific accent. For example, if you are looking for a Portuguese language spoken in Brasil, you may want to choose a Portuguese tutor from Brasil.

If you are interested in Portuguese spoken in Portugal, You go for a trial lesson with a native Portuguese tutor from Portugal.

Portuguese Tutors Online Speaking Your Native Language

Remember that learning a language does not end with the memorising the bits and fragments of a language. It requires practice and communicating with the proper speakers.  Lonet.Academy connects language tutors and the student making it possible and easy to find the perfect tutor for you.

The native speakers are capable of crafting and using different teaching approaches to make it more effective. Nevertheless, in case you are not sure if being a beginner you would feel comfortable with a native, you may find a Portuguese tutor speaking your native language. For instance, there is a Portuguese language tutor by Skype who speaks also Russian and English.

Or, if you are from Italy or from Germany, you may be interested in learning Portuguese with a professional Portuguese language tutor speaking also Italian, German and even Arabic!! Isn't that a wonderful opportunity?

One-On-One Portuguese Language Tutors by Skype

Yes. We could design the whole language learning process technically or could craft an AI-based language learning system. But Lonet.Academy believes in the traditional way of teaching and the student-teacher understanding to learn a language thoroughly. The one-on-one language tutor by Skype will understand and assess your growth and the issues you might be facing during learning. The real foreign language tutors learn languages themselves and they know very good what are the challenges on the wonderful but sometimes difficult language learning journey.

The Portuguese teacher will give you the scope to practice what you have learned for perfection. The professional Portuguese language tutor will tailor your syllabus as per your need, adaptability, and purpose of learning the Portuguese language as a whole. The best part is you can connect with language tutors online as per your schedule.

  • Portuguese is a rich and booming language. Learning this language is a scope to be a part of this language,
  • The registration process and connecting with language tutors online is easy.
  • Flexible study plans and modification of the program.
  • A relaxed way of learning and becoming pro in the Portuguese language.
  • Safe and trustworthy modes of payment.
  • Highly experienced native Portuguese language tutor.
  • Accessible language tutors by Skype.

If you still have doubts whether the lessons by Skype will fit you, we provide you a perfect opportunity to talk directly to Lonet.Academy creator, who is also online teaching expert. So if you are thinking about learning the Portuguese language online, by Skype and you have questions or would prefer assistance in making your choice of a tutor, please apply for a free consultation here.