How to Learn a Language quickly? 3 Formulas

How to Learn a Language quickly? 3 Formulas

December 29, 2018 2 By Christina

The Secret Of Learning a Foreign Language Quickly Lies In Combination!

To learn a new language is one of the best skills you can acquire in a lifetime. Apart from the benefits of communicating with friends anywhere in the world, it can open new doors to job opportunities and ease of travels. While it is easy for children to learn a language quickly, it is more challenging for adults because of some factors that could come into play.

While it may seem like a difficult task, it is very possible to learn a language quickly as an adult. If you are interested to learn a foreign language, these are three formulas for you to enjoy the process and succeed faster.

1. Combine self-study resources with an authentic on-line language apps and courses


There are numerous on-line resources that can provide you with self-study material and tools. Most of them are available as applications, very easy to use. Let’s mention VidaLingua, as an example, as a set of very resourceful tools for learning a language, including:

Vidalingua publishes apps to help people learn Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japan. Over 12 million people have downloaded Vidalingua apps.

Also, there is a big amount of tips available on net that can improve your ability to speak a few sentences and phrases in any foreign language in a matter of days. But, just self-study isn’t enough to learn a language quickly.

So, we recommend You to mix the self-learning with active practice and effective authentic work on your speaking and listening skills.

I order to improve your language skills quickly You can take one-on-one classes with a language tutor on-line.  Private language classes will boost your chances of picking up the basic words faster than you would do it by yourself. Nowadays, there are many platforms where you can find a good language tutor for you. There are selected language tutors on-line, for instance such as Lonet.Academy. They will help you to learn the language.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel confident enough to get intensive course with the native tutor, the on-line language platforms, like Lonet.Academy offer a solution to find a professional on-line language tutor who speaks your native language as well.

Many people feel more confident to learn a language with a tutor who understands their native language.

Language tutoring platforms offer:

  • a variety of languages to learn,
  • a good choice of tutors with whom to learn a language,
  • easy booking systems,
  • on-line payment methods,
  • flexible schedules and other easy-to-use tools that are very convenient for languages learners and teachers.

2. Combine your authentic and controlled practice with native professional tutor


Today there is an immensity of possibilities to find a language partners with whom you can practice your speaking skills. For example join a targeted language community on Facebook and find a “language exchange” partners and start communication with some of them.

Be prepared to devote time and attention not only to learn the language, but also to “teach” your partner your own language. This kind of approach to the language practice process is really authentic and this is an excellent way to break your speaking barriers and to try a role of a language tutor.

Although in most cases you will probably text to your language exchange partner more than actually speak. With time you find yourself in need to “clean” some bits of your knowledge and to systematize your practice, to be able to trace the progress.

That’s why we suggest to add to your organic type of practice some sessions of professionally controlled practice with a native language teacher or tutor on-line.

A native language tutor will equip you with the best skills to enhance your proficiency in the language. You will immediately notice the difference between learning with a native speaker and a non-native speaker. Of course this statement is not a guarantee, because in any case much depends on the tutor’s professionalism. To speak a language doesn’t yet mean to be able to teach the language!

Nevertheless, if you are not the beginner and you already can communicate in the language, practicing with a native tutor is a priceless opportunity. This is because of the ease and flow by which you’ll be guided by the native tutor. A physical session with a native speaker could be quite expensive but can be cheaper if it is by Skype or in a virtual class room. Also, it’s often the case that it’s not easy to find a native speaking language teacher in your area, town or even country due to different reasons.

Thus, many people today learn languages remotely by Skype or in virtual class rooms and web rooms. For instance, some tutors on Lonet.Academy provide lessons in web on-line classrooms (through webinar platform Clickmeeting), that is very easy to access and use. Virtual classrooms are really convenient for both, the teachers and the learners.

3. Read a lot and combine your interests with reading process.


Learn a language by reading in that language. You can learn a language quickly if you read every day! Even just a bit, but with the persistent regularity. There is an enormous amount of content nowadays everywhere you go, either on-line or on paper, whatever you prefer. Starting from daily newspapers and tweets ending with the books written by native writers. You can really choose any topic that you are into and your interest and motivation will do their part.

Check, for instance application called Parallel Books available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and has been designed for people who learn one of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Esperanto, Korean and some more. Currently all the books are free.

When you read something that seems exciting for you, your brain grasps the information and absorbs the content and ideas easily and quickly and your memory keeps that for longer. This is how to learn a language faster.

For instance ….  Are you learning Russian? Quite a challenging task!
Interested in cars and racing sports?

Then, read thematic magazines about the latest news in racing in Russian language! See how it works. You will see how interesting and useful the learning becomes when you acquire the language through the content that is exciting for you. Then go ahead and practice it with your private Russian native tutor by discussing that specific topic. This is the way how learning a language becomes real fun and much more productive.

You can give yourself time to absorb the language by listening to radio programs or Podcast in the new language. Reading a book aloud or watching movies with subtitles in the chosen language will help you to learn new words while memorizing the old ones at the same time.

You should not worry or concentrate on the understanding of the language, rather you should let your brain develop the pattern for the language when it is exposed to it regularly. Surround yourself with the music and songs in the language that you are learning and sing them. Learn a language singing!

There is much of music in a language, not just grammatical patterns. Remember that!

Try the combination of reading and listening to the content that fits your specific interests and you will never get bored while you learn a new language.