Learn Spanish To Get Good Job In International Business

March 14, 2019 0 By Christina

Adding a Spanish language for work to your CV is key for getting a job in international business and a multi-national company. A 2013 survey found that 96% of high-level execs thought languages skills were either “very” or “somewhat” important.

So, where to start? People see Spanish as a go-to first language for work to learn, and there’s good reason.
It’s the second-most widely spoken language on the planet (behind only Chinese).

This gives it huge potential in all kinds of contexts – including travel to the world’s 21 Spanish speaking
countries, or valuable work opportunities. Top that with the fact that it’s one of the six official
languages of the UN (including Russian, Chinese and Arabic) , and you have a priceless personal asset. Below are some more reasons.


Booming Europe – South America Trade

South America has always been a big player in the global economy.

Yet, in recent years, its trade with Europe has been on the rise. The EU have been deep in talks with Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) to pen a lucrative trade deal, yet business is still skyrocketing.

Let’s take a look at some key takeaways:
• The EU is the bloc’s biggest trading partner – making up 21% of its total 2016 trade.
• The EU exported €41.5 billion to Mercosur in 2016.
• Mercosur exported €40.6 billion to the EU in 2016.
• Mercosur had stocks of €115 billion in the EU in 2014.

Even though a quarter of this bloc is Portuguese-speaking Brazil, Spanish would be a powerful
way to take advantage of this partnership. As this trade is across a range of industries, the language can run through almost any business. Wonderful for opening up opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

Latino Population Increase in US

Reports revealed that the Hispanic population might triple in Nebraska by 2050. Soon after, a research associate in the UNO Office Latino/Latin American Studies described the ethnicity as “the main engine of population growth” across the States.

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Also, Latino numbers ballooned by over 150% in Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee from 2000-2011. California has the highest Hispanic population (14.4m), with Texas (9.8m) and Florida (4.4m) coming second and third respectively.

The size of the Spanish-speaking community in one of the world’s most powerful economies is
staggering. Having the language could open up a whole new world of opportunity.
If you know English and Spanish, you’ll get access to two continents of business – North and South

Startup Investment

Startups are booming around the world – and Spanish-speaking regions are no exception. Investors are pumping millions of dollars into hundreds of up-and-coming companies. One example is Mexico City-based group 500 Startups. They’ve put in over $8,000,000 in over 100 Spanish-speaking startups, and raised over $95,000,000. Now, that’s a healthy economy to get involved with.

Access Other Romance Languages

As a Latin language, Spanish is a great gateway to others like French or Portuguese. The former is another official language of the UN, and the latter the official language of South American powerhouse, Brazil. So, with Spanish, you’d be on track to conquer the business world.


Ready to learn Spanish?!   Here are some tips on how to learn a language fast and easy.

Don’t hesitate and start today!

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