Chinese Tutors Teaching Chinese By Skype

Lonet.Academy offers you the choice of Chinese tutors by Skype, regardless of your current language level. Improve the overall language level or certain parts of your Chinese language skills. The Chinese tutors will help you to develop your knowledge of Chinese language. Take one-on-one Chinese classes with the experienced professional Chinese tutors by Skype on Lonet.Academy.

The process to book your lessons with Chinese tutors by Skype is so easy:

  • register here;
  • after, choose a tutor from the list below;
  • select the most convenient day and time for you in the tutor’s schedule. Don't worry about the time zone, the system adjusts the time according to the time zone you denoted in your profile;
  • Book a trial lesson. Pay safely online - by card or by PayPal.
  • The lessons of Chinese language are arranged by Skype. You just need your electronic device (a computer or a laptop, smart phone or a tablet), stable internet connection, good mood, your smile and motivation to learn Chinese language!

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    Chinese Language Tutors Online

    Chinese Language Tutors For All Levels

    Here you will find the choice of Chinese tutors who teach on-line - by Skype or in a virtual webinar classroom.

    Regardless of your current language level. The Chinese tutors will help you to improve the overall language level or some certain parts of your Chinese language skills. During your individual Chinese language classes on-line with your selected Chinese tutor you will work on all aspects of the language. From the elementary level up to academic preparation for exams.

    You will learn:

  • Pinyin;
  • Sounds and tones of Chinese (basic phonetics of Chinese / listening to the native Chinese speakers);
  • Basic conversational phrases in Chinese (greetings, introduction, basic every day matters);
  • start speaking Chinese (transition from basic phrases to the sentences);
  • Chinese characters;
  • And other necessary skills for the beginners and elementary level learners step-by-step.
  • grammar;
  • Reading activities;
  • academic writing and specific skills for thematic exams in Chinese.
  • Chinese Tutors For The Beginners And Elementary Level

    Nothing to worry about if you have just decided to learn Chinese.

    Don’t be afraid and go for it!

    Take the first Chinese language trial lesson with several tutors to check different approaches of different Chinese teachers online. Choose the most appropriate tutor of Chinese language for you. And go on! It is an amazing feeling to get acquainted and know a bit of Chinese basics right after the first lesson!

    Take your time, think it over and choose the most appropriate Chinese teacher for you!

    Either it would be:

  • a certificated teacher,
  • or an experienced native Chinese tutor,
  • or a teacher with a broad experience in primary or secondary school,
  • all of them will provide You their best assistance, methodology, individual approach and a perfect opportunity to get and improve your skills of Chinese language.

    Why Learn Chinese Language With A Tutor?

    If you want to master your conversational skills in Chinese, the native individual tutors is the best choice if you want to dive into practice without travelling to China.

    Native Chinese tutors are helpful to work on your pronunciation, tones and intonation, that is extremely important in Chinese language. The tutors on Lonet.Academy teach both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese language. The professional tutor will help you to denote which type of Chinese should you learn and will guide you in this challenging journey, taking into consideration your specific needs and motivation.

    Preparing for exams or interested in academic Chinese language studies? - Meet Chinese language tutors on-line. It is the best solution that you can land up with for remote learning Chinese.

    There is a plenty of other reasons why you should consider learning Chinese language with private tutor on-line.

    With Native Chinese Tutor You Will Get To Know The Richness Of Chinese Culture

    To begin with, China is considered as the world’s oldest and richest continuous culture. It exists for over 5000 years. There are seven major groups of dialects of the Chinese language. All of them have their own variations. What is more, no other culture has such a wide range of dialects. Chinese cuisine is heavily influenced by ethnic diversity. We all have heard of famous Chinese fortune cookies or their love for rice dishes. Lastly, masterpieces in art and eastern-style martial arts of China are well-known all around the globe.

    Chinese Might Be Quite Essential Asset If You Want To Proceed With International Career

    According to the statistics, China is the second-largest economy in the world. Furthermore, it is also one of the largest trading partners of the United States and Europe. With the rise of the market, business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese. In addition, they look for ones who can operate with the before mentioned culture context. Last but not least, the “Middle Kingdom” or China is forecasted to become the biggest market in the nearest future, providing more opportunities for employees.

    China Is Growing At A Highly Rapid Pace

    China is the fastest-growing nation with a current population of 1.28 billion people. Moreover, that is the most populous nation in the world! Knowing the language better, will make it easier for you to communicate with people. It will also help you to build your network afterwards. A language barrier should never be a limitation. Allow yourself and your kids to communicate freely with Chinese people. Classes with Chinese language tutor by Skype offers you a tremendous opportunities. Chinese language offers you to cooperate with one of the richest and most prominent markets in the world.

    Don’t allow your fears to dictate your future! Start learning one of the richest and most spoken languages in the world now. Learn Chinese language with tutors on Lonet.Academy online by Skype. You will feel the encouragement and result right after the first lesson.

    Learn Chinese Language From Any Place In The World

    Are you tired of noisy rooms for group work or being dependent on the pace and pace of others? Lonet.Academy provides You an opportunity to learn a language fast and easily. Moreover, convenient environment and your comfort zone for learning are what you have when taking language lessons by Skype:

  • Firstly, there is no need to adjust to someone’s schedule. You are the one who chooses the most suitable time for your lessons;
  • Secondly, you can learn Chinese language from any place. Create the most productive and comfortable atmosphere for your class and enjoy the process;
  • What is more, it is so easy to book lessons on Lonet.Academy. Just one click and you are in! The payment process is on-line - pay by card or PayPal;
  • One-on-one approach allows you to learn efficiently and go more in-depth of language with your tutor. Take the advantage and learn the language faster and easier from any place.
  • Save your time and money! Make an efficient use of it.

    All the classes are conducted in real-time - online by Skype - and allow the tutor to focus on your individual needs and preferences. This is how you learn a language quickly.

    Register on Lonet.Academy now and learn Chinese by Skype fast and easily. Do it from the most suitable place for you and at any time. We wish you good luck in your language learning process!

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