Learn A Language And See What Happens In Your Life

Learn A Language And See What Happens In Your Life

June 26, 2019 0 By Christina


At university, at work and, in everyday life, when you move or travel to a foreign country you have to speak the language of the locals. The choice of a new language can become a crucial factor for career opportunities and big changes in people’s life. 



A New Language, A New Brain

Several studies have been carried out that have shown how learning a new language is beneficial in many respects, but especially for the brain.  Can learning a language slow down brain ageing? An important longitudinal study on the Annals of Neurology published by the American Neurological Association Longitudinal Study suggests that learning a second language can hold back Alzheimer’s for over four years. So, we can state that learning a language helps people becoming smarter and more entrepreneurial.

This study  followed children who learned a second language at a young age and found that decades later, the children had better cognitive functions than the average.

Consequently, later on children have more career opportunities.


A New Language, A New Career

Foreign Languages are one of the motivational factors to improve Your career.

In an increasingly globalised work environment, it is vital to develop language skills in order to advance your career. Companies more than ever before need candidates to speak more than one language. That makes bilingual job seekers much more attractive.

Although learning a new language can always be a good idea, the extra push to grow your career can be exactly THE extra push you need.  The 21st century, fortunately, offers career-oriented students a lot of opportunities to learn a new language in less time and in a very effective way.



If you are afraid of losing a job or missing a job promotion proposal for someone younger, you can improve your chances by making yourself more marketable. The most effective way to differentiate yourself in the workplace is to show your instant growth in acquiring new skills. A great way to prove your intention to grow and learn is to study a new language.


Mastering more than two languages nowadays is a must! With the spread of globalisation, international companies are looking for candidates with more than bilingual language levels. Hence, now is the right time to develop and boost your language skills.  If you want to be competitive on the job market tomorrow, start learning one more foreign language today! 


Taking lessons with native tutors, for example on such platforms as Lonet.Academy,  can be a first step to learning a foreign language. This will definitely open up more career opportunities. From conducting business with foreigners to travelling abroad, multi-lingual speakers are highly attractive. Regardless of your age or period of life, adding another foreign language to your CV will boost our career opportunities.

A New Language, A New World

Learn languages and explore the world!


If you want to explore new cultures, unknown environment and meet new people, learning a new language will make you ready for the long journey.

Ilze Ieviņa writes about how knowing a foreign language changes one’s personality and opens wide doors to a new life from both perspectives – personal and social.

There are many different ways how to set off on the exciting changes to explore:

  • learn a language and apply for a job in another country that attracts you from the cultural point of view;
  • make friends abroad and travel around the world;
  • show your employer the capabilities and willingness to take responsibility for representing your company’s interests abroad;
  • challenge yourself with opening a business abroad;
  • move to the other country and go out of your comfort zone.  As Roy T. Benett said:

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 


If You are ready to start Your language learning journey and proceed with the first steps to great changes in your life and career opportunities, do it NOW!


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