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Welcome to Lonet.Academy to learn the Dutch language with the experienced Dutch tutors online from any place in the world. Most of Dutch tutors at Lonet.Academy are native Dutch speakers and excellent Dutch tutors online. They teach Dutch remotely by Skype. Their efficient way of teaching will secure you a top score in the language as a foreign speaker.

Dutch language is very beautiful and there is no better way of exploring the rich culture of the Dutch than learning the language.

You will discover that it is incredibly easy to learn Dutch from language tutors by Skype.

Get in touch with the Dutch tutor online to learn:

  • Dutch grammar;
  • speaking and listening;
  • reading and writing in Dutch with ease.

Here are the notable advantages of learning Dutch language online:

  • Ease of reservation of language tutors online (see how it works);
  • The flexibility of study plans and adjustment of the schedule;
  • Comfortable space and pace to learn and develop knowledge in Dutch language;
  • Safe modes of payment for online language lessons (by card or by PayPal);
  • Fast and easy to cancel the lessons if necessary.

Take a trial lesson right now with the best and most qualified Dutch language tutors on Skype, and you will be amazed at the flawlessness of the arrangement.

Register on Lonet.Academy today and choose the best Dutch tutor for you.

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Dutch Language Tutors by Skype

Picture of Letty den Boogert

price from €3 to €38
€18 for trial lesson

Letty den Boogert

Teaches: Dutch

Speaks: Dutch , English , Spanish

Seasoned and qualified Dutch teacher with over 30 years of experience in teaching Dutch to children and adults.

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Picture of Marlijn Stege

price from €13 to €33
€13 for trial lesson

Marlijn Stege

Teaches: Dutch

Speaks: Dutch , English , German

I started giving both private and group lessons online and at language schools about 3 years ago. In the meantime, I managed to teach students from A1 to C1 level, from different backgrounds and with different learning goals, from the age of 14 to 70+. I find it important that people feel comfortable and confident when they speak a foreign language, because only then you will be able to make progress and build confidence when talking in Dutch.

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Picture of Brigitte van Achterbergh

price from €18 to €30
€18 for trial lesson

Brigitte van Achterbergh

Teaches: Dutch , Greek

Speaks: Dutch , English , German , Greek

I studied Electrotechnical Engineering in Amsterdam, from which I graduated in 1994. Since then I worked in IT for 16 years, until 2010, when I changed to language teaching. My specialisations are: High level business and conversational Dutch and preparing students for aal the official Dutch exams. I hold C2 certificates for English and Greek, Cambridge Proficiency and the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek of the Hellenic American Union.

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Learn To Speak Dutch With A Native Dutch Tutor On-line

Are you scared that learning the Dutch language might be out of your league? Do you feel that it is too difficult to be pronounced and learned? Is it too challenging to learn and remember?

How about learning the language with native tutors? You can even pick up their native accent while you learn!

Isn't that wonderful?

At Lonet.Academy our Native Dutch Tutors will have you speaking Dutch in no time. Their Dutch online classes are efficient and fun, well prepared and organised! You can learn Dutch from any point of the world with the Dutch online tutors who are displayed on Lonet.Academy.

Take Dutch Language classes and impress Dutch work associates with your efforts and skills by speaking their language. Let them see how important their business is to you. Enjoy extensive conversations with Native speakers in the beautiful towns of rural Holland.

Our Native Dutch Language Tutors will guide you through the learning process step by step. You will work on reading, writing, speaking and grammar skills enabling you to produce the desirable soft native Dutch accent.

Join lonet.academy. Try your first class today. Book one-to-one Dutch online classes with our Native Dutch tutors.

Personalised Classes With Dutch Tutors

Most of our Dutch tutors are native and all of them are experienced teaching languages. They are professional and efficient. They are considerate and kind. Our Dutch Tutors will take you through the learning process carefully making it a pleasant experience. Dutch Language classes are made easy and fun.

Even if you are a beginner, classes will be modified to meet your needs. Dutch language classes are totally personalised depending on the individual needs of each student.

Our Dutch Language Tutors speak several other languages and if you prefer you can search for a Tutor that also speaks your native language.

If you want to learn Flemmish, you need to look for a Dutch Language Tutor as Flemmish is actually a dialect of the Dutch language.

Easy to book online language classes at Lonet.Academy

You don’t need to worry about time differences with your language tutors. You won’t need to waste time discussing availability, as Lonet.Academy platform is set up to make booking language classes online easy and efficient. On Lonet.Academy website each language tutor displays their work availability schedule and regularly updates it if necessary. Simply click on an available hour and book a class in 2 minutes! This avoids undesirable time-consuming back-and-forth chat about availability, time-zone adjustments, etc. Booking a class couldn’t be easier!

Give it a go right now! Book your first Dutch language class with Dutch tutor by Skype today!

Here, at Lonet.Academy we are convinced that the best way to learn a language effectively is to take individual one-on-one classes with online tutors. In this article we explain why you should learn a language with a tutor.

There are many reasons to learn a new language. Learning a new language changes your life completely. We shared some ideas on what happens in your life when you learn a foreign language.