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Are an ex-pat in Indonesia? Or are you planning to visit the fourth most populous nation in the world ? Probably you are planning to travel across to the beautiful multilingual Indonesian archipelago? In any case, consider learning the Indonesian Language with the Indonesian Tutors online. Enrich your Indonesian experience and learn Bahasa Indonesia, which is the official language of the country.

  • Local interaction always enhances relationships with the locals. It enables you to travel better if you are a tourist, and immerse in the local culture, if you are an ex-pat.
  • It will connect you to the mainstream and you will be able to live and feel the pulse of this beautiful archipelago. Indonesians, known for their friendly and appreciative culture, will be delighted if you talk to them in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • If you are also planning to work or study in this huge country, it is mandatory to learn the Indonesian as it is the medium of communication all over.

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Indonesian Language Tutors Online

Some Facts of the BAHASA INDONESIA

Bahasa Indonesia is a standardised form of Malay and an Austronesian language. If you are a frequent traveller of the region, you will notice many similar-sounding intonations and words making it a handy language to learn. So, if you have been in the area, or are familiar with languages of the region, learning Indonesian becomes easier. Bahasa Baku known as "formal" language may not be necessarily used as it is the eloquent form of speaking. More colloquial terms and word coinage are employed in most areas in the country for daily living. Bahasa Indonesia also uses the Latin script so it is easier to learn. Unlike Chinese or Japanese who have special characters or Russian, which has its own alphabet, you can rely on reading phonologically and learning the words just as they are spelt.

Interest in learning the language sparks the question: where do I learn Bahasa Indonesia fast and easy? How to learn the Indonesian language fast ? Nowadays, there are multiple resources available to help you learn Indonesian online. Before you dive into online lessons of the Indonesian language, look at some Indonesian language basics. These will equip you to have a more fruitful time when you do enlist Indonesian classes online.

Learning Tips on Bahasa Indonesia from Lonet.Academy Indonesian Tutors Online

Learn the Words With Indonesian Tutors

Thankfully, we already know the alphabet and the phonology, so the first thing in learning Bahasa Indonesia as a beginner is to stock up on words. You will find some words that are unique to the region and some adapted from the English language as well. Vocabulary is the most important part of learning Indonesian as it is your foundation for speech practice.

Know the Daily Phrases | Practice With Indonesian Tutors Online

Knowing the basic day-to-day phrases such as greetings, common questions and replies, will certainly jumpstart your assimilation of the language. It will make conversation flow easier and will help you become more confident in coining sentences. You can start with simple words and phrases like:

Excuse me – Permisi

Thank you – Terima kasih

How are you? Apa kabar?

What's you're name? Siapa nama Anda?

Collect these useful phrases and practice them to gain familiarity of tone as well as increase your vocabulary.

Take It Easy on the Grammar

  • Above we mentioned how vocabulary is important. This is because Indonesian grammar is very flexible. Unlike most languages where there is a preferred syntax structure, Bahasa Indonesia has a more flexible structure. Some areas we can point out are:
  • You do not have to stick to the order of subject-verb-object in sentence construction
  • There are no verb conjugations or tenses like the English "-ing" in present continuous form. 
  • Unlike German and Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia does not have complicated grammatical gender in words and phrases. It is so simplified that for the terms – he, she and it – you only have to learn one word which is "dia."
  • To make matters simpler, there is no plural form in nouns! You either repeat them or assign a numerical number to indicate quantity.

Phonetically Easy to Learn | Learn Indonesian Fast

While there are specific intonations and accents that you have to get accustomed to in speaking a foreign language. The good point is that you can pronounce the words in Bahasa Indonesia just as they are spelt. To improve your pronunciation, you can listen to subtitled Indonesian music videos online. As well as educational children's shows that do a step-by-step example of the language. There is a plethora of mobile apps and audio lessons that you can download for self-study. Nevertheless, its always more effective to have a professional guidance. You can take private Indonesian classes with Indonesian Tutors Online (by Skype or in webinar online classroom).

Learn the language with a tutor online. Indonesian Language tutors on Lonet.Academy
Why should I learn The Indonesian Language With A Tutor

Practice With Native Indonesian Tutors Online

Practice always makes perfect and the best method to know the language is to learn Indonesian with tutors online. There are plenty of structured courses that are designed for your learning level and needs. Lonet.Academy has provided a trusted learning platform for Bahasa Indonesia that has consistently produced great results. This is the best way to learn Indonesian with lessons tailored-made for you and scheduled at your available free time.

Employing teaching methods to help students learn Indonesian fast and easy. Choose Lonet.Academy where your private Indonesian lessons by native speakers can be booked. You can enlist the services of an Indonesian language tutor by Skype or Zoom. Thus you can adjust the pace of lessons to suit your needs. Find the best Indonesian Tutor for you only at Lonet.Academy.


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