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Hello My Teachers,

My name is Deniss and I'm here to improve my languages, German for now. In my life I have few attempts to study German(in school, few times with a teacher, and some self study courses). The only workable solution was to meet a teacher in private, but there were always a reason why I stop my study(Business trips or Teacher time availability). I really like to learn the German but I'm lazy enough to do it myself, so I need a teacher to control me and do some homework.

I do have some knowledge but I think it is better to start from the beginning. Key goal is just to speak German, no exams or hard grammar study, however I understand it is not possible to learn without it.  I'm a bit sceptical to a full remote study and prefer to learn language live, but it seems that remote option is the only applicable knowing the Covid restrictions.

What would I expect from the Teacher: Lesson should start with a quick repetition of a previous lesson(homework check), a topic for Today's study session followed by some vocabulary words or/and grammar and then a conversion on the topic, maybe some excercises, interactive games to practice and learn new, and short homework for the next lesson.

Best Regards,