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School student (7-th grade = 13.y.o)

School student (7-th grade =13.y.o)

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ivan’s mom Anna! :)

I’m speaking fluent Russian, Latvian and English. At home we speak only Russian ( my fault...), so regretfully Ivan doesn’t speak Latvian, nether English. But is learning languages at school. It is more effective for him to study anything  “eye to eye” than  in the classroom among dozen of other students :) But luckily he realise he needs to speak Latvian and more of it - he needs to speak fluent English by the end of the secondary school, as the education for  the profession he dreams about is available only in English. 

Trying to help him do better with Maths, we found Russian speaking privet teacher for him. It helps :) 

But with languages we decided to do other way - to find privet teacher that doesn’t speak Russian at all. And if something is unclear for him or for the teacher, both won’t be able to translate, and would be forced to explain either in Latvian, either in English  -and  even if words are not enough - with gestures :)  

We need privet lessons 3-4 times a week. 

Hope it will work :)