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Learns: English

Speaks: English , German , Latvian , Russian

Member Since: November 23, 2017

Political Science at Latvijas Universitāte

Managing Director at Catherine Nail Collection Latvia

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 I'm Ieva and I live in a small and beautiful country called Latvia. I'm very proud to be latvian, but for not a long time I realize that I have to show it not only with my words, but also with my activities. I understood, that to be proud of your country it is a verb, not a noun.  And that is the explanation for my newest passion- Zero Waist Lifestyle.  It's my first steps in this and I'm still learning. 

 I'm also learning/improving my english since November 2017. Sometimes it is hard:),but I love the feeling to challenge myself. 

I'm a learner all my life long. I'm learning not to be so categorical and stop to compare with others. I'm learning that the only person I have to compare myself with am I... The most important thing, what counts is- What I am today to compare with  what I was yesterday. I'm learning to recognize that the world ist not against me, the problem is between my ears:). I'm learning to understand that I am the only person, who can decide what I feel. I choose how I want to feel. As Dalailama said- You wake up every morning and you can choose- to smile or not:)...

I'm still on my way, I'm still learning. I choose to be learner...:)