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Hi, I’m Anna. I’m fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and have a good knowledge of English. Learning and teaching languages is my passion. I teach Russian online to anyone who studies Russian and loves Russian culture. Together we can improve your conversational skills, pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, correct grammar and practice reading. We can discuss in Russian almost any topic you like. The general format of the lesson implies the talks about anything. I’m very friendly, patient and responsible teacher. I can find an approach to each student and make you a better Russian speaker with my easy techniques. I look forward to talking to you!


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If you really want to learn a foreign language, open new horizons for your personal growth and increase your life opportunities, you can do it!
Anna Maltseva is intended to be your faithful companion on this challenging, but truly rewarding journey.
Fall in love with language learning.
Discover a new language. Hear it, read it, sing it, dance it, feel it, speak it…. just live it!

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