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I am a graduated student in literature and language. For several years I have been teaching private lessons and in Institute. I teach mainly humanities and languages ​​but I can help with any subject having also behind scientific studies in universities. I speak English and Spanish and I love learning new languages. I use 2 different method: a classical one based on much grammar and exercises with English as target language and a communicative method based on communication and listening purely in Italian. However, I'm available for any need of the student and I will be honored to be your teacher and make you passionate about my language.

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I'm Tiziano from Italy and worldwide cultures are my passions. Indeed I love to teach my language to foreigners students and to learn everything about their customs and traditions, as well as their languages. I have many interests: art, cinema, music, sport, etc. In my free time I adore playing my guitar and working out. I also have 2 dogs! My life goals are to travel, to teach and to never stop following my dreams.