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Agnese Barakauska

04:52 UTC-04:00

Dominican Republic

Teaches: English , Latvian

Speaks: English (US) , Latvian , Lithuanian , Russian

Member Since: February 10, 2020

TEFL, International Open Academy

Online Teacher and tutor of different subjects including lanuages

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I like to dedicate part of the class to review what the previous class learned, repeat new words or see the homework (if there is one), then explain a new topic or continue with the theme of the previous class if necessary, do some grammar exercises and as much as it’s possible conversation. Some classes I like to practice vocabulary with a video or audio (some Latvian videos to practice understand better language and the ways how people pronounce words) and then exercises. I do not have a single method of work, I like to adapt to each person, what each one wants and needs. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident and you have a good time. 

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