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bachelor degree in civil engineering

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Hi every one i am Abdallah Dabes , Your potential Future Arabic Teacher , I am a CIVIL Engineer and an Arabic Teacher as well, i began learning to teach Arabic since my childhood to be perfect at Quran"Muslims Holly Book" and the highest level of Arabic perfectionism for grammar and words . I love teaching Arabic as it is my native language and i want it to prevail also to show people  that Arabic isn't so hard a it looks like  , as i said before i am an Engineer so my teaching program will be very organized and well prepared due to my Engineering Background . 

i can speak good English and Elementary Russian if you are interested to use it during lessons . 

I use grammar books , PowerPoint presentations , quizzes and tests . I prefer to work on speaking more than writing , but also it's necessary to understand Arabic handwriting . 

it's important for me to know why do you want to learn Arabic , and how far do you want to go deep into Arabic language so i can provide you with the suitable plan .