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Говорит: Английский , Французский , Испанский

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Apprenantes et apprenants du français, bonjour!

If you get stuck with a grammar rule, a vocabulary word or a phonetic craziness, use your creativity to connect your brain to the fun and enjoyable aspects of learning.

In other words: smile, be creative, use effective techniques adapted to your needs and learning will definitely be easier.

Be smart! Use your brain, your emotions, your instinct, your imagination to really progress in French.

My teaching FORMULA: Involve your EMOTIONS + view the process as a simple WORKOUT routine + apply the best strategies to NEVER FORGET =  effective and lasting learning.  

I concentrate on WHAT YOU KNOW and how to use it to express yourself in any situation, without frustration (I don't know the word!) or panic (I don't remember the word!). Focus on your strengths and make them grow!

I offer all-in-one classes, either 60 mn or 90 mn, based on YOUR needs and GOALS. We will improve all dimensions: writing, talking, understanding, and also improvising in a tricky situation, sounding like a native, enjoying the conversation and more.

We will connect through Skype, and use practical platforms to co-browse, for collaborative writing and sharing material.

I will design the classes depending on your type of memory and your personality, so the more you tell me, the better ;)

Book a test class and tell me about you, your struggles and hopes regarding your French level, and together we will set up a plan.

à bientôt,

Carine ;) 

Une langue est vivante, faites-la parler!

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