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  • B1-B2
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Conversational Lesson. Let's talk about holidays!

Язык: English ‎

Длительность : 50 мин.

Дата: Sun, Mar 10

Время: 12:00 

Максимум учеников: 6

Минимум учеников: 3

 Тема урока:

Let's talk about holidays! Almost everyone loves speaking about holidays and sharing their experience. This topic is interesting and engaging for everyone.   

To foster dynamic and engaging conversations, we will use the National Geographic Learning students' material "Life" (Pre-Intemediate Level).

As part of our interactive approach, you will participate in group discussions, listen to others, and share your ideas.

Join this interactive class today and enhance your speaking skills in English!

 Чему ты научишься на этом уроке:

You will learn important pieces of vocabulary to speak about holidays. You will learn and practice some adjectives describing places and holidays.  

B2 level vocabulary;

- wordbuilding / -ed and -ing adjectives;

asking questions about traveling;

reflecting on the opinions and suggestions of others.

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