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Изображение пользователя Anastasia Pavpertova

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Anastasia Pavpertova

Преподает: Немецкий , Русский

Говорит: Английский , Немецкий , Греческий , Русский

Hello! My name is Anastasia and I would be happy to share with you my passion about the languages. I really value individual approach to each of my students and create my teaching program according to your learning goals. I am glad to support you on your way of learning a new language, either it is German or Russian. I believe, that we live a new life for every new language we speak. So let's do the first step to your new life together!

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Изображение пользователя Rosie Blumentale

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Rosie Blumentale

Преподает: Английский , Латышский

Говорит: Английский , Латышский , Испанский

I am a teacher in an Academy of English. I teach kids and teenagers from age 4 to 15 , as well as I give private classes to adults. Currently I am finishing my degree at the University of Barcelona where I study Modern Languages and Literature specializing in English and Spanish languages and at the age of 20 I obtained an IB diploma studying in Denmark.

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Изображение пользователя Lara Walter

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Lara Walter

Преподает: Немецкий

Говорит: Американскиий Английский , Немецкий , Испанский

I gave lessons in different subjects for kids and teenagers during my school time. I teached German to students in an 3 weeks course. I am currently studing to become a teacher and learn various interesting teaching methods. I also have a few language exchange partners at the moment and it is really fun to learn together.

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Изображение пользователя Marina Litvinova

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Marina Litvinova

Преподает: Русский

Говорит: Английский

Hello, my friend ! My name is Marina Litvinova and in this video I welcome you to my russian classes via Zoom or Skype at Lonet. Academy. I am a certified tutor of Russian language and can help you to improve your Russian or start it from zero. I am sure, in a couple months of studies you will not recognize yourself in Russian! Learn Russian with me : https://lonet.academy/language-teachers/russian-language-tutors/1212

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Изображение пользователя Maiga Kokina

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Maiga Kokina

Преподает: Латышский

Говорит: Английский , Латышский , Русский

Mācu valodu Valsts valodas prasmes eksāmenam( A,B, C) lImeņiem, sarunvalodu, gatavoju Naturalizācijas eksāmenam krieviski runājošos studentus, Ir publicēšanai sagatavots materiāls Naturalizācijas eksāmenam. Pēdējos gados strādāju ar NVA kursantiem. Sekmīgi eksāmenu nokārtojušo kursantu procents ir augsts.

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Изображение пользователя Sandra Leikarte

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Sandra Leikarte

Преподает: Немецкий , Латышский

Говорит: Немецкий , Латышский , Русский

Jede Sprache hat nicht nur eine besondere Grammatik, sondern auch eine besondere Sprachmelodie. Ja, der Wortschatz ist natürlich wichtig. Daran werden wir in den Deutschstunden arbeiten! Melden Sie sich gern für eine Probestunde an und treffen wir uns dann in einer Deutschstunde! Katrai valodai ir ne tikai sava īpaša gramatika, bet arī īpaša valodas melodija. Protams, vārdu krājums ir svarīgs. Pie tā visa mēs varam piestrādāt privātstundās. Piesakieties izmēģinājuma nodarbībai! Sandra Leikarte

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Изображение пользователя Ieva Pukite

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Ieva Pukite

Преподает: Латышский

Говорит: Английский , Латышский

Experience teaching Latvian: * Latvian Group lessons for Russian speakers in Riga; * Private Latvian tutorials for Kids; * Fundamental Latvian course for English speakers; * Latvian Beginners language and culture guide for settling in Latvia. * Fundamental course in Latvian Grammar.

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Изображение пользователя Ingura Lipšāne

price from €8

Ingura Lipšāne

Преподает: Латышский , Русский , Шведский

Говорит: Английский , Французский , Латышский , Русский , Шведский

Main attention - to the practical use and communication. However, the real improvement is only possible by grammatically correct speech and writing. These two approaches must be in balance. Galvenais uzsvars - uz valodas praktisko pielietojamību un dialogu. Tomēr patiesa izaugsme iespējama tikai ar gramatiski pareizu runas un rakstības pārvaldīšanu. Tādēļ svarīgas ir abas pieejas, tām jābūt līdzsvarā.

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Изображение пользователя Maria Chenash

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Maria Chenash

Преподает: Английский , Русский

Говорит: Английский , Русский

I am a certified teacher, my academic qualification is teacher of Russian, Literature and English language. I have also completed a course "Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language" at Moscow State University and has obtained the title of "Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language". I teach English and Russian to kids (from 10 years old), teenagers and adults.

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Изображение пользователя Christina Baltach

price from €10

Christina Baltach

Преподает: Английский

Говорит: Английский , Латышский , Русский , Испанский

Cambridge Certified English language teacher (ITTC in Bournemouth, UK). My initial education is Bachelor in English Philology and I am passionate about languages, linguistics, reading, and everything that is connected with language learning and teaching process. I have been teaching English online for more than 4 years now. All my students (English learners) are wonderful people with diverse interests from Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Belarus and Denmark.

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