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Diana Maisla attēls

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Diana Maisla

Māca: Igauņu , Somu

Runā: Angļu , Igauņu , Somu , Krievu

I am a professional teacher of Estonian language, and also I can teach Finnish as a foreign language. I work as an Estonian teacher for schools and for adult courses. I like to use songs for teaching, and to have conversations about culture. I try to find things that are similar in the mother tongue of a student and in Estonian or Finnish, as it helps to get started. I always consider the needs and interests of learners, and I believe that learning a language must be fun.

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Pauliina Pekonen attēls

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Pauliina Pekonen

Māca: Somu , Zviedru

Runā: Angļu , Somu , Vācu , Zviedru

I'm a Master of Arts and graduated from The University of Oulu in 2014. I studied linguistics and I've also conducted the pedagogical studies for teachers (60 ECTS). I started working as a teacher immediately after my graduation and I have been teaching now for almost four years. I started teaching online in January 2017 and so far I have taught more than 1300 online lessons with a great feedback!

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