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Higher education in aviation. Certified training courses as teacher of Russian language.

Certified Russian language teacher.

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All my lessons are built in a warm and friendly environment. Before we start any classes, together with you, we define our main goal of study. What we want to achieve and why we need to learn Russian and how much time we have for this. 

I try to use a comprehensive training method. This includes regular textbooks and various teaching materials. Also I prepare many things myself. These are the individual training exercises for my students. I collect information from many sources and adapt it all for better understanding. I make the text part myself, voice it myself, and convert it into video or audio format. After lessons you will be able to view these exercises on any mobile device: phone, iPad, and so on. I think it's very convenient.


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Если ты действительно хочешь заговорить на языке, открыть для себя новые горизонты и новые возможности в жизни, ты реально можешь это сделать!
Alexander Samoylov поможет тебе в этом и будет твоим верным сопровождающим в увлекательном пути изучения языка.
Полюби изучение языка! Выйди за рамки просто изучения языка, расширь границы знаний и восприятия мира.
Не изучай язык, а живи им!

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