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Meritxell Tebar Roca

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Преподает: Каталонский, Английский , Испанский

Говорит: Каталонский, Английский , Французский , Испанский

Member Since: June 15, 2020

Degree in translation and Interpreting

Secondary teacher in foreign languages

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I like interactive and collaborative teaching and learning, which also means that I always teach according to the learners' needs. Every learner has a specific background and his or her own goals so the teaching method and rhythm needs to be adapted to each profile. If a learner just needs to work on speaking skills, for instance, then the classes should focus on that aspect instead of more theoretical parts of the language. However, if a learner wants to take up an official certificate, then I divide the classes in skills and work by practising a lot. In order to achieve the specific goals, a good communication between teacher and student is necessary and a "road map" should be created according to those goals and the timings (if there are some).

I think that in order to make the most of the online classes, the flipped classroom is a good method, since the student can read the contents and study the specific vocabulary or grammar or any other parts so then he or she can practise those parts with the teacher and ask for questions about the things that aren't understood.

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Изображение пользователя Christina Baltach Christina B. Sat, Nov 7, 2020

Muy buena batalla con subjuntivo!!! :)))