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Говорит: Croatian , Английский , Французский , Немецкий , Испанский

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San Diego State University, CA, USA

Retired Teacher French and English

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I usually try to create a manual that suits the age, level, and interests of my student that I send in pdf so that we can both work from the same book. I will add chapters or activities as required. I prefer when both of us know what is happening.

I love teaching students of all ages as I believe there is no age limit on learning. I like to include a little bit of history and culture to my lessons if and when appropriate because learning a new language opens up a world of possibilities. I'm also quite flexible and relaxed so lessons must never be a chore, but rather something that you look forward to.

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Пока другие только мечтают, ты уже действуешь! Влюбись в процесс изучения языка и сделай его частью своей жизни.

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Изображение пользователя Natacha Cohen
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I am native French and English speaker. I am a retired teacher and have taught both in the UK and in France, online and in person. I also grew up and did most of my studies in the US so I master American English as well. I also speak Croatian, Spanish, and German. I live between London, Paris, and Berlin. I am married with two adult children.

Je parle français et anglais de langue maternelle. J'ai enseigné le français et l’anglais au Royaume-Uni et en France en ligne et en personne.  J'ai aussi grandi et fait la plupart de mes études aux États-Unis donc je maîtrise également l'anglais américain.  Je partage ma vie entre Londres, Paris et Berlin. Je suis mariée avec deux enfants adults.