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Изображение пользователя Henry Sumardi

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Henry Sumardi

Преподает: Китайский , Индонезийский

Говорит: Китайский , Английский , Индонезийский

I had been graduated from Southern Cross University with a Business of Administration major. I can teach Chinese & Indonesian languages. I teach Beginners and Intermediates. I also teach children & students from kindergarten & Primary students. I can speak Indonesia, English, and Chinese. I am a responsible and disciplined tutor where I need to achieve student's goals.

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Изображение пользователя Dhinny Elfazila

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Dhinny Elfazila

Преподает: Индонезийский

Говорит: Американскиий Английский , Индонезийский

I am a certified learning facilitator for active deep learner experience, so I know how to conduct an engaging learning session for students. I had 5 years' experience in teaching high-school students. Now I am currently being a trainer to help school teachers improve their learning methods in the classroom. I am a native of Indonesian language and experience teaching Indonesian to non-native speaker.

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