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Zane Lusina

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Преподает: Американскиий Английский , Латышский

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Member Since: November 18, 2019

Business management, Psychology

Language tutoring, communications, marketing

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I like to customize the materials I use for each student. After the first meeting, when I try to find out what are my student's interests in life, hobbies, challenges, I get the idea of how we will collaborate. Based on the information I've gotten, I start creating lesson plans.

As I mostly use the Communicative Language Teaching method, my students talk a lot about topics, that are important for them at the moment. At the beginning of each class, we talk about their main events and experiences since our last meeting. I encourage them to speak and try to use hints as much as possible instead of clear corrections. I have noticed, that this way they memorize new words and expressions much easier. And if the current topic allows incorporating a joke or a funny story, even better. 

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