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Pauliina Pekonen

18:55 UTC+02:00


Māca: Somu , Zviedru

Runā: Angļu , Somu , Vācu , Zviedru

Dalībnieks no: June 29, 2018

Master of Arts in Nordic Philology, University of Oulu, Finland

Language teacher

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I think that every student is a unique person and we've got our best ways to learn and acquire things. Someone can learn by listening meanwhile someone else learns best by reading and writing. In my private teaching I always to listen to every students' needs and wishes and plan my teaching according to them. The most important thing in studying languages is that one dares to use the language. Do not be afraid of making mistakes -- it is also a part of your learning process!

I use all kind of methods in my teaching - it all depends on the student and how he or she learns the language best. My previous lessons have been varying because some of my student want just talk and improve their communication skills and some of them want to have formal training.

I`m a very outgoing and friendly person and I have received such a great feedback about my teaching and how I am as a teacher and a person. I have a lot of patience so it doesn`t matter what the pace is. 

Teaching languages is my passion and I love my work -- it is a great chance to meet people from all around the world. My work is not just teaching but it is a learning process to me as I learn a lot about my students, their countries and cultures. :)

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