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Zane Lusina attēls

cena no €8

Zane Lusina

Māca: Angļu (US) , Latviešu

Runā: Angļu , Latviešu

I love working with intermediate students for English and beginner/intermediate for Latvian. I have a bit of experience in working with children, but I prefer adults and young adults. I find it more interesting since there is a biger variety of topics to be explored.

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Linda Ozola attēls

cena no €3

Linda Ozola

Māca: Angļu , Angļu (US) , Latviešu , Spāņu

Runā: Angļu , Itāļu , Latviešu , Krievu , Spāņu

I am a passionate and witty teacher with 8 years of experience in teaching and translation. I have taught at the University of Latvia, all leading language centres, secondary school and for corporate clients. I hold BA in Translation and Interpreting, MA in English Philology and TEFL, as well as C2 English Proficiency certificate, The Basics in Pedagogy (72 hours) course. My Mother tongue is Latvian but I have also studied in the UK and Spain where I acquired more natural langauge.

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Natacha Cohen attēls

cena no €10

Natacha Cohen

Māca: Angļu , Angļu (US) , Franču

Runā: Croatian , Angļu , Angļu (US) , Franču , Vācu , Spāņu

I have taught both in schools and online and my students are always very important to me. I have taught students from preschool to adults to seniors, because there is no age to learn a new language.

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Elena Lagovskaya attēls

cena no €6

Elena Lagovskaya

Māca: Angļu , Angļu (US) , Krievu

Runā: Angļu , Angļu (US) , Krievu , Ukraiņu

I am experienced English tutor for adults. I am working as English interpreter and Russian teacher for foreigners as well. I like my job. As I communicate with native English speakers, I always improve my professional skills by communicating with them. Besides strong professional experience in the translation field I have had experience in subtitling (English - Russian). My native languages are Ukrainian (official) and Russian. My English language level is Advanced.

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Elnaz Hasanpoor attēls

cena no €3

Elnaz Hasanpoor

Māca: Angļu (US) , Persiešu

Runā: Angļu (US) , Persiešu

I've been teaching English and Persian for almost 10 years. In my opinion, every language represents a different culture and history and it has always been very exciting to me. Learning another language adds a new dimension to people's view towards the world which helps them become better thinkers. That's why I've always wanted to be a language teacher so that I can help my students to see the world from different angles and also to be able to communicate with other cultures more effectively.

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Khaled خالد L ل attēls

cena no €10

Khaled خالد L ل

Māca: Angļu , Angļu (US)

Runā: Arābu, Arābu (Ēģipte) , Angļu , Angļu (US)

دكتوراة التربية فى تدريس الانجليزيه جامعة اليانت الدولية امريكا ٢٠١٧ EDD in TESOL Alliant International University, USA, 2017. .لدى خبرة 15 عاما فى تدريس دورات الانجليزية العامة والمحادثات وكتابة الانجليزية كلغة ثانية ودورات الاعداد لامتحانات التوفل والايلتس I have 15 years of experience teaching general English, conversational English, ESL/EFL writing, TOEFL/IELTS prep courses, ESP courses to university students and adults at various universities, schools and language centers.

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Stacy-Lee Fowler attēls

cena no €9

Stacy-Lee Fowler

Māca: Angļu (US)

Runā: Angļu

I have both a masters and a bachelor degree in TESOL and this has prepared me for teaching English as a second language to non-native speakers. Over the last 10 years I have been teaching children and adults from all over the world for general improvement in English skills as well as preparation for standardized tests.

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